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Following on from last month's "July Muscle Madness" post, it's time for a similar type of post featuring some of my favourite muscle pics and videos from the past few weeks.

Featured in this month's collection...utterly monstrous Aussie muscle mountain Joshua Lenartowicz looking NUTS at the Tampa Bay Pro, NPC USA and Tampa Bay 212 class winner Derek Lunsford, who went from being an amateur bodybuilder to Olympia qualifier in a week, and who also happens to be handsome, shredded and a cocky as fuck poser to boot, a bearded James Flex Lewis (why the FUCK does Flex look so hot with a beard?!), Regan Grimes doing his up most best to be labelled the best, most shredded and all out hottest young bodybuilder from Canada (hmmm...not sure what Mr Bumstead would have to say about that!) and a truck load of other once regular sized lads who've dedicated their lives to try and get as huge, jacked and muscular as they possibly can!

Thank you to everyone who has offered me their awesome and lovely feedback for my "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph" story. I'm not even half way through yet so lots more to come! Here are some links to the first three parts for anyone who hasn't had a chance to read it yet, and wishes to do so...



Who needs posing trunks when you've got socks? Hmmm. Sorry mate - not sure your new idea of wearing socks instead of posers will go down too well with the judges. It could make a fun show to watch though.


Quick! Someone help Josh - he's about to explode!! FAAAAWWKK!!


Shitting fucking buggering HELL!! Regan's physique literally looks it's made out of marble! Etched and chiselled to absolute perfection!



Fun fact: Pat Lee likes the blog. How bloody awesome is that?



FUCKING HELL!! LOOK AT JOSH! Just an obscene amount of BEEF packed on to that frame. HUGE quads, gorgeous teardrops, crazy delts, just so much mass EVERYWHERE!! God I love it!

This is the aforementioned Derek Lunsford! Peeled, stacked, a little bit gorgeous and a LOT fucking cocky. Oh and I love those itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, shiny blue posing trunks (made by the excellent Muscle Potential).

Exceedingly sexy American almost daddy Matt Kuoba perfecting the abs and thighs with face scrunched to buggery/nose wrinkled up like a rabbit's pose (hehe)!

Don't mind us - just fucking grab that big ass of yours (cheeky bleeder)! Is it just me or are posing trunk straps getting THINNER?! Slurp!

Another fun fact: Muscle Potential also like the blog (especially my posing trunk posts). OK now I'm just showing off.

Dear Mr Flex,

Never ever ever ever EVER shave that beard. Ger-UFF!

Does Derek EVER crank out a crab most muscular with his gob closed?!

Fuck!! Have you ever seen a corridor before filled with so much BEEF?! Just keep those elbows away from the walls lads. You'll get them covered in muck!

Shall we take that as a NO then Derek?!

WHY do I love that you can see how pale the sole of this guy's foot is compared to the rest of him?!

DAMN! Did you leave enough bum for the rest of us mate?!

Remember this cute little spunkster from my last post? GOD he's adorable. I love how hot and shiny those posers look even though the pic is black and white!

This is Malcolm. He works in IT middle management. He's a lovely, friendly, mild mannered sort of chap. Until it gets to the weekend...when Malcolm strips to his posing trunks, slaps on a tub load of tan and stomps about cranking and squeezing his indecently roided, nasty-as-hell BEEF to anyone he comes into contact with. FUCK YEAH MALCOLM!!

This lad is not the biggest, best conditioned or even best looking bodybuilder *but* there's something just obscenely HORNY about him. I think it's the fact that he's just fucking CAKED himself in slop. I mean he's *really* gone to town with the tan. Those sticky red trunks just don't stand a fucking CHANCE do they? You can already see the straps have gotten mucky. Can you imagine him peeling those little red fuckers down his shredded quads, and just dangling them in the air in front of him, just drenched in tan, sweat, oil and slop?!

I'm sure there's a pumped bicep, a freaky lat and even a cute looking face here somewhere but all I see is a thick wall of ASS!! DAMN!!

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one bald as fuck, hard-bodied, grizzly working class British daddy and get a younger, also bald, roided-to-fuck, cheeky looking Brit lad for FREE!

If you stay sideways Josh you *might* just get through that doorway. Can't make any promises though!


Sorry to break it to you love but your boyfriend is SO checking out that guy's ass (and who the bloody hell can blame him?)!

Bald dude in the blue doing his very best impression of the Bicycle Pump Boy character from my Mikey story! OOOOOF!!

It might be my childish sense of humour but this picture fucking cracks me up! I think it's the non-impressed expression on the monkey's face, and the way he's looking at him as if to say, "Who the fuck is *this* douchebag?"


Behold, a demi muscle God amongst mere mortals...

Is it just me or does this guy have striations in his fucking head?!

I LOVE THESE TEENIE TINY POSERS!! I wanna pair for myself!

A face that cute should NOT have quads that huge, shredded and nasty!

Holy golden posers Batman! Wouldn't mind a pair of these glittery bad boys either!

Don't mind us mate! Just fucking SHOVE that big silver sparkly posing trunk clad ass right in the air!

Cute and Cuter!

Just a perfectly normal day on the Central Line. Newspapers sprawled on the seats. Some geezer reading The Guardian. A topless, jacked up, gorgeous-as-fuck muscle boy down on one knee flexing his gloriously pumped biceps!

You don't get *this* on Brighton beach (you don't even get bloody sand)!

JEEEEEZUS!! How much bum do you want mate?! This roided up muscle bull picked the largest sized posing trunks in the shop and they *still* only cover up a third of his ginormous sized rump!

Bored of cheeky/handsome/shredded Derek Lunsford yet?! TOUGH SHIT!


I REALLY do fucking want those posers (fetches credit card and hops on to the Muscle Potential website)!

I've always said there should be some sort of Juniour Mr Olympia contest for guys under 22/23. The winner gets a pro card and instant qualification for the real Mr Olympia. Pretty sure this lad would be a top contender for the title (FUCK)!

Thumbs up if you're gonna go back to your hotel room after the show and blow a massive load in your shiny colourful posing trunks!



Fucking crank that shit Josh!

Who doesn't love a bit of old school muscle? 90's mass monsters (and absolute fucking legends) Jean-Pierre and Nasser!

GOD I LOVE THIS VID!! American bodybuilder Matt Kuoba (featured above in some of the stage/backstage shots) who's a bit of a handsome bugger, flexing in his kitchen; deliciously tanned, jacked to shit and just all round hot as fuck!

A post shared by Matt Kouba (@mattkouba) on

Check out that cheeky (and bloody gorgeous!) muscle monkey Regan Grimes pumping out some mental most musculars for the camera!

And here's that uber-monster Josh cranking out and flexing that indecent MASS in action (FAAAWWWKK!!)...

This vid is fucking bonkers!! Brad Rowe ringing out the sweat from his vest on to the gym floor (health and safety much?! Hope he fetched a mop afterwards)! Outrageous, mad, and just fucking obscene! Plus...LOOK AT DEM QUADS!!

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And finally...a video of everyone's favourite Welsh muscle freak! James Flex Lewis rocking the stage whilst looking outrageously sexy and all sorts of woof worthy with his beard while displaying some serious 'tude, and just looking all round fucking NUTS!! Is there ANY muscle fan on this Earth who *doesn't* love Flex?!

And just for fun, which bodybuilder(s) did you like the most from this post? Let me know in the poll below. I've only included the guys who are featured the most, but also added an "other" option...


  1. Well MATE. IT'S SATURDAY morning and the crap British summer weather is continuing with that familiar drizzle! So, what a great time to publish this kaleidoscope of the hottest of hot muscle! I decided to make it even more of a special occasion by shoving my trusty butt plug up my bum, thus doubling my pleasure as it nicely massages my cum button. I can tell you, there is some seriously sexy muscle bulls and Josh L and Regan G must be really doing it for you as their sensational bods are scattered throughout this muscle album. Great also to see a few baldy brit daddies too! They really get me precumiming and ultra aroused. But, great also to see the young muscle 'spunkster' making a second appearance after you published a pic of him last time, grinning cutely with them slightly bucked teethed choppers! But MA what made me lose my load was a rather low key pic of two fellas holding their medals with a Canadian maple leaf emblazened on them! Bet you can guess which one I was concentrating on too...yep, the silver beardy bemuscled grandpa! Fuuuuccckkkk! What a totally spunkalicious pensioner he is! Obviously hes spending his pension on roiding rather than pipe, slippers or SAGA holidays. What I'd give to ejaculate all over his tasty abs n pecs! Lastly, yes, I agree!...never ever ever shave off that beard JAMES FLEX LEXIS!

    1. See mate, this is one of the things I love about putting together these types of posts. You never know what pic people will pick out or mention, or guys will be popular! Take that cocky bugger Derek Lunsford and his teenie weenie, slurp-tastic Muscle Potential posers. He's a newbie to me and the blog, and I wasn't sure how popular he'd be, and he currently has the 2nd most votes in the poll, even above Josh Lenartowicz who I thought was gonna be the runaway favourite!

  2. Who is the delicious, young, stunning contest tanned stallion in the hotel room with just the cock sock. Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Hey Anonymous - that's a guy called Ross Flanigan!

  3. Great post! Derek is going to do great in the 212!

  4. Great post for sure! Regan Grimes is turning into a favorite of mine. But, all the men are gorgeous in this post, and don't know who to pay attention more to. Damn, but I'm horned up!


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