There are so many awesome bodybuilding and muscle websites on the net. Whether you’re looking for amazing pictures, videos, competition info, results and pictures, or information about bodybuilding itself. Below is a brief rundown of some of the best sites for any addict looking for a muscle fix.

Muscular Development is my favourite website for contest news and information, with a huge gallery of competition pics past and present. They cover all the major IFBB shows as well as the NPC shows. You can search for competitors by name and it will bring up their contest history and pictures. They’ve also done some amazing non-competition photo shoots with competitors like Antoine Vaillant and Robert Burneika.

Similar sites include Rx Muscle & Flex Online, which both also feature awesome contest coverage and pictures, as well as articles, interviews & videos. For some similar non-English sites,, East Labs and Bodybuilding Szene are all a great resource for bodybuilding pictures and info. is also an amazing resource for training and muscle building info. If you want training programmes, and information on supplements you won’t find a better site. They also have a store which sell all the top rated supplements. I highly recommend checking out their articles and visiting their forums if you’re looking to build muscle yourself.

USA Muscle is pretty much the leading bodybuilding video production company and their website is a must visit for any muscle lover. They cover all the American amateur NPC shows, so there’s a huge amount of well know competitors on there, many of whom have now gone pro, such as Burneika, Steve Kuclo & Phil Heath. The pictures/screenshots of their DVD’s alone are fucking amazing, and the preview videos are pretty much enough to reduce any lover of huge ripped freaky beef to a quivering mess. Beautifully shot, they always manage to make any superhuman muscle monster with paper thin skin wrapped round his huge bulging twitching mass muscle in a pair of shiny posing trunks look even more incredible than they do normally. I’d highly recommend purchasing one of their DVD’s. You can also sign up and get pictures and video downloads not available on their regular site.

For another awesome video and DVD production company, check out GMV, an Australian based company. Their site sells a huge range of bodybuilding DVD’s, including some of the top IFBB shows on DVD like the Mr Olympia, as well as training DVD’s, and smaller, amateur shows, many of which have been shot by the company themselves. MostMuscular.Com is also an amazing site which also sells a huge amount of muscle dvd's with some insanely hot bodybuilders and models.

MuscleGallery.Com is a members site featuring some awesome bodybuilders, including Cody Lewis, Eduardo Correa, Paco Bautista, Mark Alvisi & Mark Dugdale, as well as a fair amount of fitness models. They offer select free pictures, many of which are amazing, especially their more recent ones, and video clips, but you have to pay and sign up to get full access to the site. If you’re on the look out for something with more of a sexual tone, Jimmy Z Productions is a fairly similar members site for videos and pictures, with a fairly decent selection of bodybuilders, their most well known model being Con Demetrou.

And no run down of bodybuilder and muscle resources on the net would be complete without mentioning the almighty YouTube. Not a muscle site by any means, but there's literally thousand of amazing muscle videos on there it would be a crime not to mention it. How the fuck did we ever manage without it?! If you're on the lookout for good channels for awesome muscle videos, I highly recommend the following...

Canale di bodymusicmuscle
FREY Nutrition
Never 2 Big
Robbie Durand-Flex Online
BODYBUILDING MUSCLE MostMuscular.Com Bodybuilding Videos
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