Sunday, 1 October 2017


Included in this brand beef packed post...everyone's favourite Mr O 212 champ James Flex Lewis, both with the beard (pant pant pant!) and without, a monstrous and downright freaky looking Big Ramy (he looks like a fucking CARTOON!), stupidly sliced Chris Bumstead making his Olympia debut and showing all the other young canadian bodybuilders up (Gruesome Twosome? Never heard of 'em!), more of the world's best and freakiest muscle freaks flexing it up at this year's Olympia, including Milan Sadek, Derek Lunsford, Ahmad Ashkanani, Nathan De Asha and Phil Heath...and a ton more muscle bulls, freaks, and beasts!


And I just have to give a mention to the passing of Dallas McCarver. I usually shy away from mentioning such news because I've never quite felt that it's in keeping with the tone of the blog. However, as Dallas was one of my the most regularly featured bodybuilders here in recent years, as well as being one of my personal favourite pros, I feel it's only right, on this occasion, to break from tradition. A huge loss to bodybuilding and, of course, more than anything, his family, friends and loved ones. It's fair to say he will never be forgotten.

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  1. MA. SO SORRY NOT TO HAVE GOT TO COMMENTING SOONER, but I'm here now and as is always the case, there's loads to look at and lust over. I can always gaurantee seeing those big hitter hot muscle beings such as bumstead, grimes, ramy and numerous others who have hit the heights of muscle celebritydom. However mate, what really provides the proverbial cherry on the cake are the scrunchy munchy 'curve ball ' muscle rookies and up and coming fellas! There's quite a few in here of the muscle/spectacle combination, which is seriously 'woof worthy', especially a particular Arabic looking spec daddy that is super ripped and oven ready, stood next to his mate..jeeeeeeesussssssss! Another sexy duo includes a gorg muscle arabic/ latin lad with the hottest orange posers (btw also those zipped posers on another dude..totally hot). And, lastly another duo in the pump room. ..the one sporting number 103 with the ears! know what I mean! Well done mate!


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