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OK guys, here goes with the fourth part of "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph".

Part 3 saw Mikey entering into his very first bodybuilding competition at The Annual Superpower Games; a sporting event for anyone whose superpower may give them an advantage in regular competitive sports!

Mikey met his fellow competitors backstage, all of whom have their own unique superpower, including Shaun Slater, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, whose ass is so excessively big that anyone who stares at it becomes instantly hypnotised, The Amazing Abs Man; the only bodybuilder in the world to own a twenty-four pack, The Human Road Map, whose freakishly vascular physique doubles up as a Sat Nav and Bicycle Pump Boy, who can blow up his average sized body and become a huge, shredded muscle bull by inserting a bicycle pump up his bottom.

The part ended with a surprise entry from another bodybuilder; 25 year old 320 lbs All American muscle monster Jackson James Jones. But what is his superpower, and it is even the real Jackson?

Part 3 also introduced a muscle loving gay couple called Timmy and Chuck, who have managed to sneak into the pump room as part of some kind of mysterious plan they've hatched up...

Chapter Seven

In all the years that Mikey Maguire had fantasised about stepping onto a bodybuilding stage, he’d never once considered the possibility that, waiting in line to do just that with a group of equally shredded muscle freaks after having been painted from head to foot in deep bronzed competition tan, he’d be nervous to the point where he’d feel like throwing up.

He was desperately trying not to think about the crowd of people on the other side of the curtain, sitting in the audience waiting for Mikey and his five fellow muscle freaks of assorted sizes and heights to emerge.

The most monstrous sized of those bodybuilders was stood just a few feet away from him. A bodybuilder Mikey had seen in competition videos on the Internet countless of times before, and who just so happened to be one of the biggest and most well known pros in the world; twenty-five year old All American beef mountain Jackson James Jones.

Jackson was nothing short of an absolute monster. Unlike Mikey, who just happened to look like a top five Mr Olympia competitor whenever his superpower came into force, Jackson James Jones actually was a top five Mr Olympia competitor. The man was so huge he bordered on looking like a cartoon character. Comically huge shoulders, obscenely sized pecs, thick blocky abs, insane quads, a ludicrously wide, barn door back, and one of the biggest arses on any current bodybuilder all helped to make up the monstrous mountain of muscle Jackson had the nerve to call his body. With his All American, clean cut, corn-fed looks, he also happened to be exceptionally good looking.

The jaws of pretty much everyone in the backstage area had dropped when all 320 lbs of Jackson had casually waddled into the room. Completely alone, he had not spoken a word to anyone. He’d casually taken off his tracksuit to reveal his excessively sized mass in all it’s shredded-to-fuck glory, before picking up a set of barbells and pumping up his enormous sized biceps in a mirror, completely ignoring the gawps and stares from every other person in the room.

“Do you think it’s really him?” “I wonder what his superpower is?” “If it’s not him then who the hell is it and exactly what superpower is at play here?” were just some of the questions Mikey had piled on to his friend Pete Potter and fellow competitor Shaun Slater, aka, The Irresistible Ass Man.

Both were as curious about Jackson as Mikey was, but neither of them could answer his questions for sure. “It’s most likely not the real Jackson James Jones. But who can say for sure?” Pete had pondered, before giving another few suggestions. “We could wait to see if his power emerges. Or we could always just ask him?”

Mikey wasn’t sure about Shaun or Pete, but the notion of strolling up to a world renowned 320 lbs American muscle God like Jackson James Jones, who also happened to be his favourite bodybuilder, and responsible for more of his blown loads than any other, and casually asking him what his superpower was didn’t exactly seem plausible.

“There is another way of finding out his power of course,” Shaun had said, with a raised eyebrow and a knowing, mischievous smirk directed at Pete. Mikey questioned what Shaun had meant by this, but Pete had annoyingly brushed the question aside and Mikey hadn’t probed him any further. He was curious, but if Pete didn’t want to let him in on a shared secret he had with Shaun, then he had to respect that.

As he stood in line to face the stage, Mikey’s eyes were fixated on Jackson’s monstrous lats and enormous sized bottom, now spilling out of a pair of shiny purple posers, which was trying, but failing miserably to cover up even a third of his absurdly sized rump.

What Mikey certainly hadn’t expected in that moment, was for Jackson to swivel his head around, and, whilst locking eyes with him, flash him a warm and incredibly gorgeous grin. A smile which could even be classed as bordering on flirtatious. Mikey’s heart swelled, and a rush of adrenaline surged through his freak-show worthy, gloriously bronzed body. Was Jackson a massive tease who could sense that Mikey had been drooling over him since he’d entered the pump room (was he really that obvious?), or was something else going on here?

The overwhelming increase of nerves that took over Mikey as he stepped from the pump room to the bodybuilding stage wavered, and all but seemed to disappear once he was actually standing on the stage and looking out to the sea of spectators.

He hadn’t quite braced himself for what the atmosphere of the show would be like, or what standing almost naked in nothing but shiny, micro posers, while dozens of people ogled, gawped and marvelled at him would feel like.

As he stood centre stage, barefoot with the heat of the stage lights beating down on his ludicrously wide back, the loud beats of the music filling the arena, and an audience of about hundreds cheering, clapping, jeering and gasping as they stared at his phantasmagorical physique, any nerves Mikey felt had completely vanished and been replaced by the most intense rush of adrenaline.

Drenched in deep bronzed competition tan, and under the intense lighting, Mikey knew that his body had never looked more spectacular. He was almost overwhelmed at the sight which met him every time he looked down and saw the mounds of magnificent muscle mass looking back at him. Mikey had seen his body so many times before, but somehow, in this setting, it looked even more freaky, even more alien, and even more beautiful than it ever had.

The sights he was met with as he turned to his left and right were equally spectacular and mind-blowing. On either side of him stood his fellow superpower wielding muscle freaks. The Amazing Abs Man had his arms behind his head and was crunching down on all twenty four of his crazily cut stomach muscles. The Human Road Map was standing with his hand on his hips and twisting and tensing his impressively thick and terrifyingly vascular quads, all the time looking down with a cocky smirk on his face, admiring his own freakish muscle. Bicycle Pump Boy had twisted to his side, and positioned himself into a side chest pose, his mammothly huge tits bouncing off his chest to a glorious degree and his face contorted into the most arrogant grimace. Shaun, aka, The Irresistible Ass Man was blowing up his tremendous sized, croquet ball biceps in a front double pose, his face scrunched in the cheekiest manner, as he growled through gritted teeth. And further down the line, a man who Mikey had shot multiple loads over in the comfort of his own bedroom, was top five Mr Olympia competitor Jackson James Jones, wowing the audience with his beast sized back and ridiculously huge, posing trunk devouring ass in a back lat spread.

Every single one of his fellow competitors was showing off their mass to the audience. Mikey suddenly realised that he was the only one not flexing. Instead of feeling nervous, a rush of giddy excitement shot through him, and, giving the lucky audience exactly what they wanted, he geared himself up to crank out his favourite pose. The pose he loved to hit more than any other. With an excitable grin on his face, Mikey lifted both of his arms up, and with considerable force, cranked down hard into a brutal, mass exploding crab most muscular.

Mikey was almost taken aback when the audience exploded in loud cheers in direct response to his pose. Hearing the incredible audience reaction seem to ignite something in all of the lads on stage, as every single one of them started crowding around Mikey and belting out matching crab most musculars in response, until all six freaks were hunched over with their traps exploding up to their earlobes, indulging in the ultimate bodybuilding pose; Mikey Maguire in the middle, revelling in the glory more so than any one of them.

His only wish was that he could somehow see what the audience were seeing. If only they’d erect a huge mirror at the back of the auditorium. Or at least catch the whole scene on camera and project it so that Mikey and his fellow competitors could watch themselves cranking out, flexing and tearing up the stage.

He wondered what was going on in the minds of the audience members as they stared at the six muscle freaks on stage showing off their mighty mass in their tiny, shiny posing trunks. Most of them were probably wondering just who Mikey was, where he had come from and what his superpower was. Many of them were probably fantasising about what it would be like to be as huge and monstrous as him and stand on stage, being ogled at and adored. And he was fairly sure a considerable percentage of them were currently turned on and battling huge boners in their jeans at the sight of the bronzed, shredded muscle bulls before them. He knew that his friend Pete was sitting somewhere in the audience. Maybe the man who had signed them into the venue was sitting there too, and maybe the insanely cute Tom Daley look-alike with the black specs was with him, looking on with the same look of awe he’d given Mikey earlier, his hands in his lap, desperately trying to conceal his growing hard on as a bunch of obscenely huge muscle bulls cranked out matching crab most musculars before him.

Mikey’s adrenaline didn’t waver for one single moment throughout the entire prejudging part of the show. He flexed and posed without ever feeling tired (a nifty side effect of his superpower) and soaked up every second that he spent on stage, showing off his otherworldly body.

But no moment was greater for Mikey than when he was stood in between Shaun Slater and Jackson James Jones, being cheered at by the audience in the final comparisons round. If the gawps, gasps and stares of the people in the street made Mikey feel like a freak, the show's audience reaction to him, and the two monsters either side of him made him feel like a God.

As he, Jackson and Shaun blew up their magnificent biceps to a rupture of applause, a thought raced through Mikey’s mind. What if being a bodybuilder was what he was supposed to really be? And then more thoughts flooded his mind. What if this was his destiny? To be the biggest and best superpower enabled muscle freak on the planet? To be one of the greatest bodybuilders in the history of the Annual Superpower Games? Or maybe it was his destiny to be the most worshipped muscle monster in the universe? Maybe he was supposed to go out into the world, find any and every man with a penchant for huge, shredded bodybuilders and help them fulfil their ultimate fantasies of worshipping a real life muscle bull? And what if he’d gotten his superpower wrong? What if he wasn’t a lad who could transform his ordinary sized body into a hulking mass of worship-worthy muscle whenever he liked? What if he was supposed to be a once ordinary sized man who one day transformed into a 300 lbs bodybuilder, and stayed that way forever?

Mikey was unexpectedly pulled from his thoughts when, mid way through an abs and thighs pose, with his arms around the back of his head, and his blocky abs protruding through his stomach like huge rocks trapped under his skin, he suddenly felt something alien brushing against one of his monstrously thick and ludicrously details quads.

Mikey felt like his heart had caught in his throat as he looked down to see Jackson James Jones moving his fingers up and down the crazy feathering in Mikey’s right quad.

The audience were going crazy as Mikey furiously blushed and tried to comprehend what was happening. Jackson, with the most devilish grin on his utterly gorgeous face, then went one step further and started giving Mikey’s quad a couple of playful slaps, causing Mikey’s expression to uncontrollably merge into a bashful smirk, and the bulge in his shiny black posers to pulsate with sudden force.

As Jackson moved his hand away, his eyes met with Mikey’s, and he gave him a similarly flirtatious grin to the one he had when they’d been queuing up backstage. A flustered Mikey looked down at Jackson’s enormous quads, only slightly bigger than his own, and exploding in insane detail. Should he return the playful gesture, and give one of Jackson’s alien quads a cheeky slap, he thought? Mikey considered it for a moment, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. The only muscle he’d ever touched was his own. To feel and touch the huge, shredded muscle of another freakishly sized bodybuilder was something he’d dreamed of doing for so long. It meant too much to Mikey to do it in this setting, in front of hundreds of cheering and laughing audience members.

But one thing was definite; having Jackson’s hands on his quads had felt amazing. As had the moment where their eyes had locked, and Jackson had flashed him that absurdly gorgeous, heart melting smile, and all of Mikey’s questions from earlier suddenly rose to the surface again. Was he in the presence of the real Jackson James Jones, and if not, then who the hell was this person beside him, and just exactly what incredible superpower did he possess that enabled him to morph into the body of one of the world’s best bodybuilders?


An intense and heady mix of excitement and relief consumed Chuck Carter. The hardest part of the plan he’d cooked up with his boyfriend Timmy Tate was done. It was now an almost guaranteed success. Only unforeseen circumstances that were out of their control could ruin things now.

Chuck glanced around the now empty pump room. He could hear the loud cheers and applause from the audience, who were marvelling at the six muscle freaks that had occupied this space not long before.

The plan wasn’t completely over, of course. There was still the potentially tricky task that Chuck would have to perform later that day. But for now, he could relax. He was excited for Timmy, who’d always been somewhat envious of Chuck’s admittedly better power. But Timmy was embarking on a journey of his own. Possibly the most fun journey he’d ever had with the use of his superpower.

Right now there was nothing for Chuck to do but to head out into the audience of the show and watch the kind of superhuman muscle freaks he and his boyfriend Timmy had been lusting over for years. It wouldn’t be long before he’d see his plan unfold before his eyes, and he’d see Timmy make his first ever appearance on a bodybuilding stage.


The six competitors of the world’s most bonkers bodybuilding show left the stage to an overwhelming eruption of applause and returned to the pump room. Mikey would have happily stayed on the stage for the rest of the day. The best part of prejudging had undoubtedly been the final comparisons round, where he’d been stood in between Jackson James Jones and Shaun Slater, the two most gorgeous freaks of the line up. The three of them had collectively made up the three biggest monsters on stage. After Jackson had felt up, and slapped Mikey's quads, both he and Shaun had outrageously shouted out in the cockiest manner imaginable during their final crab most muscular poses. Not to be left out, Mikey had released his own animal-like growl, much to the pleasure and amusement of the audience.

Back in the pump room, his body drenched in a mixture of sweat and bronzed competition tan, Mikey jumped when someone unexpectedly slapped him on the back.

“Good job out there, matie.”

Mikey’s stomach tightened. 320 lbs All American meat mountain Jackson James Jones was talking to him.

“Oh and sorry about the quad slapping. Couldn’t resist, big lad.”

Matie? Lad? The words sounded odd to Mikey being said in an American accent. Mikey gulped and, trying to overcome a sudden crippling shyness, muttered a simple “thanks” to Jackson, who was even more monstrous and absurdly good looking up close.

“Fuck mate! You were awesome up there!” Mikey’s friend Pete had returned to the pump room too and was now standing next to the two biggest muscle bulls in the backstage area.

“I’m Pete, by the way.” He confidently presented his hand for Jackson to shake. “Nice to meet you, Pete, mate,” Jackson said, taking his hand.

Mate? Americans don’t say mate, Mikey thought.

He couldn’t help but notice the slight flirtation in the grin Jackson was giving Pete, but it didn’t seem quite as blatant as the ones he’d given Mikey.

“This is my buddie, Mikey,” Pete said, before suddenly panicking and correcting himself. “Oh shit. I mean…erm…this is Jackson.” Ironically, Mikey was more embarrassed about Jackson knowing the pseudonym he’d created on impulse that morning, inspired by the very man standing before him, than he was about him knowing his real name.

Jackson looked at Mikey with a mischievous smirk and his left eyebrow playfully raised. “Jackson, huh?” he teased. “It’s ummm…just a stage name,” Mikey bashfully replied.

Jackson nodded. “Interesting stage name,” he said, still cheekily smirking. “Well, Jackson, I have to say; I think I prefer the name Mikey. It suits you better,” he said. Mikey’s pounding heart was expanding in his chest. There was now very little doubt left in his head about what was happening. Jackson James Jones was flirting was him. The Jackson James Jones.

“So, Mikey,” he began. “I’ve got to ask…what’s your superpower?”

“OK, guys, twenty minutes before finals start,” came a loud voice, saving Mikey, who had been completely taken aback by Jackson’s bold question.

“Mikey, erm…Jackson…you better change into your second posers,” Pete said, further saving Mikey the task of answering Jackson’s question.

But Mikey wasn’t quite as scared at the prospect of answering Jackson’s question as he thought he’d be. In fact, he found himself wondering whether it would actually be such a bad thing to reveal his superpower? If any of the bodybuilders or audience members who’d seen him that day were to see him out and about in his regular sized body, and recognised his face, they’d discover his secret anyway. And Pete had already told him that there were no reports or photos from the Superpower Games. What if his power impressed Jackson as much as it had Pete those few months ago? And what if, by revealing his power, it led Jackson to reveal his own mysterious power and, even his real identity. Both of which Mikey was now dying to know more then ever.

“See you back on stage, Mikey, mate,” Jackson said. “Oh and, can I give you a friendly tip, bud?”

Surprised at Jackson's question, Mikey replied, “Sure,” intrigued as to what wisdom the gorgeous and flirtatious 320 lbs muscle God before him was about to impart.

“Well, your posing is awesome. But don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with it,” Jackson replied. “You know…be a bit cocky. Crank up the ‘tude a bit.” Mikey smirked at the irony of Jackson’s suggestion. He was no stranger to being cocky with his posing when he was alone in his bedroom. Somehow during prejudging though, Mikey had been so overwhelmed with the experience that he hadn’t really thought to display the same kind of attitude, other than with his final crab most muscular during the last comparisons round, when he’d been spurred on by Shaun and Jackson. He wasn’t sure he’d be quite as cocky as he usually was at home, it was his first ever show after all, but he was determined to take Jackson’s advice when he headed out for the finals.

“Good advice mate. Thanks!” Mikey delivered, blushing.

As Jackson left Mikey and Pete alone, Mikey couldn’t help but wonder; if he wasn’t the real Jackson James Jones, could he be a gay muscle loving impostor, just as crazily turned on by muscle as he was, and eager to get his muscle worshipping hands on some serious muscle? Mikey’s head was spinning with possibilities. He had to know if he was in the presence of the real Jackson James Jones or not.

As Pete wrapped a towel around Mikey, and he changed from his shiny black prejudging trunks into the insanely shiny, bright pink posers he’d bought from the “Muscle World” store the day he’d met Pete, Mikey began to hatch a plan in his head.

He wasn’t sure whether it was because he’d been squeezed into his shiny black trunks for a good few hours, but Mikey couldn’t help thinking that his pink trunks felt slightly different than normal. But his mind was too preoccupied with the new idea that was suddenly invading his thoughts.

“Pete, mate,” the now pink posing trunk sporting Mikey began. “Random question but…do you know how I can find someone working for the show?”

“Ummm…I’m sure we’ll be able to find someone if we ask around,” Pete said suspiciously. “Why dude? What are you up to?”

Mikey mischievously and teasingly grinned at Pete, and replied to his question with the same teasing words his friend had used earlier that day when Mikey had quizzed him about the other competitors from the show.

“You’ll see.”

Chuck Carter had been to over twenty bodybuilding shows. Most of those he’d attended with the use of his superpower. Some of them he’d attended without the use of his power, but had then used it during the show to have some extra fun.

During some of the shows Chuck had gone backstage, enabling him to get close to the thing that turned him on more than anything else in the world; huge, shredded, competition conditioned muscle freaks in tiny, colourful posing trunks. In moments where he was feeling particularly adventurous, he’d even managed to get on stage with some of the freaks at certain competitions.

He’d been to the world biggest bodybuilding competitions and seen the most monstrous freaks in the business. But no show was more exciting, more fun, or more unpredictable than the bodybuilding competition at the Annual Superpower Games.

He’d been to the show three years running with his boyfriend Timmy, who was just as equally turned on by otherworldly muscle as Chuck was. This year’s event, though, was a show of many firsts. It was the first time Chuck had sat in the audience alone, and it was the first time Timmy would experience what it felt like to be on a bodybuilding stage.

Finals was under way, and the bodybuilders were coming out one by one to perform their posing routines. The Amazing Abs Man had wowed everyone with his crazy, beautiful midsection, The Human Road Map had entertained the crowd by demonstrating his crazy superpower mid-routine, and Bicycle Pump Boy had torn up the stage displaying the most outrageously cocky attitude conceivable. But there was one particular bodybuilder Chuck was looking forward to seeing more than the rest.

“Our next competitor has changed his stage name,” the show’s commentator mysteriously announced. “The bodybuilder formerly known as Jackson Potter will now be known as Mikey M.”

Chuck’s stomach filled with excitement at the announcement of the next competitor, while the crowd had erupted with cheers. He was curious as to the sudden change of name though. Maybe it was because another certain Jackson, the one and only Jackson James Jones, had made a last minute surprise entry into the competition.

Bracing himself for the entrance of the obscenely monstrous muscle freak he’d followed into the pump room that morning, Chuck’s heart got caught in this throat when a perfectly ordinary sized, slim built man in a pair of the most magnificent, shiny pink posing trunks rather sheepishly strolled out instead.

The whole audience seemed to simultaneously cry out gasps, followed by muttering and whispering, which grew louder and louder as the non-muscular, bronzed competition covered man walked to the front of the stage. It was undoubtedly the same guy he’d seen before. His cute, slightly goofy looking face was the same, but he was no longer a 320 lbs muscle monster.

As the posing music started, a nervous looking Mikey nee Jackson Potter, lifted up both of his arms into a front double bicep pose. The crowd erupted with laughter and cheers at the sight of the ordinary sized man flexing on stage. Where not long before sat two enormous balls of bronzed muscle bulging off the young man’s upper arms, were two limp, slightly risen mounds of muscle of a man who looked like he’d barely set foot in a gym in his entire life.

The crowd reaction seemed to ease Mikey’s nerves a little, and a hint of a grin began to emerge. Meanwhile, Chuck couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He had no idea what was unfolding, but it was both completely bonkers, and hugely entertaining. He was also uncontrollably smirking at the sight of those insanely hot, shiny pink posing trunks. The bulge of which was already covered in Mikey’s bronzed competition tan, where it had rubbed against his inner thigh, in the most gloriously mucky fashion.

Mikey continued to hit a few more poses, including a comical crab most muscular. This seemed to ignite something in Mikey, who was now smiling broadly, and clearly enjoying the brilliant audience reaction. He hit another crab most muscular, this time with his face contorted into an arrogant scrunch, making the whole scene even more comical.

Mikey then put his hands on his hips, looked down at his own physique, shook his head and animatedly wagged his right index finger at the audience as if to say, “Nope…this won’t do.”

As Mikey lifted his right arm up so it was level with his shoulder blades, and then did the same with his left, Chuck braced himself for the hugely endearing non-muscular lad on stage to crank out another comical crab most muscular. But something else happened instead.

Every single one of Mikey’s body parts erupted, expanded and grew until Chuck, and the rest of the audience were, once again, staring at a 300 lbs, excessively sized, indecently shredded muscle bull. Everyone gasped and cheered as the now monstrous Mikey bought both of his arms down, and cranked into a brutal crab most muscular. His mouth wide open, and the loudest and cockiest growl filling up the theatre.

It was the most bonkers, most amazing and immensely horny thing Chuck had ever witnessed at any bodybuilding show he’d attended. It was also the greatest superpower he’d seen in action yet.

What followed was the most entertaining posing routine Chuck had ever sat through. Clearly spawned on by the audience, the newly transformed 300 lbs muscle monster version of Mikey stomped and strutted his way around the stage, pulling some of the most animated, playful and cockiest facial expressions of any bodybuilder Chuck had known. He’d literally never seen a bodybuilder having more fun on stage.

The audience went absolutely nuts as Mikey wobbled his crazily detailed quads, wiggled his enormous sized bottom, cheekily jigged along to his posing music and stomped from side to side, pointing at different corners of the crowd before cranking out the most obscene most musculars. Some of which Mikey hit with his mouth arrogantly wide open, some with his face scrunched up and his tongue sticking out, some with manic, crazy head wobbles, and others whilst indulging in various other over the top cocky moves and facial expressions.

Mikey even jumped into the audience at one point and started flexing amongst the regular, non muscle freaks who were gawping and cheering at his magnificent display of incredibly cocky muscle posing. But Chuck’s favourite moment came when Mikey shamelessly squatted down, and tucked the back of his mucky tan stained posing trunks right into the crack of his gigantic sized rump, so that they were completely gobbled up by his big greedy glutes.

He may not have been the biggest bodybuilder in the competition, but there was no mistake; Mikey, the man who had the power to transform his slim built, perfectly ordinary body into a hulking mass of God-like muscle was the absolute star of this year’s show.

As Mikey finally departed the stage (he stopped three times to crank out three massive crab most musculars accompanied by with loud grunts, growls and shouts on his way backstage), Chuck, along with the rest of the audience, sat in complete awe and amazement at what they’d just seen. It had been the greatest five minutes of any bodybuilding show Chuck had ever sat through, and as he waited for the next competitor to emerge, his whole body was tingling with a euphoric happiness at one thought only; how much fun his boyfriend Timmy must be having right at this very moment.

To be continued...

COMING UP IN PART 5: Jackson accepts an interesting invitation from Mikey and Pete. Plus, all the competitors partake in the final posedown!


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  2. Hey Anonymous. I don't know the author of that blog but it looks like he's set it to "Private", where you choose who you want to view the blog by giving their email addresses and no one else can see it.

  3. Mate. It gets more exciting and intriguing with every paragraph! Not to mention the horny as fuck descriptions you write, that always strike a chord of recognition when I'm ogling a gorgeous brute of a muscle bull cranking it out in a real life muscle contest! I think I've decided on what I believe Chuck's and Timmy's superpowers are but as yet, will keep it to myself. Brilliant MA!...keep it coming!


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