Sunday, 3 December 2017


Thank you to everyone who took part and cast their votes in my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2017" poll! The poll has now closed and I'll be revealing the top 20 most voted for bodybuilders throughout the month.

Firstly though, a post featuring just some of the muscle freaks and beasts who've been squeezing into their teenie weenie posing trunks and gracing the stage at the various shows which have taken place over the past few weeks!

First up, two of bodybuilding's hottest young former amateurs who both won their pro cards at last month's San Marino Pro! German meat mountain Tim Budesheim who is still as absurdly bloody gorgeous as ever and my personal favourite bodybuilder of the year, Dani Kaganovich! What the fuck is there not to love about Dani? The tits, the 'tude, the glutes, the specs, the strut across the stage which he always does with his slight turtle tummy sticking out before unleashing a power packed, cocky-as-fuck, mental most muscular...God I love it!! Both lads won their weight classes in the amateur show, earned their pro cards and then went on to compete in the pro show. Tim took 4th place and Dani took 7th, both beating seasoned veterans and well known monsters like Petra Klancir and Daniel Toth!


One of the things I love about Dani is that when he's on stage he COMMANDS everyone's attention through his posing and stage presence. With every pose, with every facial expression, it' s like he's saying, "Look at me. Look at my grotesque hugeness. Marvel at my enormous ass blowing out either side of my indecently shiny posers. Watch as my back opens up and my lats flare out to an outrageous degree. Look at how my big, bubble-like abs pop out of my stomach. Look at how my tits hang off my chest. I'm huge. I'm a monster. A head to toe muscle freak. I'm the stuff of nightmares. And of dreams. The object of envy. And undeniable awe. So look at me. Watch me. And worship me."

Also competing at the San Marino Pro, and placing runner up to Cedric McMillan was Persian muscle bull Hadi Choopan. There's been a lot of hype about this guy recently. One look at his jaw dropping physique and you'll realise why! Everything's jacked and pumped to the absolute fucking max. Big, slabby tits, crazily sized quads, outrageously developed, striated fucking glutes and gorgeous shaped abs which burst through his midsection like little bricks trying to break free! Fuck yeah!

A week before the San Marino, another blog favourite stepped on stage at the Ferrigno Legacy...GORGEOUS American meat monster Brad Rowe! It's fair to say it wasn't his best ever showing but it's always awesome to see Brad on stage, posing in whatever, no doubt awesome, colour of trunks he's chosen! Oh and (spoiler alert)...he's done quite well in the "favourite bodybuilder of 2017" poll too!

David Paterik, another old favourite, competed at the show too, but switched to the classic division. Just as gloriously shredded as ever (check out those QUADS!) and displaying just as much outrageous TOOD as he ever has, the only thing I miss about David not doing the bodybuilding division is his lack of trunks! Is it me or are the lines between bodybuilding and classic physique becoming increasingly blurred? I'm all for lads like David and Chris Bumstead who aren't all out monsters to compete in the classics if it means higher placings and more success. I just really, really wish these lads were able to wear posing trunks! 



And here's a few other recent shots of various bodybuilders, including gorgeous, super-heavyweight American monster Matt Kuoba, Aussie meat mountain Josh Lenartowicz who looks like he's gonna explode (FAWK!), Jose Raymond looking as freaky and downright fucking nasty as ever, and a few others!

I know this is photo shopped but can you bloody imagine?!

Odd socks and shiny posers? Works for me!

And to finish, a slightly random but awesome video I found recently of an outrageously huge Daniel Toth pumping up, posing and showing off his enormous tits. Along with the rest of his freak show worthy mass of crazily developed beef!

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