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OK guys here it is...the final part of "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph"!

In this part we find out who the mystery man in the body of 320 lbs American meat monster Jackson James Jones is, and just what superpower he has which enables him to transform into one of the world's biggest bodybuilders! Plus, muscle loving couple Timmy and Chuck (last seen sitting in the audience as Mikey cranked a crab most muscular mere inches from his face - the lucky bugger!) return and we learn all about the plan they hatched together, what they were up to sneaking around the pump room and exactly what superpowers they have!

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And lastly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has commented and given me their feedback both here, and on the Muscle Growth forums. Feedback for my stories has always been hit and miss and for some reason I wasn't expecting a big reaction to this one, but the response has been amazing! For whatever reason, people seem to have really taken to this story. So thank you guys, again, for all the wonderful feedback!

Chapter Eleven

“So, what’s the deal with you two?”

Mikey was lying on Pete’s bed with his arm around Jackson’s slightly bloated waist, and his head nestled on his obscenely huge chest. He could feel Jackson’s hard, blocky abs underneath his forearm. Unlike Pete, Jackson was more than happy to be embraced in an affectionate cuddle with Mikey. His huge left arm was wrapped firmly around Mikey’s back and the back of his right hand was gently brushing back and forth across Mikey’s abnormally sized forearm. Pete had temporarily left the room, leaving the two monsters alone for the first since they’d arrived at the flat.

“Me and Pete? We’re just friends,” Mikey replied, sinking into Jackson’s heaving mass, and never wanting to leave.

“Friends, slash, fuck buddies?” Jackson cheekily asked.

Mikey grinned. “More like…friends, slash, worship buddies.”

“Sounds like a fun arrangement,” Jackson replied, his fingers still lightly brushing up and down Mikey’s forearm. “You know I couldn’t tell if he was gay or not.”

“Oh he’s not,” Mikey said.

“So he’s bi?” Jackson asked.

“No. He…doesn’t really class himself as anything,” Mikey replied earnestly. He tilted his head up to find Jackson looking down at him with a confused look.

“He’s turned on by muscle,” Mikey explained.

“Well that’s obvious,” Jackson replied. “What, so he doesn’t like regular guys? Only bodybuilders?”

“Yep. Well…not even bodybuilders I don’t think. He’s just turned on by the muscle itself. Huge, shredded muscle though obviously,” Mikey explained.

“Wow,” Jackson replied. “I’ve never heard of that before. That’s pretty fucking horny.”

Mikey chortled and nodded in agreement.

“So that’s why he was more interested in snogging my huge tits rather than my face?” Jackson asked. “And I thought he just didn’t fancy me that much.”

Mikey chuckled in response. “Yeah…don’t take it personally.”

“Oh I wasn’t bothered,” Jackson replied. “I mean…he’s fit and everything but, I was kinda busy kissing someone else.” Mikey looked up and blushed slightly as Jackson gave him a bashful smirk.

“So what about you, Mikey? Are you into regular guys or do you only like bodybuilders?” Jackson asked.

“Oh no. I mean…YES, I’m not muscle guys, but…I like normal guys too.”

“That’s good,” Jackson replied without thinking. Mikey suddenly shot him an inquisitive look, and Jackson blushed slightly as he realised what he’d said. “Erm…I could be good,” he said, the corner of his mouth curling into a defeated smirk.

Mikey cheekily smirked in response and nodded. “Good, because you’re just a regular guy?” he teasingly added.

“As regular as you are when you don’t look like this,” Jackson replied. He then suddenly shifted, moving back and pushing his torso up so he was leaning against Pete’s bedroom wall.

“I promised you I’d tell you what my power is didn’t I?” he said, with a slightly defeated tone.

Mikey’s heart started racing. He badly wanted to know, but he remembered what Jackson had said to him in the pump room. “I sometimes find it…ruins things.” He was tempted to tell Jackson just to not tell him so they could stay lying together the way they had been for the rest of the night, but Jackson seemed determined to make good on his promise.

At that moment Pete re-entered the bedroom. “How are my two favourite muscle monsters?” he cheekily asked. “Or sometime muscle monsters I should say.”

“Well…funnily enough, I was just about to tell Mikey what my superpower is,” Jackson replied. He seemed fairly comfortable with the notion, but there was definitely a sense of apprehension in his voice.

“Awesome!” Pete said with a sense of excitement, sitting down on his bed and joining the two muscle freaks.

“So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m NOT the real Jackson James Jones,” he began. “And I’ve never been Jackson James Jones before. Not until this morning anyway,” he replied. Mikey and Pete exchanged intrigued looks.

“Let me start at the beginning. When I was at uni, I had this massive crush on one of my flatmates, Tony. God he was fit. He went to the gym, like, five times a week. His body was awesome. And he bloody knew it. He was always walking around in these little vests. A total fucking show off.

Anyway, for my 18th birthday, my flatmates threw me a party. Me and Tony were the last ones to go to bed. We went to his room and smoked a joint. I remember sitting on his bed, looking over at him, and realising that I’d never been so attracted to anyone as much as I was attracted to him in that moment. His chest and biceps were bulging out of his tight black t-shirt. I wanted to kiss him so badly. And then…something strange happened. My whole body started shaking. At first I thought it was the weed. But I was shaking even harder, and then I sort of blacked out. When I came to, Tony had leapt off the bed and was looking at me in complete shock. I looked down and I was no longer in my own body. I had transformed into a fucking woman. Not just any woman either. I looked in Tony’s mirror, and looking back at me, was fucking Beyoncé! I completely freaked out and, in response, my body started shaking again until I was back to my normal self.

Anyway, I was pretty fucking gutted. I’d waited years for my superpower to emerge, and to find out I had the ability to transform into Beyoncé? I mean what kind of power is that? But something from that night stuck with me for ages afterwards. It was the way Tony looked at me when I was Beyoncé. I mean, he was shocked, and amazed, but there was something else there too. He was…attracted to me. The boy I fancied more than anyone, actually fancied me back.

So, a few months after that happened I was in this club. There was a guy in there with his top off. Gorgeous face. Actual pecs. A proper six pack and everything. One of the hottest men I’d ever seen in my life. Staring at this guy, I suddenly felt my body shaking. Exactly like it did in Tony’s bedroom. I panicked and ran to the bathroom and hid myself in a cubicle. I didn’t wanna turn into Beyoncé in front of a club full of strangers. Except…I didn’t turn into Beyoncé at all. I turned into a man. A fucking beautiful man. I looked in the mirror in the toilets, and staring back at me was a six foot male model with a ridiculous jaw line and a gorgeous, chiselled body. I walked back out into the club, and the hot guy I’d spotted locked eyes with me, and his jaw almost dropped.”

The Jackson impersonator was mischievously smiling at this point, like he was remembering the encounter. “So what happened then?” Pete asked. Jackson’s smile grew wider. “I went back to his. Obviously.”

Both Pete and Mikey's minds were ticking over. “So…” Pete began, “you saw that guy and you fancied him, and then…you became a hot guy that he was attracted to?”

Jackson nodded and smirked. “And you fancied your flatmate, Tony”, Pete continued. “And you turned into Beyoncé. Someone who he thought was hot.

So whoever you fancy, you then become what they’re attracted to?”

The Jackson imitator smirked. “Almost,” he replied. "I become what they’re attracted to the most. They call me The Ultimate Fantasy Man.”

Everything suddenly clicked into place for Pete and Mikey. “And Mikey’s ultimate fantasy is Jackson James Jones,” said Pete.

The Jackson impersonator was looking sheepish at this point and seemed unable to look at Mikey, who was furiously blushing, but simultaneously smirking at the same time at the revelation of Jackson’s power.

“Mate! That is one fucking AWESOME superpower,” Pete excitedly said. “Wait…so could you be my ultimate fantasy.”

Mikey felt a rush of excitement at the thought of seeing Pete’s ultimate fantasy come to life. Whatever that may be.

“Well…” The Ultimate Fantasy Man began, “in theory I could. But it doesn’t quite work like that. I can’t just do it on anyone. It only works with people I really fancy.”

Mikey shot a sudden glance at the man who was still in the body of American muscle monster Jackson James Jones, who looked him in the eye for moment, and blushed. “Oh gee. Thanks, mate,” Pete sarcastically said, laughing.

“Soz, Pete. I mean you’re fit and everything but...well, you know how it goes,” he sheepishly said.

Mikey suddenly became intrigued as to who exactly was hiding under that disguise of monstrously massive muscle, and turned to the mystery man sitting next to him.

“Wait…so, do we know each other?”

The Ultimate Fantasy Man sheepishly shook his head. “I saw you for the first time this morning at the show.”

He let out a deep sigh, and Mikey and Pete watched in shock as his whole body shook with such force that all they could see was a blur, before his real identity was suddenly, and finally revealed.

Where a 320 lbs All American muscle freak had been not ten seconds before, now sat an incredibly sheepish and nervous looking slim built guy.

Mikey’s heart fluttered at the sight of the lad he instantly recognised as the insanely cute Tom Daley look-alike who he'd locked eyes with earlier the day. The only thing missing were his black framed spectacles. He was even more adorable than Mikey had remembered.

“It’s YOU,” Mikey said. He seemed surprised that Mikey recognised him. “You were on the next desk over when me and Pete were signing into the show this morning.” The Ultimate Fantasy Man nodded.

“So you saw Mikey at the show this morning, thought, “PHWOAR…he’s hot,” and transformed into Jackson James Jones?” Pete asked.

“Pretty much,” he replied, blushing harder than ever.

“FUCK! I bet turning into Jackson was a shock,” Pete added.

He mischievously smirked. “It was. But it wasn't the first time I’d transformed into a bodybuilder. My ex was really into muscle, so I was always transforming into whoever his current favourite bodybuilder was.”

“That’s how you posed so well,” Pete said.

He nodded. “I’ve had a lot of practice being a bodybuilder.”

“Sounds like a fun relationship,” Pete excitedly said.

He winced. “It was. But…well…he wasn’t really that attracted to me that much when I was just the real me.”

Mikey wanted to reach out and scoop him up in his arms. It was ridiculous that a guy whose arse he’d not long been filling up, a guy who had been so overly confident and flirtatious with him all day, could now barely look him in the eye.

“Well he sounds like a twat, mate,” Mikey said. “Sorry, but he does. Who wouldn’t fancy you?”

The Ultimate Fantasy Man's big, brown, puppy dog eyes lit up as he looked at Mikey.

Pete nodded. “You’re a good looking dude.”

“I’m no Jackson James Jones,” he said earnestly.

Mikey scoffed. “Who is?”

“I guess when you’re always turning into these super hot people, you kinda start to feel a little inferior,” he replied.

Mikey wanted to lean over, grab him and snuggle him into his 300 lbs superpower enabled muscle mass and tell him how unbelievably and adorably cute he was.

“But you’re turning into these extreme versions of what people find hot,” Pete began. “Who can compete with THAT? What you need to do is find someone who finds the real you really hot. Then they can have both you, and the ultimate fantasy you. Whatever that might be.”

Mikey was sitting listening to Pete and his heart was bursting. He wanted to scream out, “THAT’S ME! I find the real you hot. And cute. And lovely. And adorable,” but the words just wouldn’t come out.

He gave Mikey a hopeful look, as if wanting to hear the words that Mikey was saying in his head. Instead, Mikey just offered up a bashful smile. It was absurd. Not half an hour ago he’d shot a load up this guy’s arse, and now he didn’t even have the guts to tell him he thought he was cute.

The Ultimate Fantasy Man sighed. “Well…I should probably leave you guys to it.” Mikey suddenly panicked, and Pete looked utterly baffled. “It’s been fun guys. Really, really fun,” he added, with a hint of sadness.

He got up off the bed when Pete suddenly stood up and stopped him. “Errr…no you DON’T!”

The Ultimate Fantasy Man looked surprised and confused.

“You have the power to turn into Jackson frigging James buggering Jones! A 320 lbs pro bodybuilder! Which, by the way, is not far off my ultimate fantasy. Even if Mikey doesn’t want you to stay, and I’m pretty fucking sure he does, considering; A) you can turn into his current favourite muscle monster who likes to get his huge arse pounded into oblivion, and B) given the way he’s been looking at you for the last ten minutes I think it’s fair to say he clearly fancies the real you too, I’m not letting you go fucking anywhere mate!”

The Ultimate Fantasy Man stood with the biggest and cutest smile looking at both guys, while Mikey grinned like crazy too. Pete’s openness had given him the confidence he'd been looking for.

“It’s true”, he said, looking him in the eye. “I fancy the fucking pants off you.” The Ultimate Fantasy Man blushed and beamed, and Pete cheekily smirked and rolled his eyes. “You look like Tom fucking Daley for Christ’s sake," Mikey added. "Tom Daley in black hipster glasses!”

All three lads chuckled, before the giddy Tom Daley look-alike spoke. “So...fancying me aside, I’m guessing you’d quite like it if I turned back into Jackson James Jones?”

“Hmmm,” Mikey pondered. “Well, obviously, that would be fun. Or….you could just stay like this,” he replied.

He blushed even harder, and then turned to Pete. “Would you be OK with that Pete? Me and you worshipping Mikey?” he said.

Pete thought for a moment, then the left corner of his mouth curled into a mischievous smirk. “Hmmm. I have a better idea.”

He crawled on his knees towards the two lads at the other end of the bed. “How about…” he held a confused Mikey’s hand and placed it firmly on his left flexed bicep, “ two fuckers…” he then took The Ultimate Fantasy Man's hand and placed it on his right bicep, “...worship ME?”

Mikey scoffed and made to reply, but before he could, his muscle started to rapidly deflate in the way they did when he’d decided to put his power out of use, until he was his regular, slim built, non-muscle freak self again. Only Mikey had not decided to put his power out of use at all. Confused, he looked at the The Ultimate Fantasy Man, who was still very much in his regular, slim built body too.

Pete, meanwhile, was mischievously smirking at Mikey.

“Didn’t you ever wonder how I knew about the Annual Superpower Games, Mikey?” he asked. “Didn’t you ever think that I might have a superpower too?”

Mikey was speechless. The thought had crossed his mind, but somehow he’d never really thought to ask. The Ultimate Fantasy Man was looking just as confused as Mikey was.

“I could have found out your superpower at any time, mate,” Pete said to the Tom Daley look-alike. “Yours too, Mikey. From the second you walked into the shop. If I’d have wanted to,” he smugly said.

“That’s right, bitches,” he continued. “I reverse superpowers.”

Seeing a sudden panic in Mikey's face, Pete quickly reassured his friend. "Oh, don't worry, mate. It's only temporarily reversed. You should be able to turn back into a monster in about...five minutes.”

Mikey relaxed, and smirked, but a second after he did, both he and The Ultimate Fantasy Man jumped and gave out shocked cries.

Pete spun around to see exactly what had caused this sudden reaction. A slightly geeky looking and horror stricken man was stumbling to his feet.

“Where the bloody hell did YOU come from?” Pete cried in shock.

The frightened man just gawped at the three lads on the bed. And then Pete’s bedroom door flung open, and another man appeared.

“We can explain!” the second man frantically said.

The three lads on the bed jumped again. “Who the bloody hell are YOU”? Pete asked, now standing up and confronting the two strangers in his bedroom. “Did you two break into my house?”

“NO!” the man at the door explained. “Well…kinda. WAIT! Don’t call the police. We’ll tell you everything.”

An angry Pete pointed his finger at the man in an authoritative manner. “Start talking. NOW.”

Chuck Carter looked at his terrified boyfriend Timmy Tate and gulped. This had definitely not been part of their plan. There was no getting out of this situation. Not with both of their superpowers temporarily reversed. He took a deep breathe. It was time to confess everything.

Chapter Twelve

The audience members of the bodybuilding show at the Annual Superpower Games were now all standing up, gathering their things and making their way to exit the arena. Most of them were chatting excitedly about what had been an incredible bodybuilding competition, with most of the talk was about two of the competitors; the incredible Mikey M, who they’d watched transform from an ordinary sized lad into a 300 lbs muscle freak, and famous American pro bodybuilder Jackson James Jones. Or at least, someone who was in the body of him.

Chuck Carter, however, had other plans. He had to get back to his boyfriend Timmy Tate. He got out of his chair and hung back as the theatre emptied. When he was sure that no one was looking, his superpower kicked in and worked it’s magic. He headed straight to the steps at the right side of the stage, casually strolled across it and exited at the back, leading him straight into the pump room area.

He walked straight past The Human Road Map and Bicycle Pump Boy, bit his lip at the sight of the glorious twenty-four stomach muscles popping out of Mr Amazing Abs’ midsection and darted his eyes to the floor to avoid being hypnotised when The Irresistible Ass Man suddenly turned his back to him

Jackson, Mikey, and his smaller but sexy friend were all huddled together. Jackson was putting on his tracksuit bottoms. Mikey was already fully clothed and his black bag was thrown over his shoulder; the very bag Chuck had sneakily opened just a few hours before, while Mikey and the other lads had been on stage during prejudging.

Chuck very much doubted that Mikey had had time to change in the short time since he’d left the stage, meaning that he was probably still wearing the shiny pink posing trunks under his trousers.

He thought he’d have to hang around in the pump room for a little while, but the three lads seemed rather eager to leave.

“I’m about twenty minutes on the tube,” Chuck heard Mikey’s friend say to Jackson as he got closer. “Brilliant,” he replied. He was positively beaming.

Chuck’s chest expanded with excitement. Was it possible that all three lads were leaving together?

“Wait! Let me just say bye to Shaun,” Mikey’s friend said. “No worries, Pete”, Mikey replied. Pete swivelled round and rushed straight passed Chuck without acknowledging him.

“AWESOME posedown, Mikey,” Jackson said. He was grinning at Mikey with the sexiest, most flirtatious grin. Chuck had suspected that something might be going on between these two guys with all the touching in the posedown, not to mention the fact they had both been bulging out of their posing trunks to an outrageous degree. But the way the two muscle monsters were both looking at each other now, and the incredible sexual tension that was filling the space between them, Chuck had absolutely no doubts about what was happening between them. Or what was about to happen.

“It really WAS!” Mikey replied. “FUCK! That was even better than how I had imagined. And I’ve been imagining it. A LOT!”

Jackson chuckled. “Ever imagine you’d be standing in front of Jackson James Jones?”

“FUCK NO!” Mikey excitedly replied.

Jackson grinned, but a moment later, it had faded, and Chuck noticed something else in his expression. A slight hint of sadness, which completely took Chuck by surprise.

“Just remember what I said, yeah? I might not actually be the real Jackson James Jones.”

“I know,” Mikey said, still grinning. Chuck noticed that Mikey really didn’t seem to mind much at all.

Mikey's friend Pete returned to the scene. “Right, lads,” he began. "You ready to go?”

All three men were soon heading out of the pump room. Overcome with nerves and excitement, Chuck Carter followed them. He looked at Mikey’s obscenely developed ass bulging through the material of his tracksuit bottoms and smiled. He and his boyfriend Timmy were in for one hell of a night.


Chuck sighed and looked at the three men eagerly awaiting an explanation.

“I followed you guys here from the show,” he began.

“And then you broken into my flat?” Pete asked.

“No! Well…not really,” he replied, struggling to explain himself.

“Then how the hell did you get in?” Pete barked.

Mikey was looking at Timmy, who was standing sheepishly at the end of Pete’s bed and something suddenly clicked in his brain. He leapt up and looked at the spot on the floor where Timmy was standing.

“Wait a minute,” Mikey began, before Chuck could answer Pete’s question. “Where are my posing trunks?”

Timmy’s face went scarlet and Chuck reached into his pocket. “They’re here.” He reached out his hand to Mikey, and, sure enough, balled into Chuck’s fist were Mikey’s bright pink posing trunks.

“So you broke into my house and stole my mate’s posing trunks?” Pete asked.

“I was gonna put ‘em back!” Chuck pleaded anxiously.

Mikey was staring at his beloved pink posers in his hands. They were now completely free of any of the tan stains and oil marks that they'd suffered during the bodybuilding competition. They even still smelt of the fabric conditioner he'd used to wash them in a few nights before.

“But these haven’t been worn,” Mikey said.

“What are you talking about, mate? You’ve been wearing them practically all day,” Pete said.

“No, he hasn’t,” Chuck answered.

“I knew they felt different!” Mikey exclaimed.

“So, if you haven’t been wearing those, what have you been wearing?” Pete asked impatiently.

Both Mikey and Chuck were looking at the man standing awkwardly at the end of Pete’s bed, now sheepishly looking at his feet.

“I think we’re looking at him,” Mikey said. His mouth curled into a mischievous grin. “You’re Mr Inanimate Object!”

Timmy looked up with an apologetic expression on his face. “Yep!” he replied.

“Wait!, The Ultimate Fantasy Man exclaimed. “I’ve heard of you! You can…” but Pete interrupted him and finished his sentence, “...turn into any inanimate object of your choice.”

Timmy nodded, still deeply embarrassed at the situation. “A lamppost. A park bench. A coffee mug.” (NOTE: Does anyone remember this story?)

“A pair of pink posing trunks!” Mikey added. Timmy nodded.

Pete looked at Timmy and, for the first time since the two mysterious men had unexpectedly appeared in his bedroom, his face softened and his mouth turned into a grin. “You kinky bastard!”

Timmy mischievously smirked, and then, much to all of the lad’s surprise, his whole body shrunk towards the floor and changed shape rapidly, until he had seemingly disappeared from view. Mikey, Pete and Jackson all climbed to the end of the bed where they saw, lying on the floor, where Timmy had been stood, a pair of crumpled up, bright pink posing trunks, identical to the ones Mikey had clutched in his hand, save for the tan stains.

“Woah!” The Jackson impersonator muttered.

“That is bloody awesome,” Pete exclaimed.

And then, the mucky pink posing trunks started to squirm of their own accord, and out of the spot where they were sitting, a large shape emerged and formed until the fully sized figure of Timmy Tate, who was once again standing in front of them, this time looking a little less embarrassed, and even a little pleased himself.

“So, all this time, you’ve been Mikey’s pink posing trunks?” Jackson asked.

Timmy nodded. “Well…for the past few hours,” he replied.

“And Mikey’s real trunks have been stuffed into your pocket!” Pete said, addressing Chuck.

“But when did you swap them? And how?” Mikey added.

“It really wasn’t that hard,” Chuck replied. “Timmy transformed into a five pound note this morning and I put him in my pocket. Then we sneaked into the pump room. I didn’t know where I was going so I followed Mikey and Pete.

If you haven't guessed already, me and Timmy are massive muscle fans. We’ve been to the show at the Annual Superpower Games for a few years now so we know how it all works. We knew that most of the competitors change their trunks in between the prejudging and finals. The plan wasn’t fool proof, obviously, but I knew there was a good chance I’d be able to find a pair of posers lurking somewhere backstage.

And then I heard Pete telling The Irresistible Ass Man about Mikey’s pink posers hiding in his bag and…well, it was perfect! I waited for the bodybuilders to head out on the stage for prejudging, then went into Mikey’s bag - sorry, Mikey - put the five pound note, i.e. Timmy, next to the pink posers and watched him transform. Then I put Mikey’s real trunks into my pocket.”

“You sneaky bugger,” Mikey replied, but far from being annoyed or angry, he looked impressed and amused.

Chuck’s face softened and he grinned. “I was always gonna swap them back,” he explained. “Obviously we didn’t expect for this to happen.”

“Wait!” Pete interrupted. “You said you heard me talking about Mikey’s pink posers? But I didn’t see you. In fact, I didn’t see you in the pump room at all today.”

Chuck shook his head. “None of you saw me.”

And before any of the three men could question him, Chuck’s whole body took on a ghost-like appearance until he had completely disappeared from view.

“WOAH!” Pete exclaimed. And then, in reverse of what had just happened, Chuck’s body suddenly re-appeared, becoming less ghost-like and more solid until it was fully formed and perfectly normal in appearance.

“They call me Mr Invisibility,” Chuck explained. “It’s a bit more original than The Invisible Man I guess.”

“So you can pretty much go wherever you want and no one will know?” Mikey asked.

“Pretty much,” Chuck replied. “I can sneak on to any plane without paying. That’s how I got to Vegas last year. Me and Timmy went to watch the Mr Olympia there. I snuck backstage and was about an inch away from the real Jackson James Jones pumping up his massive tits. I could practically taste his sweat. Then I got up on stage during the posedown and he cranked a massive crab most muscular right in my face. Just like you did earlier today Mikey. I virtually creamed myself right on the spot.”  

“FUCK!” Pete excitedly exclaimed. “So while you’re on stage mere inches away from flexing muscle bulls…” he then turned to Timmy, “’re wedged in the arse crack of some bodybuilder in the form of a pair of posers?”

Timmy cheekily grinned. “Well…actually, this is the first time we’ve ever done this. I’ve turned into posing trunks before. But never ones worn by a bodybuilder. Or even a sometime bodybuilder,” he said, referring to Mikey’s superpower.

“And how was it?” Mikey teasingly asked.

Timmy blushed. “Pretty fucking awesome actually.”

“I’ll bet!” Pete said.

“And I don’t make a habit of doing this either,” Chuck chipped in. “Sneaking into people’s homes I mean. I know it must look bad but, well…I needed to follow Mikey, to get Timmy back, and swap his trunks again. I was expecting to go back a hotel room or something, and switch the trunks when Mikey had gone to the bathroom.”

Pete looked at both of the lads with one of his eyebrows raised. “And you didn’t discuss the possibility that anything else might happen once that bodybuilder had gotten back to his hotel room. Whether said bodybuilder might need to, erm…release some tension while still wearing his posers? Or get worshipped by some lucky muscle fan? Or get to fuck a 320 lbs muscle monster with his tan drenched, sweat soaked trunks wedged half way down his quads?”

Timmy blushed and looked down, while Mikey and The Ultimate Fantasy Man exchanged sheepish looks. Chuck, meanwhile, just shrugged. “We didn’t really think about it,” he said. But then his face cracked, and his mouth curled into a mischievous grin.

“But we’re sorry,” Chuck added, suddenly looking serious. “Honestly, guys, we didn’t mean to upset any of you. And I didn’t mean to sneak into your house Pete. I just…well, I’ve had so much fun with my power over the years, I thought it was about time Timmy had some fun as well.”

“I’m not pissed off,” Pete replied. “You’re a pair of cheeky fuckers for doing this, but…I get it. I mean, who the fuck wouldn’t wanna be a pair of posers worn by a 300 lbs muscle freak? FUCKING ‘ELL!! But I think it’s Mikey you need to give the biggest apology to.”

All of the lads turned to Mikey. “Well I’m not too happy that you took my trunks. But…I get it too. And I actually think it’s kinda horny that, well…all that time my trunks were…a person,” he said. A huge, cheeky grin was now spread across Timmy’s face.

“So, next time you wanna get covered in my sweat and tan and be wedged inside my arse crack, just ask me first,” he said. Timmy’s eyes lit up at the suggestion that Mikey might grant him permission to embark on another similar adventure.

“So we have…what…five muscle lovers here?” Pete began. “Two of whom can transform into fuck-off huge bodybuilders, and one of whom can transform into a pair of posing trunks. I reckon it’s about time we stopped nattering like a bunch of old biddies and had a bit of fun lads.”

Timmy was practically bouncing on the spot and grinning from ear to ear, while Chuck, now fully relaxed beamed and replied with a, “Fuck yeah!”

“Wait,” Chuck suddenly said. “There's just two things I need to know. If you guys don't mind?” Pete, Mikey and The Ultimate Fantasy Man all shook their heads and looked at Chuck with intrigue.

“Firstly...Mikey, Ultimate Fantasy Man. Sorry if I embarrass either of you, but I’m feeling brave. Are you two gonna get together or not, cause, well…you just look so fucking CUTE together?”

Mikey and The Ultimate Fantasy Man just looked at each other and exchanged sheepish smirks.

"And Pete, a question for you”, he cautiously began. “If The Ultimate Fantasy Man were to fancy you, and turn into your ultimate fantasy, who, or what would he turn into”?

Mikey’s eyes bulged. He really wanted to know the answer to Chuck’s question. Pete looked at him with one eyebrow raised. “You really wanna know?” he asked.

“YES!” both Mikey and Chuck exclaimed in unison.

“OK. Don’t judge me, guys, but…” he took a deep breath and continued, “from the neck down, he would probably be about a 340 lbs version of Jackson James Jones. From the neck up?” At this point his mouth curled into a devilish smirk. “He’d be me.”

The Ultimate Fantasy Man scoffed. “You cocky bastard.”

“Hey! I said don’t judge,” Pete replied defensively. “It's not like I myself really attractive or anything. So Mikey told you earlier that what I’m really attracted to is muscle. So that would be my ultimate fantasy. Me, as a 340 lbs bodybuilder.”

Chuck was giggling, Timmy was smirking, and The Ultimate Fantasy Man was playfully rolling his eyes. Mikey, meanwhile, seemed to have spaced out of the conversation completely. His mind was ticking over what Pete had said, and he was suddenly imagining his friend's head on top of Jackson James Jones’ body. And then, other thoughts started coming into his head too.

“Right,” Pete suddenly exclaimed. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to worship some serious muscle.”

Mikey suddenly realised that all four lads were looking directly at him. His mouth curled into an excited grin and he said, “I suppose I should do the honours then.” His pecs expanded off his chest, his biceps tripled in size and his quads ballooned. Every single muscle on Mikey’s regular sized body exploded and grew until he was a 300 lbs muscle monster once more.

He looked down and bounced his humungous tits. Chuck released a gasp, Timmy let out a whimper, The Ultimate Fantasy Man bit his lip and Pete just smirked at the sight of the thing which turned him on more than anything else in the world; the excessively sized muscle mass of a genuine freak.

“Wait!” Chuck exclaimed. "I just have one more question.” Pete and Timmy groaned.

“You revealed your power to all of those people at the show today. Which was fucking awesome by the way. So it won’t be long before people start talking about your power, if they’re not doing so already. So what will they call you? I mean…you’ve gotta have a superpower name.”

Mikey thought for a moment, then looked at The Ultimate Fantasy Man. Remembering what he’d said in the pump room after his routine, when he'd been in the body of Jackson James Jones, Mikey smiled. “How about…The Human Muscle Morph?”


“Look at him go!” Shaun Slater, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, exclaimed.

“The crowd are loving him,” Pete Potter replied.

“They’re going NUTS!” Shaun added.

“How much does he weigh, Mikey?” Pete asked, addressing the man to his right.

“340 lbs exactly,” Mikey Maguire proudly replied. “Twenty pounds up from last year.”

All three men were stood at the side of the stage, watching on as muscle monster Noah North performed his posing routine at his second appearance at the bodybuilding competition of the Annual Superpower Games.

“He could have taken his specs off though,” Pete said.

“I told him to keep them on,” Mikey replied dreamily. Pete smirked, shook his head and playfully rolled his eyes.

Noah spun around, and outrageously tucked the back of his shiny golden coloured posing trunks into his arse crack.

An audible gasp came from the blank space to Mikey’s right.

“Babycakes!” Chuck Carter squeaked.

Pete chuckled. “Timmy’s gonna love THAT,” Mikey said.

“And you’re not bummed out about coming second place again Mikey?” Pete asked.

“Ummmm. You see that insanely cute, 340 lbs bodybuilder up there? That’s my boyfriend. My fucking boyfriend! How can I possibly be bummed out about anything?” Mikey replied.

“Yeah, well…me, Timmy and Chuck get to worship all 340 lbs of that muscle tonight as well you know, so don’t look so smug.”

“Sometimes I wish I was gay,” Shaun Slater sighed. All heads turned to look at him curiously. “You guys just always sound like you have so much fun together,” he explained.

“You can always join us, Shaun,” Mikey teased with one eyebrow raised.

“Nah. There’s way too much ass here for just five guys,” he replied with a cheeky grin.

Mikey felt something suddenly twitch in his shiny pink posing trunks.

“Plus, Pete’s not gay,” Mikey added.

“Oh yeah! I forgot. He’s only turned on by muscle. Have you found a word for that yet, Pete?” The Irresistible Ass Man asked.

“Fucking horny!” an invisible Chuck Carter unexpectedly exclaimed. “Sorry!” he added, in a sheepish tone.

“No worries, Chuck, mate,” Pete replied with a smirk. “Oh, and we might not be able to see you, but we know you’re blushing right now.”

Noah North had spun around to face the audience and was now hitting an incredible abs and thighs pose to wild applause from the audience. His thick cock bulged out of his golden coloured posers to a laughable degree.

“FUCK!” Shaun exclaimed.

“And I get to spunk all over those shredded abber dabbers later,” Pete said.

“AHEM! Sensitive straight man here!” Shaun exclaimed.

“Now just to make sure, Chuck…” Mikey began in a teasing tone, “I am actually wearing MY posing trunks this year aren’t I? You haven’t been rummaging through my bag again?”

Both Chuck and Pete chuckled. “Hmmm. Cracking jokes to cover up the fact that you’re a wee bit jealous perhaps?” Chuck teasingly replied.

“Oh, please,” Mikey replied. “I can shove the back of your boyfriend into my arse crack and shoot a big load into the front of him any time I want.”

“I really need to start hanging out with more straight guys,” groaned Shaun.

“ARGGHHHH!” A loud bellow erupted from the stage as they watched Noah hit an upstanding most muscular with his fists pushed together.

“OH, FUCK YEAH!” Pete exclaimed over the raucous applause of the audience.

All four lads stood and watched in awe as Noah cranked out another three crab most musculars, each one accompanied with a cockier facial expression and louder scream than the last.

As he adorably waved goodbye to his audience with a cheeky grin on his utterly cute face, Noah turned and waddled off the stage and straight towards the four men he’d met exactly one year ago that day; except his eyes were only fixated upon one of them.

Mikey smiled like crazy as he met his sweat and tan drenched boyfriend and embraced him with a hug.

“You did so well, babe,” Mikey said.

“You fucking owned that stage, Noah, mate,” Pete exclaimed.

“I had some posing tips from Mikey,” he replied.

With his arms still wrapped around him, Mikey pushed his head back to admire his boyfriend. From the neck down, Noah had the body of a 340 lbs version of All American muscle monster Jackson James Jones. From the neck up, however, Noah bared very little resemblance to the bodybuilder Mikey had competed with a year before. His big, brown puppy dog eyes gazed at Mikey through his black hipster glasses which were perched on the top of his impossibly cute nose. Mikey had a sudden flashback to the first time he’d seen his boyfriend's utterly gorgeous face exactly a year ago today, staring at Mikey in awe as he signed in for his very first bodybuilding show. Even staring at him now, he couldn’t help thinking how much he looked like Tom Daley.

The show’s commentator’s voice filled the arena. “Your next competitor is from a small town in…” but Pete interrupted. “Mikey, you’re up!” he excitedly exclaimed.

“Rip up that stage, Mikeykins,” Noah said.

“Wait!” Shaun said. “You haven’t told me what you’re doing up there Mikey. I mean, how are you gonna top last year’s posing routine?”

“Well, you know how last year I went out in my normal body and transformed into a monster? Well, this time I’m going out as a monster and I’m gonna de-morph half way through,” Mikey explained. “I’m gonna look down in shock, shrug and just carry on hitting some poses in my regular body.”

“Awesome!” Shaun Slater replied.

“As always!” Pete proudly said. Mikey shot his good friend Pete an affectionate smile. He would forever be in debt to the man who’d been working at the shop Mikey had stumbled across fifteen months earlier. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t be wrapped around a Tom Daley look-alike, who occasionally had 340 lbs of huge muscle sitting beneath his neckline, ready to go onstage at the world most bonkers bodybuilding competition in a pair of the hottest pink posers ever produced.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the commentator loudly announced, “make some noise for Mikey The Human Muscle Morph.”



- Mikey was first mentioned in my story, "The Day I Became A Muscle Freak" (link here).

- In turn, Tobey, the protagonist of that story, is referenced here, but only by his superpower name!

- Timmy Tate has also featured in a previous story (link here)! This was my first story to feature any sort of superpower.

- Every character in the story has an alliterative name. 

- I had originally planned to introduce a number of superpower wielding characters sitting in the audience of Mikey's bodybuilding show, including Remote Control Boy, who can pause, fast forward and rewind whatever parts of the show he likes, and The Posing Trunk Controller, who can change the shape, colour and fabric of any posing trunks (i.e. those worn by the bodybuilders on stage) to his liking.


  1. man......would love to hear about the future exploits of this group of muscleaddicts!!

    yep...i remember the previous story and pretty much had timmy just made reading the the competition stuff that bit hotter.
    what i didn't expect was the nod to us lovers of 'spec wearing bodybuilders' right at the end!! literally made me gasp! - great attention to detail......thanks for sharing - such a good read. (muscleaddict99) x

    1. Thanks for the awesome feedback mate! :) Maybe I should write a short spin off. The events of the story but told from Timmy's perspective! Hmmmm. A story told from the point of view of a pair of posing trunks. Could be fun to write! And yes mate, you probably already know but I have a bit of a weakness for bodybuilders in specs! ;)


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