Saturday, 11 November 2017


Anyone for a new muscle packed pic collection for November?!

Featured here is...Dani Kaganovich flexing his gorgeous slabs of pumped to buggery BEEF at home in various outfits (tiny blue trunks & specs, teenie red trunks and no specs - his wardrobe knows no end!), Czech muscle cutie Milan Sadek showcasing one fucking AWESOME pair of blue metallic posers, the return of everyone's favourite tiny waisted, uber-hot Hungarian bodybuilder Peter Molnar, who seems intent on cranking the beef while pulling THE most outrageously cocky, 'tude packed facial expressions he ever bloody has (JEEE-ZUS!), Austrian cutie Kevin Stutz, bigger and more crazier conditioned than ever and also pulling all manner of indecent faces on stage (the cheeky blighter!), the return of absurdly handsome Tim Budesheim looking all sorts of crazy in a guest posing spot, multiple pairs of shiny as shit, brilliantly coloured posing trunks (SLURP!), and a whole fucking host of roid munching lads, trunk sporting dads, stage stomping bulls and attention stealing BEASTS (I. BLOODY. LOVE IT)!

I'll be posting my annual "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of The Year" poll next so stay tuned for that!

And an update for readers and fans of my stories - I've started working on something new, which hopefully I'll be sharing soon. It's more akin to my older stories, rather than the bonkers, superpower antics of Mikey Maguire and co! Posing trunks fans in particular may like it!

"Now where the bloody hell have my posing trunks gone. Ahhh fuck it!" *Grabs Milan Jnr with one hand, and fucking CRANKS it into the camera* OOOOOF!! Can I just say how utterly insane, and amazing, and absolutely fucking BEAUTIFUL Milan's physique looks here. Huge, thick, SHREDDED slabs of muscle, encased in the most gorgeously painted, inhumanly thin skin! Muscle exploding. Striations erupting. Veins snaking. FUCK YES!!

Those bonkers delts. Those gorgeous abs. Those fucking QUADS!! Jeeeez-US!!

British beefhead James Hollingshead just doesn't get the love he deserves on this blog. He's huge. He's gorgeous. And you can just tell underneath all that freak show worthy MASS he's an absolute sweetie. Hoping this lad follows in the footsteps of Nathan De Asha and Luke Sandoe and makes it to the pro ranks soon!

No matter how many times I see a bodybuilder flexing with nothing but a sock covering his bits it doesn't get any less bonkers or downright fucking outrageous!

Are there ANY muscle addicts out there who *don't* love the cute, geeky specs off Dani Kaganovich? Is that even possible?! Enquiring minds wanna know.

And from a spec wearing lad to a tan painted dad! This is Justin Wessels from Australia, who, after being given a pair of slippers and a bag of Werthers for his 50th birthday, said "FUCK THIS SHIT!", stormed right down to his local hardcore, hellhole gym, shoved a truck loads of roids up his bum and pumped himself up until every obscenely huge, beautifully carved, snakey vein covered muscle group threatened to explode through his dangerously thin skin every time he flexed and squeezed them!

Jeeeezus fucking CHRIST!! Quite possible *THE* hottest abs and thighs I've ever seen in all my beef loving, muscle worshipping years. Don't mind us Petey mate. Just flex that beef and crank that fucking TOOOD in the most outrageous way humanly possible. FUCK YES!!

Funnily enough mate, the wording on your t-shirt was my very first thought when I clapped eyes on those huge, flexed, tan smothered biceps! Anyone else love the fact he's got tan over that rather awesome t-shirt? You just know that shit's not coming out. The mucky bleedin' PUP!

HOLY SWEET JESUS! Take a frigging look at that ASS!! Fingers crossed room service doesn't come barging in! They might be in for a shock.

The traps! The guns! the veins! The face! The TUDE! I'm dead.

Justin's back, and he's persuaded a couple more of his mates whose kids have just left home for uni and who may or may not be going through a mid life crisis to join the gym and get munching on the roids as well. Their wives might be complaining ("ooooh...he's always at that bloody gym"!), but we're definitely fucking not!

God I love this shot! I don't know if it's the comparison between the monster and the smaller but shredded lad, Brandon's cap, shiny trunks and trainers combo or just the sheer fucking size and quality of Brandon's upper body mass!! FUCKING HELL!! Slabs and mounds of beef just bulging off that frame. It's fucking obscene (and I bloody love it)!

Cute lil' shredded to shittery spunkster cranking the fucking 'tude backstage!! Think he's been checking out Molnar's latest pics and picking up some posing tips?

Special offer on the "Muscle Addicts Inc Posing Trunk Store" (can you imagine?!): 2 For 1 on Shiny Red Posers! Jacked up, bicep flexing muscle hotties not included (sadly).

I fucking LOVE this shot of Aussie muscle freak Aaron Polites! There's something obscenely hot about a lad hitting a front lat spread. Head up (and admiring his freakshow beef!). Tits up. Lats out. OOOOOF!! Also loving the tan, the crazy quads and those bonkers posers (not sure if they're classed as posers?) which some lads wear to tan up in  too!

So, rumour has it...when he's not stomping around bodybuilding stages squeezing his nasty beef while pulling the most shamelessly cocky expressions, Peter Molnar is actually a really nice, friendly guy! An absolute animal on stage and a sweetie off it! Sigh! That's pretty much the perfect bodybuilder in my eyes.

Oh fuck! OK, I've featured this lad a few times on the blog (think I referred to him as a "spunkster" which somehow just seems to fit him perfectly)! His name's Shalev Ledani from Israel and he's bloody adorable! Cute, shredded, spunky, and you can just tell he absolutely LOVES being a juiced up muscle boy!

Muscle daddy alert! Ger-UFF!

And *this* spunkster is called Kobi Ifrach and he's also from Israel (what the fuck is going on in that corner of the world lately?!) He's also cute, shredded to fucking DEATH (look at those wheels!) and clearly loves to pose and show off his hard earned beef for anyone willing to bare witness! He's also trained by Dani (lucky bugger), who is clearly some kind of cult leader, enrolling any local Israeli muscle lad he can find and converting them to the art of being a roid munching muscle freak (don't stop Dani)!

OK I'm now starting to wonder whether Peter is physically capable of hitting a pose with his gob closed. Am I complaining? FUCK NO!

Milan's found his posers! YAY! And fucking HELL they're awesome! Metallic blue and shiny as shit! Wouldn't mind a pair of those bad boys for myself.

Kev's back and he's wearing fucking specs. SPECS! As if the bonkers abs, crazy quad veins and shiny blue trunks didn't make him hot enough.

I so wanna be the lad in the t-shirt. Flexing my bicep and casually resting one hand on the huge trap of a roided to fuck, pumped to buggery, competition ready, mini muscle bull in a pair of shiny green pose- SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT! Oooops. Think I made a mess in my (cute!) denim shorts.

I love this shot! Bonkers, awesome and hilarious. The bearded guy is 6'7 Josh Maley by the way.

Please tell me these are available for sale on Amazon!

I can just hear this lad's mum in the background when this shot was taken. "Yes, yes, I know you have to take some pictures for that Interweb thingy but for GAWD's sake, watch that white wall with all that bloody tan on! And put some bloody clothes on. You'll catch a death in that!"

FYI this is an Aussie bodybuilder called Tim McKinnon. He pops up in some pump room/backstage shots later on!

I'm starting to think that EVERY bodybuilder just wants to have their picture taken with Peter. Who the fuck can blame them?

Shalev's back! And he's just as cute, just as shredded and just as much of an adorable lil' spunkster as before. Sigh!

OK I seriously need to get me a pair of trunks like these! Look how fucking SHINY!!

OK, can you just wear your specs all the time please Kev? Thanks!

Pants down. Guns up. HELL YEAH!

Here's Kev again, minus the specs, but with a FUCK load of greasy, golden tan on! It looks like those posing trunks *were* blue at some point. Not any more!

Do you think it was Nathan's mission to have the biggest, brightest and shiniest bulge in the pump room? If so...job well done mate!


DAYUMN! That's a lotta bootie!

I guess now we know what Harry Potter got up to when he was done finding all those Horcruxes. Beefing up and getting jacked!

Had enough of Kobi? Tough muscle titties!

The utterly insane and downright bloody gorgeous physique of Galal Reda! See my last post for Galal posing in action!

Here's Milan guest posing in THOSE shiny blue posers...


You might have noticed this handsome bugger who keeps popping up! He's a Brit lad and he's called Max O'Connor! Huge, jacked and stacked!

Kevin posing in his shiny trunks in the middle of a hotel hallway, where pretty much anyone could walk down at any moment!

And another one! Jesus lads, leave Pete alone for just a minute won't do you?


Oh shit. THOSE TRUNKS! So so shiny!

Here's 6'7 bearded Brit giant Josh Maley again looking huge, stacked and shredded! Imagine this guy walking toward you on the street?! FUCK!

And ANOTHER! God knows when Pete has time to practise his power packed, cocky as FUCK facial expressions. He clearly spends most of his time posing for pics with other shredded to shittery muscle freaks.

OH JESUS! The frigging STATE (and SIZE!) of that ass!

OK I know his guy is not the biggest or best conditioned of lads, but there's something really horny about his look! Plus...he has some fucking HOT trunks! Awesome size. Lovely colours and shiny as shit! Both made Muscle Potential I believe. SLURP!

And while we're talking trunks, this is such a fucking BEAUTIFUL shot! LOVE the fucking colours on these bad boys. I'd be proud to have any one of these pairs in my collection...

As I would THESE! FUUUUCK!! Look. How. SHINY!

And the trunk love continues!! First pick out of these shiny slurpy fuckers would be those golden numbers! Followed by those beautiful blue ones, and the slurp-tastic red, and the...FUCK IT. I want every pair here!

And these pairs are also made by the one and only Muscle Potential! Can't help wondering how those green ones would look hanging in my wardrobe.

HOLY SWEET FUCKING JESUS! These posing trunk makers are fucking killing me. The lime green fuckers are like a posing trunk lovers dream. Silky. Shiny. Slurpy! Every. Single. Pair! Love em. Want em. Need em!!

And here's two lads who *definitely* know how to shop for trunks. I would seriously love to know where Ahmad gets his from. That man has some seriously awesome taste in posers!

Greased up lads 'n' dads R Us!!

A God amongst mere mortals. Fuck yeah!

JEEE-ZUS!! It's that ass again. Seriously...look at that fucking thing!


So, along with lots of blog regulars like Dani, Milan, Molnar, Flex and Stutz, I've included a fair few lesser known guys here! Let me know who you liked the best in the poll below! As well as being interested in what you guys like, it might help me to decide whether to include them in my "Vote For The Best Bodybuilder" poll!


  1. Well MA, what can I say but, thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been trying to come up with a few amusing retorts to try and reflect your fantastic comments (that are also as horny as fuck too) but realised I just couldn't match them! So my comment is more heartfelt.
    My addiction to muscle has been a massive part of my life and I'm hardwired to be totally aroused by it, to love looking at these extraordinary specimens and to respond to them sexually. They tease me, turn me on, can literally make me swoon and sometimes it is almost overwhelming! I've said this here before too, but there is something how you put these monthly presentations together that is truly superb. Even though I've seen lots of these pics before, you are able to synthasise them together to collectively create a sensational sensory experience! Each image builds upon another and as I go down the list,I here myself saying such things as..oh fuck, look at that! Jeeeeeeesussssssss!, wow! That one IS the best! AND SO IT CONTINUES. I'm aroused, I'm erect, I play with myself, I continue to drink it all in, accepting for me that this is right, this is what I need and this is an utterly true celebration of my absolute passion! By about a third through, I'm in a bit of a tizzy, by half way, I'm pretty cranked up and towards the end, I'm literally pawing the ground and quite honestly, usually orgasming in total submission. This can be triggered by a familiar bb, a roid bull, an experienced daddy, a spunkster, a short arsed, hotel corridor posing, bespectacled muscle lad, a pump room special..whatever it is, that somehow triggers my brain to decide that 'this is it', no going back and all I can do it hold the course and enjoy the fucking ride! Yet again, orgasming to muscle confirms that it is part of me, a need, and I am once again driven to immerse myself in everything it offers! So MA thank you for creating something which dovetails and resonates so perfectly with my passion for is greatly appreciated!

    1. And thank YOU, mate, for this brilliant and thoughtful comment! I always look forward to reading your insightful, enthusiastic and (not to mention) horn crazed (think that's an appropriate turn of phrase - hehe!) comments. You've left a few here on the blog recently which I haven't responded to, which is nothing but laziness on my part (I work on my posts behind the scene and once it's out there I often forget about it and move on). So I apologise for that, but I think you know how much I enjoy and appreciate them! :)

      No surprises, I loved hearing the kind of effect going through these types of posts has on you, and how it resonates with your love of all things muscle!! These are basically just pics that I've accumulated over the past few months or so, but, as you can probably guess, there is a certain care in the presentation, the order they go in and how they're put together etc! And it probably won't surprise you to hear that writing the little comments is the most fun part! :)

      As for your hardwired arousal and need to immerse yourself in all everything muscle (from bulging biceps to gigantic glutes...from twitching tits to tiny trunks...from brilliant bulls to flexing FREAKS)...funnily enough, mate, I can kind of relate!


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