In addition to watching videos of huge nasty muscle bulls, I have also made a few myself in the past. Here's a few of the most popular ones which you can watch below, or over on YouTube!

Bodybuilder Most Muscular Compilation 2011

Three minutes of huge pumped up muscle freaks squeezing out big nasty beef popping muscle exploding skin stretching Most Musculars. Look out for Russian bodybuilder Vitaly Alexandrov, he's the big bald bastard right at the beginning, who then re-appears around the 1:02 mark, Egyptian bodybuilder Mohamed Salama at 0:54 who is just an absolute freak and a total BEAST, and British daddy John Hodgson squeezing the fuck out of his hot nasty BEEF at 1:52!

Bodybuilder Compilation | The Automatic - Monster

A video complied of a few competition vids from some of the biggest and spunkiest pro bodybuilders, as well as a few other, slightly lesser known lads thrown into the mix! Features hot monster Ben "Pacman" Pakulsi, a huge beefy Johnnie Jackson, freak of muscle nature Roelly Winklaar, Robert Burneika, Phil Heath, hot Greek daddy Michael Kefilianos, Hungarian monster Daniel Toth, and huge, handsome as hell Peter Molnar (squeezing out some of the most insanely awesome mouth wide open cocky as hell Most Musculars you could imagine)!!

Muscle Medley | Branch Warren Dennis Wolf Johnnie Jackson Roelly Winklaar

Some insanely horny footage from the 2011 IFBB British Grand Prix of Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Ronny Rockel, Michael Kefalianos and Roelly Winklaar. The pure masculine aggression and arrogance in this video is incredible. Watch with the sound up and you can hear the monsters grunting and groaning as they squeeze like crazy. I've also added a few little captions to go with the action! The last 30 seconds is taken from the 2011 Arnold Classic & features Branch posing along side an ever huge Dennis Wolf, outrageously shouting and grunting as he's squeezing out his muscle popping Most Musculars. Incredibly horny stuff!!

Bodybuilder Cody Lewis Slideshow

As featured in my first Cody Lewis post, three and a half minutes of some of the best pics of the ripped up mohawked cutie in all his pumped up glory!! My personal faves are the ones of him onstage in competition condition, looking insanely ripped and ridiculously cute, scrunching and screwing up his face into some crazy, nasty, cocky expressions and outrageously sticking out his tongue like the cocky fucker he so rightly deserves to be!

Bodybuilder Robert Burneika Slideshow

A similar video to the above, though surprisingly not as popular! Four and half minutes worth of shots of the BEAST that is Robert Burneika, including competition shots, photo shoot pics, and some candid photos of him showing off his superhuman mass. I'm not a huge fan of Rammstein "Du Hast", the song I used for the clip, but it felt like the perfect song choice for a Robert Burneika vid! Hard, macho and aggressive, just like the man himself! Grrrr-UFF!!

New Bodybuilder Most Muscular Compilation

The Most Muscular pose is without a doubt my all time favourite! In my opinion, no other pose makes muscle look so awesome, freaky and incredible. The guys here are largely unknown amateur bodybuilders. The first few are British lads, and the rest are mostly Russian and East European guys. My favourite guy has to be the bald aggressive dude at 2:19. Those are some seriously arrogant off the chart horny Most Musculars!!

Bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant Slideshow

My first slideshow video! Canadian bodybuilder Antoine Vailliant was 21 when I made this, and there was a lot of hype about him at the time. And rightly so, with his seriously impressive, ripped to hell and back physique, especially given his age, and not to mention those insanely popular good looks. This videos has had over 53,000 views.

Bodybuilder Most Muscular Compilation - The Pros

This has been uploaded by someone else..but it is actually my video! I used to have quite a few Most Muscular compilation videos on YouTube but was asked to take most of them off because of copyright infringement which is completely understandable. It seems someone grabbed it while it was up and uploaded it themselves. It's probably only a matter of time before it's taken down again, but it's pretty cool that my past vids are still out there & being enjoyed by muscle fans. This vid has some of the biggest and well known pro bodybuilders from the past 6 years or so, including Markus Ruhl, Jay Cutler, Mike Morris, Ronny Rockel, Lee Priest, Dennis James, Ronnie Coleman and the awesome legend Art Artwood (RIP).

Bodybuilder Most Muscular Compilation 1

My very first Most Muscular compilation video! This has also been uploaded by someone else. It's all footage from the NABBA Mr Universe, which is held annually, and is one of the biggest amateur bodybuilding competitions in the world. Quite a few guys who have competed in this show go on to big things. Look out for British lads Jason Corrick, the big veiny nasty daddy who appears at 0:41, and Gary Lister, the incredibly ripped huge bald dude who appears at 1:55. Both awesome bodybuilders, and at one point or another, big favourites of mine.


  1. Great vids, really enjoyed those w/Heath, Burneika, and Pro most muscular compilation. Subscribed to your ytchannel.

  2. You are right I'm too absolutely mad about muscle men.Big pecs arms and legs. Since I was a boy the beauty of men muscled turn my mind.

  3. I enjoyed the first few. Very nice. I note you do not have any video of Alex dos Anjos. Man, you are really missing something, for there is no finer sight than to see him oiled and pumped-up. Check him out- there's a few vids of him on Youtube.


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