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"Mikey’s traps erupted before Chuck’s eyes. Everything on the monster’s upper body tightened and expanded in size. All Chuck could see before him was a mass of freaky, flexed muscle. Perfectly sculpted and bronzed. Wrapped in tight, thin skin. Striations appearing and veins erupting in the most unlikely of places.

Mikey’s presence and power seemed to completely engulf Chuck. He could see the lucky beads of sweat glistening on the surface of the muscle. He could feel the heat and adrenaline radiating off Mikey’s body. And all the time an intoxicating aroma filled the air; the powerful, masculine scent of a 300 lbs sweat and tan drenched muscle bull."

Mucky pup posing trunks fucking DRENCHED in tan, sweat, oil and slop (SLURP!)…flirtatious 320 lbs American pro bodybuilders (or are they?!)…The Irresistible Ass Man wiggling, shaking and slapping his enormous sized bottom (imagine Steve Orton’s ass but BIGGER!) for a hypnotised audience (the cheeky bugger)…and one lucky, muscle loving audience member who can’t stop his mind from slipping into fantasies about licking the sweat off of all twenty-four of The Amazing Abs Man’s tummy's all here in part 5 of "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph".

Here are some links to the first four parts in case anyone has missed any...


And thank you to the Anonymous commenter from part 2 who suggested the idea of Mikey's pink posers "getting all mucky from the tan, oil and sweat rubbing off his thighs onto his bulge" (FUCKING HELL!!), which inspired me to make a few changes to this, and the previous chapter!

And with that, before the story continues, I feel like it's a good time to re-acquaint everyone with my "mucky pups" posing trunks post! GOD I LOVE IT!!

Chapter Eight


Mikey Maguire had arrived backstage to find Jackson James Jones and Shaun Slater standing there with awe-stricken expressions, after having just watched the whole of Mikey’s routine from the side of the stage. It had been Shaun, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, who had spoken.

Mikey was on a high like no other. He’d just revealed his secret superpower of being able to transform into a 300 lbs shredded muscle beast to the whole arena during his incredibly animated posing routine. He’d displayed more cockiness on stage than he ever had during any of his flexing sessions in the privacy of his bedroom. Spurred on by the audience reaction, Mikey had completely let go of his inhibitions.

“That was fucking unbelievable, mate,” Jackson James Jones added, in awe. Mikey was feeling so brave that he was almost tempted to take two steps towards the mass monster before him, wrap his arms around and engulf him with his own huge bronzed mass, while pressing his lips against Jackson’s in a passionate and sexually charged kiss. Instead, in an outrageously cocky move, he threw his arms around the back of his head, and cranked down into a quick abs and thighs pose, while scrunching up his face, and letting out a deep, grizzly growl.

“YEAH, MIKEY!” Shaun shouted. All three men were now laughing at his shameless and spontaneous flex out. Mikey couldn’t help it. He just wanted to flex and pose and show off his mass to anyone lucky enough to bear witness. Mikey now knew what he was destined to be; a mass monstrous muscle freak who lived and breathed for being huge and flexing in shiny posers, as a group of spectators looked on in awe and admiration, every one of them battling emotions of awe, admiration, envy, and arousal.

“That routine was fucking bonkers, mate,” Shaun said. “Not to mention your power!” Jackson added. Mikey no longer felt nervous in front of Jackson. After what he’d just experienced, the cheers of the crowd still ringing in his ears, he didn’t think he’d ever feel nervous about anything ever again.

“Thanks, Jackson,” he beamed. “So, you’re like, some sort of human muscle morph?, Jackson asked. Mikey grinned, completely unaware that Jackson had just unknowingly invented Mikey’s superpower name that would be used by many from that day on.

“Yep!” Mikey proudly replied. “Just an ordinary sized average Joe one minute, and then BOOM…a fuck-off huge muscle monster the next.” Shaun and Jackson laughed, clearly loving Mikey’s new found confidence. He’d never described himself in such a way before, and it felt both amazing and incredibly empowering to do so. Mikey knew he sounded cocky, but he didn’t give a fuck. I’m supposed to be cocky, he thought. I’m a fucking BODYBUILDER. And an absolutely MONSTROUS one at that.

The trio of muscle bulls were suddenly interrupted by an announcement. Shaun was being called on stage to perform his posing routine. “Oh shit! I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to follow THAT, but wish me luck, guys,” Shaun said as he held out both of his fists, one each for Mikey and Jackson to bump. Mikey was sure that Shaun Slater was straight, but it didn’t stop him from lusting over him. Shaun was both huge and absolutely fucking gorgeous. In fact, if it weren’t for the absurdly handsome, 320 lbs, All American meat monster stood in front of him, who, amazingly had been flirting with him for the past few hours, Mikey would have probably spent the whole day secretly pining over Shaun Slater.

As Shaun made his way out to the stage, Mikey and Jackson made the schoolboy error of watching him leave. Both fell instantly under the spell of his superpower, and  become momentarily hypnotised by his utterly enormous bottom. Mikey’s own gargantuan sized ass was still proudly on display. He hadn’t retrieved the back of his super shiny pink posing trunks from the crack of his glutes, and had absolutely no intention of doing so any time soon.

“Seriously, bud. You really tore up that stage. Best posing routine I think I’ve ever fucking seen!” Jackson told Mikey, once they were no longer under the trance of Shaun’s bum. “Thanks, Jackson,” Mikey replied. The energy and electricity between the two monstrously sized muscle men as they stood facing each other was incredible. Mikey had never been so attracted to anyone before in his life. He was sure that it would only take a ten second hug with Jackson to cause his dick to explode in his tan stained posing trunks. He wanted so badly to kiss him. To reach out and touch the two slabs of pec meat bulging off his chest, to feel his enormous sized, fully flexed biceps and to reach round and feel those gigantic wing-like lats which made up his back. He wanted to touch and worship every single inch of this magnificent muscle bull’s body, and he wanted his own freak show muscle to be worshipped by Jackson in return.

Mikey had to know. He just had to know exactly who this man was before him. “So…” Mikey, somewhat cautiously, began. “Now you know my power. Do I get to find out yours?” Jackson’s mouth curled into a cheeky, but slightly bashful grin.

“Awww, mate! You are an absolute LEGEND! I mean…WOW!” Mikey and Jackson were suddenly interrupted by Pete Potter, who’d arrived backstage to talk to his friend Mikey. It was the first time Mikey had been disappointed to see Pete. He couldn’t have picked a worse time to interrupt.

But as he thanked his friend, who looked genuinely proud of him, Mikey was overcome with guilt at feeling annoyed by the interruption. He hadn’t known him long, but Pete had become somewhat special to Mikey. And if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be at this very competition, having just revealed to a theatre full of people what his superpower was, and now stood flirting with one of the biggest bodybuilders on the planet. Or at least a person who had taken over his body with whatever superpower he possessed.

“That opening was just incredible. The audience were fucking lapping it up. How long have you been planning THAT for?” Pete asked. “Erm…about twenty minutes before I did it,” Mikey replied. “It was partly inspired by Jackson here. He asked me what my power was and I just thought ‘fuck it’. I guess I was just sick of hiding my power,” Mikey explained. “Not that I’m exactly gonna walk back into my parents house looking like this,” he added. “But…well…if they happened to find out, would it really be that bad?”

“So is the world gonna get to see this version of Mikey a bit more often then?” Pete asked. “Too fucking right,” Mikey replied. He wasn’t sure how long the feeling would last, but Mikey had no intention of changing back to his ordinary sized self any time soon. He was a 300 lbs shredded to buggery muscle freak with biceps bigger than most blokes head’s and he absolutely fucking loved it.

“Do you think I’d get arrested if I just permanently walked around in my pink posing trunks?” Mikey joked. Jackson and Pete laughed. “With your massive ass hanging out like the way it is now, probably YES,” Pete replied. Mikey beamed. He loved it when Pete commented on his body parts.

“What do you say we give it a go, Mikey?” Jackson cheekily asked. “After the show, you, me and Pete catch the tube to Piccadilly Circus and do a bit of shopping. You and me wearing nothing but trainers and posing trunks?”

Mikey grinned and his eyes widened. He knew Jackson was only joking, but he really, really loved that idea. He was pretty sure Pete would get a kick out of doing it too.

“The posers might need a bit of a clean up first though,” Jackson outrageously added with a devilish smirk. Mikey looked down and was once more reminded of just how mucky his posers had gotten during the show. His greasy bronzed competition tan had gotten all around the bulge and the edges of the pink trunks. Even the right strap had a spot of bronzed tan on it. He dreaded to think what state the back of them were in.

Mikey had no idea why, but the fact his trunks had gotten so messy, and the damp feeling of the sweat soaked material clinging to his dick made him feel even more horny than he already did. He wondered whether he’d be able to get the tan stains out in the wash. And then he realised that he didn’t actually want to.

He then wondered whether the shiny material of the posers still had the unique, and oddly horny smell, that he’d discovered they had on the very day he’d bought them, when he’d gotten them back to his hotel room. Or, in fact, whether the tan, sweat and oil they were now covered in had compromised that smell, or even mixed with it to form some new incredibly hot odour. Mikey suddenly had the urge to run to the nearest bathroom, whip off his damp, mucky pup trunks, bring the shiny pink material to his nose and just take a massive whiff.

“In all seriousness, though,” Jackson continued. “If you guys wanna hang out after the show, I’m not busy.”

And with those words, Mikey’s heart suddenly felt like it had jumped into his throat. He cautiously looked at Pete, who looked completely taken aback by Jackson’s suggestion.

“Yeah!” Pete replied, with a hint of surprise. “I mean, Mikey is staying at mine, so we were just gonna hang out anyway. But you’re welcome to come over too.”

“Awesome!” Jackson replied. The flirtation in his voice was back, and there was a hint of suggestion in the grin he was giving the two men before him.

“So what do you lads like to do for fun?” he asked.

Pete and Mikey exchanged mischievous grins. “Well, I used to help Mikey with his posing. Until I discovered that he didn’t actually need any help. So now I just mostly watch him pose,” Pete said.

“Sounds like fun,” Jackson replied. Mikey’s heart was pounding. Was this really happening? “Do you think you can handle this much muscle, Pete?” Jackson outrageously teased.

Pete smirked and looked from 300 lbs British muscle monster Mikey Maguire to 320 lbs American beef mountain Jackson James Jones. “Fuck yeah!” he excitedly replied.

“One thing though, guys,” Jackson said, with a hint of seriousness. “Would it matter if…” at this point he leaned into Mikey and Pete and lowered his voice, “I wasn’t the real Jackson James Jones?”

Mikey felt like his heart was expanding in his chest. So he wasn’t the real Jackson James Jones after all. Somehow, that knowledge made Mikey feel even more excited.

“Not to me,” Pete said. Both lads were now looking at Mikey for his answer. “Definitely not,” he replied, which made the Jackson impersonator before him beam. “I would kinda like to know what your power is though”, Mikey said with caution. “If you don’t mind telling us of course.”

“I don’t,” Jackson replied. “But I sometimes find it…ruins things,” he mysteriously said, with a slight hint of unexpected sadness. “So I will tell you what my power is. I’ll even show you if you want. But for the moment…” and his mouth suddenly curled into a mischievous grin and he looked Mikey directly in the eyes, before he continued, “can I just be Jackson James Jones?”

As Mikey looked into the gorgeous twinkling eyes of the magnificent muscle bull before him, his heart melted. And in that very moment, he couldn’t remember ever wanting anything, or anyone more.


“And your final pose gentlemen. Most muscular!”

The audience of the bodybuilding show at the Annual Superpower Games erupted in loud, excited cheers as the six very different muscle freaks on stage cranked out the final pose of the very last comparisons round of this year’s show.

“ARRRGGGHH!” “TTSSSSSSS!” “YEEEEARRRGHHS!!” All six posing trunk sporting bodybuilders were squeezing hard and animatedly cranking out their most musculars like their lives depended on it.

On the far left side of the line up, The Human Road Map was hitting his pose with his fists clasped together. His cheeks were puffed out in an exaggerated manner, while a thousand, wiry, freakish veins erupted underneath his paper thin skin and plastered his pecs, delts and biceps. His thick, meaty quads were still as unbelievably vascular as they’d been throughout the show.

Next to him was Shaun, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, hitting his most muscular in a similar style to The Human Road Map, though with his utterly gorgeous face contorted into the cockiest manner, glaring at the audience with his teeth gritted in an “eat shit” grin. His humongous sized shoulders, triceps and biceps were popping out on both sides of his frame to a laughable degree.

On the far right side of the line up stood The Amazing Abs Man, the leanest bodybuilder on stage, who had opted to hit his most muscular with both of his hands resting on the side of his quads. He was gently twisting from side to side, presumably to show off all twenty-four of his gorgeous, saran wrap skin covered tummy muscles to the audience, all of which were glistening with a mixture of his competition tan and sweat. He clearly knew it wasn’t his best pose, but he obviously still loved hitting it, as his exceptionally handsome face was beaming with pride and pleasure.

Next to him was Bicycle Pump Boy, who had began the comparisons round as one of the biggest lads on stage, but was finishing as one of the smallest. His superpower was clearly wearing off, as every one of his once enormous sized, insatiably thick, balloon-like muscles had slowly deflated as the competition had gone on.

And so, with his eyes jam shut, Bicycle Pump Boy squeezed his crab most muscular with an incredible amount of effort, his rather flustered and anxiety-ridden face going red in the process, as if squeezing his muscles would somehow make them huge again. Unfortunately the opposite happened; they seemed to deflate even further, making him look more like an amateur, first time competitor, completely out of his depth in a line up of shredded freaks and beasts.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that Bicycle Pump Boy happened to be standing next to the biggest muscle bull on the stage; famous American pro bodybuilder, Jackson James Jones, who was hunched over in an explosive crab most muscular. His eyes were tight shut, his mouth was wide open and he was bellowing out the most outrageous, testosterone fuelled growl in the most aggressive fashion. He was now almost twice as big as the poor man to his right, and just a little bit bigger than the bodybuilder to his left. The last competitor in the line up, who the audience now knew as Mikey M, the guy they’d watched transform his slim built body into that of an excessively sized muscle monster in two seconds flat.

Displaying about three times more attitude than he had in the prejudging part of the show, Mikey was belting out his own crab most muscular pose. With his mouth animatedly stretched open, and also growling like an animal, Mikey was showing just as much cockiness and attitude as the muscle God next to him.

It was hard for Chuck Carter, who was watching the whole scene from his seat in the audience, to deny that Jackson was not only the biggest of the two of them, but had Mikey beat in this particular pose, both in terms of muscularity, cockiness and sheer in-yer-face, pant creaming attitude. Despite this, Chuck had no doubts that, out of the two tan drenched muscle monsters, Mikey was the bodybuilder revelling in the moment and enjoying it the most. In fact, no one seemed to be having more fun on stage than Mikey.

“And if the music man is ready…let’s get a posedown.”

Loud music filled the arena and the audience started to loudly cheer as all six of the superpower wielding bodybuilders ran to the front of the stage and starting blasting out various poses.

All Chuck wanted to do was watch Mikey, who was cranking out an incredible pec exploding side chest with an over excited grin, with Jackson and Shaun either side of him imitating the pose, but a scene at the far right of the stage was distracting him.

A man had run on stage and up to Bicycle Pump Boy with some kind of equipment in his hand. Chuck couldn’t help but gawp as the man proceeded to plug the end of a long lead into the bodybuilder’s bum. Before Chuck knew what was happening, Bicycle Pump Boy’s body parts were blowing up one by one until he was the obscenely pumped and outrageously huge muscle bull he’d been at the start of the competition.

Once his friend had done his job and retreated back into the audience, Bicycle Pump Boy celebrated his freshly pumped body by running to the front of the stage and cranking out a massive most muscular with a cocky as fuck grin and a loud, grizzly growl to rapturous applause.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the stage, Jackson James Jones and Mikey both now had their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. The sides of their torsos were pushed tightly together and they were both hitting a simultaneous abs and thighs pose.

Chuck’s cock juddered at the sight of the two biggest monsters of the show wrapped in an embrace; their waists and quads pressing against each other’s. It was like watching one big wall of tan drenched, sweat soaked muscle. Nothing but hard, flexed, freaky muscle, popping and exploding in every direction.

But what Chuck was really struggling to tear his eyes away from was Mikey’s pink posing trunk encased bulge, now straining the obscenely shiny material to the absolute maximum. There was no doubt about it; Mikey was sporting a full on boner. And now his trunks were well and truly plastered in greasy, bronzed competition tan and the sweat of the 300 lbs muscle monster wearing them. He’d never seen a pair of posing trunks so badly in need of a wash. They were fucked. Well and truly fucked.

Chuck’s cock, now wet with pre-cum, pulsated furiously and his chest expanded with excitement as he imagined Mikey rushing back to his hotel room completely alone to blow a tremendous load into the crotch of the muckiest and messiest posing trunks Chuck had ever seen on a bodybuilding stage.

And then something was suddenly facing Chuck, and the rest of the audience, which he really couldn’t take his eye away from; the excessive sized, ridiculously developed bottom of The Irresistible Ass Man, who had now turned to face the rear of the stage, ready to hypnotise anyone who happened to glance at his enormous, posing trunk devouring glutes.

Chuck knew the bodybuilder must be hitting rear poses, but he had no idea which ones. All he could do was stare at Shaun’s magnificent bum cheeks. What followed then was about three minutes of Shaun doing nothing but pulling the cheekiest and most outrageous moves for the benefit of anyone under his hypnosis. He wiggled his oversized arse, continuously bent forward to show off his posing trunk covered crack to his victims, wiggled his oversized bottom whilst bent over, squatted down, tensed and flexed his glutes so that a dozen crazy lines and striations appeared in all their freaky glory, and even gave his enormous rump a few cheeky slaps.

Even under his deep hypnosis, a fantasy scene began to play out in Chuck’s head, whereby his face was firmly implanted in between Shaun’s two mammoth sized arse cheeks, and his wet tongue was wedged firmly inside of, and filling up his eager hole. Chuck knew that if he ever managed to get his dick inside an ass that huge and muscular, it would probably only be about twenty seconds before it exploded, and he blew the most intense load inside said bodybuilder’s meat furnace.

Chuck had often wondered if there was a superpower which enabled you to cum and cum as much, and for as long, as you wanted, and just what the owner of said superpower would be called. Mr Never-Ending Orgasm perhaps? Imagining plunging his dick into the enormous sized glutes of The Irresistible Ass Man, Chuck had never wished he owned such a superpower more.

It was only when The Irresistible Ass Man had finally spun back around to face the audience, breaking the spell Chuck and, no doubt, dozens of others around him had been under, that Chuck suddenly realised the majority of the bodybuilders had now jumped into the audience.

Just a few yards away from him, The Human Road Map was standing with a group of eager spectators crowded around him. The female robotic voice was booming from his chest, giving all sorts of directions as people excitedly called out various English towns and cities and watched his crazy superpower at work.

Out of the corner of his eye, Chuck then noticed two of the bodybuilders climbing up onto the judges table. Bicycle Pump Boy was blowing up his gigantic sized biceps for the audience below him with a look of sheer pleasure on his face. Next to him, The Amazing Abs Man had thrown his arms over his head, and was crunching down on his abdominal covered midsection. He scrunched up his face, manically grinned and wrinkled his nose like a rabbit’s as he gently twisted from side to side, showing all twenty-four of his beautifully carved out tummy muscles.

Chuck watched on as sweat trickled down the muscle freak’s midsection. His dick pulsated in his pants as he imagined himself walking up to the superpower welding bodybuilder, drawing his mouth to his phenomenal, muscle exploding stomach and licking said sweat off one of his many shredded abdominals with his tongue, before licking, sucking and worshiping every inch of the muscle with his mouth, and then doing the exact same thing with the other twenty-three gorgeous and crazily developed abs bursting through the bodybuilder’s midsection.

A scene happening at the very front row brought Chuck out of his abs worship fantasy. Leaning into the aisle between him and the next block of chairs, his heart got caught in his throat when he saw exactly what had caused the commotion. People were loudly cheering and clapping as the two biggest monsters of the show, Mikey and Jackson James Jones, were working their way down the walkway, stopping at various audience members to flex and squeeze and hit various poses in front of them.

Mikey seemed to be revelling in the glory more than Jackson. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying himself more than any other bodybuilder in the posedown. Grinning from ear to ear, Mikey looked like his whole monstrous sized and insanely conditioned body was about to burst from adrenaline. As he worked his way through the audience of his adoring and cheering fans, Mikey seemed to be stopping at every person seated in the aisle of each row. Sometimes cheekily pointing at and engaing with the lucky audience member before hitting whatever pose he chose.

He cranked out a massive front lat spread with a loud, “OOOOOF,” noise in front of the man in the second row, belted out a pec erupting side chest with an outrageous grunt in front of the poor unsuspecting lady seated behind him, then crunched out an insane abs and thighs with a loud, “HREEUGGHH,” in front a young man in the fourth row, who looked to be no older than in his late teens.

As Mikey got closer to Chuck, his heart suddenly leaped into his throat. He was sitting in the aisle seat of his row. If the magnificent, sweat and tan drenched muscle God continued to stop and flex for every person seated on the aisle of each row, then it would be Chuck’s turn very soon.

Nerves and adrenaline seared through his body as the muscle freak stopped in front of the man seated in front of him. Barely a foot away, Chuck was completely blown away by the magnificent meat monster. Every body part looked even more ginormous and otherworldly close up. Each abdominal looked bigger than the size of Chuck’s fist. His frame was gigantic. His shoulders preposterous. One of his quads looked bigger than Chuck’s whole torso. And as the monster placed his right fist on his waist, and threw up his left arm, his ludicrously sized bicep muscle exploded and erupted from his upper arm like the eighth wonder of the world.

As the man in the seat in front of Chuck whooped and cheered, Mikey, with a mischievous and excited grin on his face, bought his bicep down in front of the man’s face. Chuck watched in amazement as the lucky audience member in front of him clasped the enormous bicep muscle with his hand, and everyone around the scene roared with laughter. Chuck noticed the back of the man’s neck had gone bright red. He had no idea how he was still conscious. And how he’d managed to stop from blowing a massive wad of cum in his jeans the moment his fingers made contact with Mikey‘s muscle.

And then all of Chuck’s thoughts completely drifted away. Mikey and his monstrous mass had stopped at his chair, and was now standing over him in all their magnificent glory.

Time seemed to slow down as Chuck glanced up at the muscle God, bearing down at him and meeting his eyes with a playful, cocky smirk on his face. All Chuck could see was muscle. Obscene, unapologetic, inhuman mass. Bulging and exploding from the frame of the bodybuilder before him. And then all Chuck could see was Mikey’s posers. Mikey’s gloriously mucky, shiny pink posers. One of the biggest bodybuilder’s bulges Chuck had ever seen stared back at him, fully erect and stretching out the material of one of the grubbiest, tan wrecked pairs of posers he’d ever witnessed.

Chuck wanted to pause time. To revel in this glorious, once-in-a-lifetime moment. But the 300 lbs muscle monster towering above him had other plans.


Before Chuck had time to process another thought, Mikey was squeezing out an incredible crab most muscular with all of his might, just inches away from his face; the loud roar of the muscle beast ringing in his ears.

Mikey’s traps erupted before Chuck’s eyes. Everything on the monster’s upper body tightened and expanded in size. All Chuck could see before him was a mass of freaky, flexed muscle. Perfectly sculpted and bronzed. Wrapped in tight, thin skin. Striations appearing and veins erupting in the most unlikely of places.

Mikey’s presence and power seemed to completely engulf Chuck. He could see the lucky beads of sweat glistening on the surface of the muscle. He could feel the heat and adrenaline radiating off the monster’s body. And all the time an intoxicating aroma filled the air; the powerful, masculine scent of a 300 lbs sweat and tan drenched muscle bull.

Chuck looked up at Mikey’s face, now just inches away from his. Bronzed, handsome and both masculine but strangely boyish, it was now contorted in an outrageously cocky fashion, and lit up by a manic, teeth bearing grin. Mikey’s eyes glistened as they met with Chuck’s. The glory, pleasure and undeniable power of being a superior muscle God, both torturing and treating the mere mortal before him in equal measures, was palpable to anyone witnessing the scene.

Chuck wanted to cum. He wanted to whip his cock out there and then and just splurt a massive load of muscle loving spunk over the indecent slabs of mass on the flexing bodybuilder before him. He wanted to reach out and feel the monster’s biceps, squeeze his massive tits, grab a hold of his skin splitting traps and take his trunk covered bulge in his mouth and suck on the tan covered fabric until Mikey blew a massive wad of cum through the shiny material, and into Chuck’s eager mouth.

And then Mikey stopped posing, and as soon as the moment had come, it had gone. Chuck spent the rest of the posedown on an incredible high. Adrenaline surging through his body, as he replayed the moment Mikey had squeezed a most muscular in his face over and over again.

He was still replaying the moment when Mikey, the clear crowd favourite, collected his second place trophy, to a mix of deafening cheers and boos from the audience, and a rather apologetic and guilty looking Jackson James Jones took first place. Mikey, meanwhile, still revelling in the glory of being a huge, shredded freak on a bodybuilding stage, didn’t seem to care one bit that he’d lost out to first place.

It was only with the show drawing to an end, that Chuck suddenly focused his thoughts back to the plan he’d hatched with his boyfriend Timmy Tate. While all of the other audience members left the show, Chuck would have to get back to the pump room, and back to Timmy.

Whatever might happen from that moment was difficult for Chuck to predict, but there was a fairly good chance that his boyfriend wasn’t done having his fun just yet.

To be continued...



  1. Man I can't wait for the next installment. As usual, you've got me hooked.

    1. Glad you're still enjoying it matie! ;)

  2. Hey...happy to provide a bit of inspiration......and if my love of mucky, sweaty muscle and posers results in the written words
    " There was no doubt about it; Mikey was sporting a full on boner. And now his trunks were well and truly plastered in greasy, bronzed competition tan and the sweat of the 300 lbs muscle monster wearing them."
    ...then i'm happy.
    i absolutely loved the all the sweaty, mucky muscle and aroma references!
    best part of the story my a mile! dunno who's blowing their loads more - me or chuck!
    lovin' your work as always....thanks for sharing. you've got some serious talent

    1. Thanks again for the inspiration mate! Don't know why I didn't think of the mucky thing myself cause as you know I love a pair of grubby, tan plastered trunks! Fucking loved writing those parts too! I was a bit worried I'd overdone it but reading your reaction maybe not! :)

    2. and for shear teasing quality, the following has to be some of the sexiest words written!

      “Do you think you can handle this much muscle, Pete?”, Jackson outrageously teased.

      Pete smirked and looked from 300 lbs British muscle monster Mikey Maguire to 320 lbs American beef mountain Jackson James Jones. “Fuck yeah!”, he excitedly replied.

      I can't wait to see what happens back at pete's!

  3. Chuck has got to be emotional drained, while Mickey's powers keeps his adrenaline continually flowing in that Pump Room. Just wait till Chuck tastes those luscious carved abs.

  4. OMG, who is the guy in the side bar, marked as tiny shiny blue about spunk worthy...he'd be number one on my list.

    1. That's Derek Lunsford. I included quite a few pics of him in a post a few weeks ago...


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