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"Mikey hadn’t been able to resist trying on his brand new posing trunks before heading to Pete’s flat. Even just holding the bright pink posers in his hands and studying them was incredibly horny. Feeling the ridiculously shiny material against his fingertips. Working his thumbs along both of the straps. Even the smell of them was oddly arousing. He then worked the thin straps up his enormous, shredded quads and nestled his hard cock in the pouch. The shiny pink material felt incredible against his dick. Almost instantly, a wet patch of pre-cum formed and dripped through the posing trunk material."

It's time for the penultimate part of "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph"!

This is the beginning of Part III (the final section of the story) and jumps back to when Pete and Mikey first met; exploring what happened on the night of their first posing practice. It then skips forward to the evening after Mikey's first bodybuilding show, where he and Pete have invited the mystery man inhabiting the body of 320 lbs American bodybuilder Jackson James Jones back to Pete's flat!

We also get to find out more about the Pete character, and his feelings towards Mikey, and muscle in general.

Final part coming up next!

Part III

Chapter Nine

The first time something happened between Mikey Maguire and Pete Potter was at their very first posing practice, which had taken place on the very day they’d met. It had been an unforgettable day for Mikey, full of many firsts. After having spent years only using his superpower alone in his bedroom, Mikey had ventured out in public, after having transformed into the 300 lbs muscle monster version of himself.

He’d then bought his first ever pair of posing trunks from a shop called “Muscle World”, where he'd confessed to the very sexy sales assistant, Pete, that he had a power which enabled him to morph his regular sized body into that of a mammothly huge bodybuilder's, worthy of both professional status and a top five Mr Olympia placing.

Pete had then told Mikey about the bodybuilding competition held at the Annual Superpower Games in London; a secret event which would allow him to fulfil his fantasy of stepping onto a bodybuilding stage. This was swiftly followed by an invitation to Pete’s flat that very night to practise his posing for the show.

Following his initial encounter with Pete, Mikey had gone back to the hotel room where he was staying, his whole body bursting with adrenaline from the events of the day, and his mind racing with thoughts at the prospect of both competing in a bodybuilding show, and posing in front of another person that very evening.

Mikey hadn’t been able to resist trying on his brand new posing trunks before heading to Pete’s flat. Even just holding the bright pink posers in his hands and studying them was incredibly horny. Feeling the ridiculously shiny material against his fingertips. Working his thumbs along both of the straps. Even the smell of them was oddly arousing.

He then worked the thin straps up his enormous, shredded quads and nestled his hard cock in the pouch. The shiny pink material felt incredible against his dick. Almost instantly, a wet patch of pre-cum formed and dripped through the posing trunk material.

Mikey gazed at his reflection in the mirror. Wearing nothing but a pair of the shiniest pink posers he could have ever hoped to find, the muscle monster incarnation of Mikey had never looked more like a Mr Olympia competitor.

Being in trunks was everything he had fantasised about and more. He never wanted to take them off. Taking a hand to each strap, Mikey wrapped his thumbs under each one, and pulled the posers up as far as he could, while hitting a magnificent front lat spread, pursing his lips in an arrogant fashion and releasing an outrageous, “OOOOOH.”

As he watched his huge lats flare out and his tremendous muscle tits jump off his chest in the mirror, Mikey growled out a grizzly, “YEEAARRGGHSSS,” and only let go out of pink straps and released the pose because he unexpectedly felt his cock judder with force, and realised that he was about two seconds away from both blowing a massive load in his brand new posers, and completely ruining them before he’d even left the hotel for Pete’s.

Though Mikey had arrived at his flat feeling incredibly nervous, Pete's natural charm and friendly, down to earth demeanour helped him to relax relatively quickly. Mikey had discovered that Pete was both a personal trainer, and a former junior bodybuilding champion. His dick had swelled when he’d been shown various pictures of a shockingly shredded and fresh faced twenty year old Pete on stage, plastered in dark bronzed tan, wearing a pair of ruby red posing trunks and flexing out on stage pulling all manner of outrageously cheeky facial expressions.

When it came time to strip down to his trunks and start posing for Pete, Mikey's nerves suddenly made a comeback. Amid feeling anxious, however, Mikey couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline as he stood in the middle of the living room and Pete gawped in awe and amazement at every inch of his huge, shredded mass. Although Pete was once a junior bodybuilding champion, he had never come anywhere close to reaching Mikey’s size.

Both Mikey’s ego and posing trunk covered cock swelled, as Pete circled Mikey with his mouth open in astonishment, commenting on each of his body parts, and reminding Mikey of just how much a magnificent muscle bull he was when his amazing superpower was in force.

By the time Pete was demonstrating a front double bicep pose for Mikey to copy, there was only one thing on Mikey’s mind; to completely wow Pete Potter with his size and mass. A task at which he succeeded to a ridiculous degree. Not only was Pete blown away by the image of Mikey’s flexed muscle, he was also amazed at how well Mike both knew, and performed, every single one of the mandatory bodybuilding poses.

The rush of both posing in the presence of another person, and seeing Pete’s reaction to his muscle gave Mikey enough of an ego boost to start displaying a bit of cockiness with his posing. Whereas at first he was humble and sheepish, Mikey was soon growling and grunting with his poses, and contorting and scrunching up his face into all manner of cheeky expressions.

This only enhanced Pete’s enjoyment, who, in response, started giving Mikey words of encouragement and praise, like, “Come on, big man,” “Hit that pose!” and, “You’re a monster, mate!” He even shouted out, “FUCK YEAH, MIKEY!” when he cranked out a trap exploding crab most muscular with a loud, grizzly growl and a shit eating grin mere inches away from his lucky spectator’s face.

The whole experience left Mikey with an overwhelming desire to compete at the Annual Superpower Games. Mikey did not think anything more exciting could have happened that day but, sitting on Pete’s couch, with a feast of fresh information about the bodybuilding show, which was just a few short months away, his new friend presented him with a rather unexpected question.

“I hope you don’t take offence to this, mate, but…are you into blokes?”

Mikey’s heart had started to race at Pete’s question. Not at the prospect of confessing that he was into guys, but at the possible reason as to why the sexy muscled man sitting next to him was asking him that question.

After responding, Mikey nervously and sheepishly threw the same question at Pete, who seemed completely unabashed at the conversation. Pete shrugged, and replied, “I guess I’m into blokes. I’ve had girlfriends too.” Mikey wasn’t sure what to make of Pete’s nonchalant answer, until he offered up a further explanation, which set Mikey’s heart racing even more. “But what I’m really into is muscle.”

Mikey began to swell in his shiny pink posers, as the increasingly hot man seated on the couch beside him gazed at him in a suggestive manner and continued to explain. “I’d always had girlfriends at school. But when I was sixteen my cousin took me to this really hardcore bodybuilding gym. We walked in and there was this group of lads in one corner. We got a bit closer and realised that they were all crowded around this one guy. He wasn’t a monster but he had some serious beef on him. He was in awesome condition too. I’ll never forget how his abs just burst through his stomach. Anyway, he was flexing in front of a big mirror on the wall, grunting, and huffing with every pose, while all the other lads stood around and watched him like a piece of meat. I could tell they were all in awe of him, and I knew that every single one of them wanted to be him. As for me? Well I was more turned on by watching this big, beefy lad who’d pumped himself up to unnatural proportions, flexing and posing and showing off his muscles more than anything I’d ever seen before.

I left the gym that day and I literally could not stop thinking about the flexing muscle lad. I went to a newsagents and bought a hardcore muscle magazine with this fuck off huge monster on the front, and when I got home, I just sat there, with a massive hard on, staring at the bodybuilders on every single page. Totally amazed at what I was seeing. And without even thinking about what I was doing, or why I was doing it, I got my hard cock out and started wanking. I think I creamed off to every single bodybuilder in that magazine. I couldn’t stop mate! I wondered whether it meant I was gay, but I wasn’t really turned on by regular blokes. I mean, sometimes I spot a dude, and I can see that he's good looking, but it doesn’t really go any further than that? Same with girls I guess. I can see a woman and think, “Wow, she’s hot,” but I don’t really have the urge to have sex with her. But muscle. Not just any muscle; huge, shredded muscle…” and at this point, Pete was glaring at Mikey’s enormous pecs, “I see it, and…I just wanna cream my pants on the fucking spot.”

Mikey could not believe what he was hearing. He knew that Pete was impressed and amazed by his huge mass, but he had not even entertained the idea that he might be turned on by it. More than that, Mikey had finally met someone who felt and thought about muscle the exact same way that he did.

“I feel the same, mate,” Mikey had replied. “I mean, I like regular sized men too. But nothing turns me on more than muscle.”

Pete was smiling at Mikey. The atmosphere had suddenly taken a shift. Mikey suddenly wanted Pete as much as he wanted him. “I’m not even gonna ask you if you get turned on by flexing,” Pete said. “I can kinda see that you do anyway,” he added, looking down with a raised eyebrow, at Mikey’s pink posing trunk pouch, which was bursting at the seems with his hard on.

“Have you…been with many bodybuilders then?” Mikey had asked inquisitively.

“A few,” Pete had replied. “None as monstrous as you though.” He then looked down at Mikey’s enormous tits. “FUCK! I wanna worship you so bad, mate!”

Mikey simultaneously grinned and blushed. He didn’t quite know what came over him next, but he suddenly, rather cheekily, straightened both of his arms, brought them into his torso and squeezed his chest so his mammothly thick pecs erupted and ballooned. “Fuck YES!” Pete replied in response. And then Mikey started flexing his enormous, croquet-ball biceps, looking down at them in self-worship and admiration, teasing Pete to a ridiculous degree.

Pete was fidgeting and squirming next to him on the sofa, as if he was about to burst. He watched Mikey’s huge muscles flex and explode right before his eyes, until he couldn’t take it any longer and he suddenly blurted out, “FUCK! I need to touch that muscle, mate.”

Still teasing Pete, Mikey responded by pursing his lips and letting out an arrogant growl as he squeezed his fists together in a quick most muscular. And then he finally tore his eyes away from his own phenomenal body and looked at the man sitting next to him with a mischievous and inviting smirk. Pete gripped Mikey’s right upper arm with both of his hands. His eyes bulged and he exclaimed, “FUCK!” as he felt Mikey’s huge, hard muscle underneath his fingertips.

Within a few minutes, the two men were standing on their feet and facing each other. Pete ran his hands over every single inch of Mikey's freakishly muscular body. He touched, felt and worshipped every one of his muscles. In turn, Mikey pumped, squeezed and flexed every single body part, while loving every moment of being worshipped by an excitable and incredibly sexy man, who was turned on by nothing more than the huge slabs of shredded muscle before him.

Both Pete and Mikey were completely lost in Mikey’s muscle. Nothing else mattered in that moment but the excessively sized, otherworldly mass bulging and exploding off of Mikey’s frame. Mikey flexed and squeezed and Pete touched and worshipped until neither men could take any more.

With both of his hands firmly planted on Mikey’s squeezed pecs, Pete groaned out, “Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Mikey lifted both of his arms up, shouted, “FUCKING CREAM IT!” in Pete’s face, and then aggressively bought them back down into a brutal crab most muscular, while unleashing the most arrogant growl in Pete’s face; “ARRRRGGGHHHH!!”

At that very moment, Pete’s whole body started juddering and convulsing. He dug his hands into Mikey’s flexed pecs even more and bellowed out cries of ecstasy as his dick exploded and a tsunami of spunk filled up his boxers. Mikey felt like a God. He wildly shook his head and growled again, before cranking down into another crab most muscular with force. This time, his eyes bulged out, his mouth snapped wide open and he released the loudest cry as he simultaneously squeezed his mass and blew the most intense load of cum into his brand new, shiny pink posing trunks.

Chapter Ten

Mikey visited Pete in London several times before the bodybuilding competition at the Annual Superpower Games. Each visit would result in Mikey being worshipped, and both lads shooting their loads. Usually multiple times. Other than making each other cum with their worship sessions, things remained platonic between the pair.

Mikey had tried to be affectionate with his muscle loving worship buddie on a couple of occasions, though it was never planned. Pete was never very responsive to these attempts though, and so Mikey quickly expelled any thoughts which crept into his head that things between he and Pete could take a romantic turn. Instead, Mikey reasoned that they had an amazing and special relationship, and their worship sessions were amongst the hottest and most unique of his experiences in his 300 lbs muscle monster form, and that was more than enough for him.

Up until the day of the show, their posing and worship sessions had remained a secret between the two of them. But now, on the evening of Mikey’s first ever appearance at the Annual Superpower Games, the pair had unexpectedly invited a third person back to Pete’s flat. The mystery man who, with the use of a superpower still unknown to Mikey and Pete, had transformed into the body of Mikey’s favourite bodybuilder; ridiculously good looking, twenty-five year old, 320 lbs American meat mountain Jackson James Jones.

Within five minutes of entering Pete's flat, both Mikey and the Jackson James Jones impersonator had stripped back down to their posing trunks. Pete sat on his sofa, looking up at the two phenomenal muscle monsters, still bronzed from their competition tan,  standing side by side in the middle of his living room, both pumped and shredded to a shocking degree, all the time wondering whether he'd ever see such a magnificent or surreal sight again.

"OK, lads. Let's get a front double bicep!" And with those words, both of the muscle freaks sprang into action and started flexing at Pete's command. All of the mandatory bodybuilding poses followed, climaxing with Pete instructing both of the lads to hit a most muscular.

While Mikey bought both of his fists together, released an outrageously cocky, "YEAARRGHHS," and aggressively scrunched his face up like some kind of animal, the Jackson Jones impersonator went straight for a crab most muscular. Bending down low, his enormous, hard traps erupted up to his earlobes and he released a loud, obscene, "OOOOOOHHH."

"THAT'S IT, LADS! HIT THAT POSE!" shouted Pete. Mikey responded by outrageously slapping both of his enormous, and insanely detailed quads, before placing both of his hands on the side of them, and cranking down hard into another most muscular, his eyes shut tight, his face contorted to a comical degree, and his teeth gritted as he released another grizzly, animal-like growl. "GRRRRRRRRR!!"

Jackson was imitating Mikey in a similar pose, but all Pete could focus on was his mate, and regular worship buddie, squeezing like crazy with all of his might as his thick pecs tightened and erupted from his chest, his gorgeous, blocky abs burst though his tummy, and the hard on stretching his now mucky, tan stained posing trunks visibly jolted underneath the shiny pink material.

"COME OOOOON!" Pete outrageously shouted, in an attempt to encourage Mikey to crank out his next most muscular pose with even more aggression and force. Pete's efforts worked brilliantly, as Mikey lifted both of his arms up, and cranked them back down with brutal force into a crab most muscular, while releasing his loudest, and cockiest shout yet. "ARRRGGGHHHH!!"

Jackson responded by belting out his own crab most muscular with an indecent "YEEEEAAASSSS!" and Pete watched on from the seat of his sofa, his dick juddering, and pre-cum dripping into his boxers as the two flexing muscle bulls before him tried to outdo each other in the most outrageous and erotically charged display of testosterone fuelled, attitude packed posing he'd ever witnessed.

When the monsters had stopped posing, the atmosphere immediately lightened, and all three lads were grinning wildly and chuckling to each other. Jackson was bent over with his hands rested on his ridiculous quads, panting and trying to catch his breathe after posing so hard. Mikey, meanwhile, wasn't showing any signs of exhaustion. As part of his superpower, he could pose for as long as he wanted and never get tired. Pete knew that, if Mikey could, he would just carry on cranking out most musculars until he finally blew a load into his bright pink, mucky pup posing trunks.

"Awesome job, lads," Pete said, still grinning. Mikey had placed his hand on Jackson's ridiculously broad back. Jackson straightened up, still panting slightly, his big abs moving in and out of his ever so slight turtle tummy. Mikey's hand had dropped to his side, and as the two shredded muscle bulls standing in the middle of Pete's living room looked at each other, the atmosphere in the room seemed to shift once again.

Jackson was the first to make a move. Wrapping one of his huge arms around Mikey’s enormous back, he invited him into his hulking mass of monstrous muscle. Responding by wrapping his own arms around Jackson, Mikey sank his own freak show worthy body into Jackson's, becoming completely engulfed by his hard, shredded mass.

Mikey’s thick, bumpy abs pressed against Jackson’s, his huge, balloon-like tits squeezed against his, their quads fought for space, and his rock hard, bright pink posing trunk covered hard on pushed as tight as it could against Jackson’s big, purple trunk covered bulge. His fingers dug into Jackson’s thick lats and, as he sunk his head into Jackson’s bull-like traps, he groaned with pleasure. Having his 300 lbs body engulfed by the huge mass of muscle belonging to one of the world’s top bodybuilders, Mikey felt like his cock was going to explode at any given moment.

After their initial embrace, Jackson invited Pete over to join them, and he and Mikey proceeded to touch, explore and worship every inch of the Jackson James Jones impersonator's magnificent, beast-like physique. Mikey had touched his own huge muscle many times. He’d even touched Pete’s flexed bicep and modestly thick pecs before. But nothing compared to the sensation of feeling the gigantic sized, fully flexed mass of the American muscle God before him.

Mikey had never been attracted to anyone as much as he was attracted to Jackson. It was like his ultimate fantasy had come to life. In turn, Jackson was as equally attracted to Mikey. Jackson also loved seeing Pete’s over-excited and awe stricken reaction to his mass and the fact that it seemed like he was on the verge of cumming in his pants any moment, as he worshipped the two magnificent muscle bulls in his living room.

But what Jackson really loved was seeing Mikey in a state of pent up ecstasy as he squeezed Jackson’s tits and dug his fingers into his biceps. There was something slightly more sensual in Mikey’s touch too. In turn, Jackson was a lot more attentive and affectionate towards Mikey than he was with Pete.

Mid way through being worshipped by the two lads, Jackson, with his arm still wrapped around Mikey, and their huge, bronzed bodies pressed up against each other, pushed his face towards Mikey’s, and gently brushed his nose with his, inviting him to draw his lips to his. Mikey took the invite, and the two muscle monsters were suddenly lost in a deep, passionate kiss. At the same time, Pete drew his lips to one of Jackson’s ginormous sized muscle tits, and began to passionately suck on the obscenely thick pec muscle.

Before long, all three lads had made their way to Pete’s bedroom. Together, they were just one big heaving mass of pent up, sexually charged muscle. Three men completely lost in the act of extreme muscle worship. All ready for their cocks to explode with cum at any given moment. Jackson and Mikey could not take their hands and eyes off each other, while Pete was completely lost in the freaky muscle exploding and bulging off both of their monstrous bodies.

With his hands running over Jackson’s barn door back, his torso, quads and pink posing trunk covered cock pressed tightly against his, and his wet tongue passionately dancing with Jackson’s, Mikey released a muffled groan. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. He was sure he was about to unleash the most tremendous sized load of spunk in his mucky, tan drenched posers. But Jackson had other plans for Mikey. Sensing that neither of them were going to be able to hold their spunk in for much longer, Jackson spun around, pulled down his shiny purple posers so they were wedged half way down his gigantic sized quads and pushed Mikey’s torso and trunk covered bulge against his obscenely sized arse.

As Jackson climbed onto the edge of Pete’s bed so he was bent over on all fours, Mikey yanked down his tan stained posers, and pushed his huge, hard, throbbing cock into the tight, pink, twitchy hole nestled in the crack of Jackson’s ridiculously huge glutes.

Loud groans of ecstasy filled the room, and as Mikey thrust his cock in and out of Jackson’s fleshy hole, Pete turned his attention to Mikey’s muscles; squeezing, feeling and worshipping his bronzed balloons of indecent mass. Fucking a man who had somehow transformed into one of the top pro bodybuilders in the world, while simultaneously having his muscles worshipped by his eager and very sexy muscle loving mate, Mikey had transcended to a whole new level of pleasure.

Plunging his dick deep into Jackson’s enormous ass, Mikey suddenly came to a halt. He knew that his cock was about to explode in the next few seconds. One more thrust into the 320 lbs muscle monster's tight hole and it would be game over. But Mikey had another idea. He lifted both of his arms up, Pete’s fingers still gripping into his right bicep, and, with his dick still in Jackson’s arse, Mikey cranked down hard into one more final brutal crab most muscular, while opening his mouth wide and releasing the loudest and most animalistic bellow he could.


As he hit the peak of his pose, Mikey’s whole body started trembling. He groaned and growled louder as pleasure consumed every ounce of his 300 lbs freakishly muscular body and his cock exploded with the most magnificent sized load, filling up Jackson’s hole, and giving Mikey the most intense orgasm he’d ever had.

Jackson groaned and yelled with pleasure as his own dick exploded with cum, and a few seconds later, the room was filled with Pete’s orgasmic cries. Still gripping onto Mikey’s obscene mass with both hands, fountains of spunk started erupting freely from Pete’s dick and drenching the two sweaty, heaving, interlocked muscle Gods before him.

To be continued...

COMING UP IN PART 7: The mystery man inhabiting Jackson James Jones' body reveals both his true identity, and his superpower. Plus, muscle loving couple Timmy and Chuck make a re-appearance. 


  1. Finally, the sex. Worth the wait but the author is such a tease.

  2. Fuuuuccckkkk! A fantasy dream come true for me as well MA!. The raunchy sex but never losing sight of the muscle worship too that completely underpins Mikey's fantasy. The build up of sexual tension, picturing the coming together of those three bulls' huge mass, intertwining in a supercharged orgy of muscle and sexual pleasure! Finally, Mikey fucking Jackson but at the point of climax, Mikey bearing down in an all powerful crab most muscular as his fires his cream into Jackson's hungry muscle butt! I'll tell you now MA, it wasn't just Mikey having the orgasm!
    So great to read a piece of your work which finally pushes well into the raunchier side aswell...a dynamite and potent addition mate, well done!

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment matie! Really chuffed you liked it! ;) Well my last few stories have been a bit tame so I thought it was about time I did something a bit more on the raunchy (good word mate - hehe!) side! I don't think this type of stuff is what I do best but it's always fun to write! ;)


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