Thursday, 19 October 2017


As most of you probably know, I've been making and posting most muscular video compilations for a number of years (even before I started this blog)! Videos featuring nothing but jacked up muscle bulls and shredded to death muscle freaks belting out most muscular after most muscular! However, last year I decided to break from the norm and made my very first compilation video featuring bodybuilders continuously cranking out *another* pose...abs and thighs!

That very video is below, and features the likes of Peter Molnar, Kevin Stutz, Mark Dudgale and Doug Miller!

And one lad featured in that video has been hitting the stage recently looking more insanely awesome than he ever bloody has...Austrian muscle freak Kevin Stutz! Here he is in a fucking incredible video of him, storming and strutting around the stage like a beefed up tornado, displaying THE most outrageously cocky, in-yer-face, testosterone fuelled, power packed posing...and looking all sorts of fucking insane in the process (oh and he won the whole show by the way)!


OK...who's ready for a new "GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES" post?!

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  1. Abs and thighs!! Mate, it used to be claimed that the only man made object that could be seen on earth from space was the Great Wall of China. Well, I'm sure that if all these muscle lads, bulls, and freaks got together in one place and tensed their peeled abs at the same moment, the international space station flying overhead would spot this human wall of protan muscle blocks, glinting in the sun! Imagine also... It would be great to think too that looking down at that moment, there'd be a NASA trained, super brainy scientist who'd obviously been through all the physical and psychological testing, in order to get his ticket on the bloody thing, so he can do experiments growing mustard and cress in zero gravity! But, there is one thing they didn't pick up with all their testing, and that is he's a hard wired, besotted, muscle fanatic, who's secretly stashed away his collection of 1990s back issues of Flex magazine and Bodybuilding Monthly (cos no wifi in space) in his astronaut's 'snap' (packed lunch) bag. Well, after a year in space, the pages are literally glued together with space spunk. Anyway, he just happens to be looking out the space porthole, when this phenomenal abs crunch happens, imediately recognises what it is, gets an instant erection and spontaneously cums in his space knickers! Well, this sets off a massive chain of events unfor seen in human space exploration...except the original Star Trek TV programme in the episode when Japanese flight deck contrOller Mr Sulu (prob wrong spelling ) loses his mind and starts chasing around the ship, swinging a samouri sword around his head! Well, our spunked up astronaut has a similar breakdown triggered by him witnessing the muscle wall down on earth. He cannot get the image out of his mind and starts spunking rope after rope, yard after yard of jizz into the gravity free space cabin and literally pebble-dashes and gums up all the electrics..the mucky bugger! Chaos ensues and the space station is literally fucked! Then comes an Apol lo 13 style rescue mission. Thankfully, they all get rescued but the human quest to get a fully functional mission to Mars by 2030 has to be abandoned. As for the spunk making scientist, well he's retired now and spends his time hovering around the magazine section at WH Smith, dreaming about muscle of course but also his mustard and cress experiments, still up there in space...maybe waiting for a passing alien to have it with sliced ham and mustard in a sandwich.. (Sorry muscle addict, I think I took the idea a bit far by adding the alien n the sandwich..cos that is completely unbelievable)!


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