Sunday, 30 July 2017


OK here goes with part three of "Mikey The Human Muscle Morph"; my story about a guy who discovers he has a superpower which enables him to transform into a 300 lbs bodybuilder whenever he likes (can you bloody imagine?)!

The last part saw Mikey unleashing his muscle monster body to the public for the very first time (cue lots of shocked gawps and stares) and then purchasing his first pair of posing trunks (bright, shiny and pink!) from a shop called "Muscle World". He then confessed to the rather sexy and impressively muscled shop assistant Pete what his power is. Pete then told Mikey he knew of a way he could compete in a bodybuilding show!

This part is the beginning of Part II, which introduces a number of new characters and sees Mikey entering into his first (rather different!) bodybuilding show in the company of Pete, and meeting all of his fellow competitors backstage. All of whom have their own unique superpower.

It also introduces a muscle loving gay couple called Timmy and Chuck, who are attending Mikey's show, and who, with the use of their own superpowers, seem to be hatching some kind of plan!


Chapter Five

"Sport?” the man behind the table asked in a bored tone, without looking up.

Mikey Maguire felt himself blushing. For some reason, he couldn't quite bring himself to say the word out loud. It was up to the man to Mikey's right to rescue him.

"Bodybuilding," Pete Potter confidently replied. Mikey flashed Pete a sheepish and appreciative grin and Pete cheekily smiled in response. Pete was the only person who knew how nervous Mikey was feeling at that moment. He was also the only person who knew what Mikey's superpower was.

"Name?" the man behind the desk asked.

Mikey panicked and desperately looked at Pete for help.

"You don't have to give your real name," the man said in an abrupt, impatient manner.

"Ummm. Jackson," Mikey replied. Jackson was the first name of Mikey's favourite bodybuilder. "Jackson..." he paused and looked at his friend for inspiration. "Potter?"

Pete looked at him wide eyed and grinned in amusement that Mikey had used his last name as his new moniker. It was the only surname Mikey could think of in a panic, save for the surname belonging to the real Jackson.

The man behind the desk raised one eyebrow as he wrote down and repeated Mikey's newly invented pseudonym; "Jackson Potter."

As he did so, Mikey suddenly became aware of another set of eyes on him. He looked over to the desk next to theirs. Sitting down was a very cute Tom Daley look-alike with flushed rosy cheeks, auburn hair and glasses with black plastic frames. He was staring at Mikey with a sense of awe and slight intimidation. It was a look he’d become accustomed to seeing since he’d started venturing out in public in his 300 lbs muscle monster form. As their eyes met, the Tom Daley look-alike quickly looked away.

"You have your competition tan?" the man sitting in front of him asked, still not looking up from a sheet he was scribbling on at his desk. Mikey wished he’d chosen the next queue over and signed in with the adorably cute Tom Daley look-alike instead of the rather rude, hard-faced individual before him.

"Yep," Mikey replied, as some of his nerves gave way to excitement.

"You have your posing trunks?"

Mikey blushed at the thought of his beloved bright pink posing trunks sitting in the holdall that was thrown over one of his enormous sized shoulders. The same posing trunks he'd bought when he’d first met the handsome, thickly muscled man to his right.

"Yep," he replied, more meekly. He could feel Pete’s eyes burning into him, but he didn't dare to look in his direction.

"OK. Here's your pass," the hard-faced man said. As he handed a plastic wallet tied to a neck brace to the 300 lbs muscle mountain towering above him and looked up for the first time, his expression suddenly transformed into that of shock and fear. It was another expression Mikey Maguire was more than familiar with. He'd seen it so many times when people were faced with the sight of his freak show worthy physique for the first time, and he never failed to get a kick out of causing it.

"Bodybuilding is taking place in Arena C. Just to the left there and straight on," the man continued, his voice suddenly meek and wobbly, and his expression a mix of intimidation and awe.

Mikey felt a sudden surge of confidence at the reaction of the man at the desk. "Thanks, buddy," he said brightly, with a mischievous grin. As and he Pete walked away to let the person next in queue sign in, they exchanged amused grins at the reaction of the guy they'd just left. Pete almost got as big of a kick out of seeing people's reactions to Mikey as the man himself did.

He turned his head and noticed that the impossibly cute Tom Daley look-alike was still watching him through his black framed spectacles. He would have loved to have walked up to him, whipped off his jacket and cranked a brutal crab most muscular in his adorable, awe-stricken face. Instead, Mikey just shot him a quick, bashful smile and turned away.

As he and Pete walked through the busy crowds filling up the large venue, Mikey looked down at his pass. The words "ANNUAL SUPERPOWER GAMES" in bold letters stared back at him. And just underneath sat the word he, despite having 300 lbs of thick, shredded muscle bulging off of his frame, hadn't been able to bring himself to say out loud just minutes earlier; "BODYBUILDING".

Mikey Maguire's heart swelled with excitement. He was finally about to compete in a bodybuilding show.


"Mmmmm." Timmy Tate sunk his face into his boyfriend's bare shoulder blade. "How about we just stay here all day?" he asked.

"Awwww. Babycakes. You're not still nervous?" his boyfriend Chuck Carter asked, barely lifting his head off his pillow.

"A little," Timmy replied. He was, of course, lying. Timmy Tate was extremely nervous.

"You'll be fine. We'll be fine. I'll be right there with you. Though not having half as much as fun," Chuck replied, with a playful faux bitterness.

With his face still sunk into his boyfriend's shoulder, Timmy smiled. "This is true. You'll be having your own fun though."

"This is also true," Chuck replied.

"You have enough fun with your superpower for the both of us," Timmy said, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend’s waist under the duvet.

"I’m just worried it won’t be as...good as I think it's gonna be though," Timmy added.

"Yeah right! Babycakes, you're gonna be in your element. Your own, special, kinky little element," Chuck replied.

Timmy chortled, and as he thought about the events of the day ahead, his dick, which was pressed against his boyfriend’s bare bum cheeks, started to swell.

"Mmmmm," Chuck said in response. "Someone’s excited."

"Just thinking about what I'll be doing in about...six hours from now."

"And here I was thinking it was my irresistible, sexy body turning you on," Chuck joked.

Timmy laughed. "Well...your body IS quite sexy. In its own special way."

"What a charmer you are! I'm not sure you'll be saying THAT after the bodies we’ll get to see today," Chuck said.

Timmy's dick swelled even more at the thought of those very bodies.

"So, babycakes," Chuck began, "shall we go over the plan one last time?"


Mikey Maguire looked around the packed venue. There were people of all shapes and sizes in various attires.

"So all of the people here have superpowers?" he asked his friend Pete Potter.

"Yep," he replied. "Well, every one competing in a sport at least. I'm not too sure about the people who work here."

"And how many guys compete in the...bodybuilding show?" Mikey asked, blushing slightly at the penultimate word of his question.

"Oh you can say that word out loud then?" Pete teased, with a devilish grin. "Not many. Usually about five or six guys."

"And it's the same guys every year?" Mikey asked.

"Normally, yeah. Though there's often at least one or two newbies. I doubt any of them will get tongues wagging as much as you will though."

Mikey suddenly felt a jolt of panic. He'd spent years secretly transforming his ordinary sized body into the superhuman muscle monster version he embodied that day in his bedroom.  He hadn't dared tell anyone what his superpower was. Not until he'd met Pete in the bodybuilding store he worked at in central London about three months earlier.

Pete was a part time personal trainer and had been lifting since his teenage years. He'd even competed in a few junior categories of bodybuilding shows in his youth.

Being an avid follower of the sport, he knew the names of all the top professional bodybuilders. So when Mikey walked into the bodybuilding store he worked at that day, he knew that a bodybuilder as utterly monstrous as Mikey was, who he'd never even heard of before, would have only attained such a physique with the use of a superpower.

When Mikey had all but revealed his desire to compete in a bodybuilding show, Pete had excitedly informed him that every year, a huge sporting event secretly takes place in London, for anyone with a superpower, which might give them an unfair advantage over other competitors in normal sporting events, to enter. An event which, amongst a variety of other sports, including a bodybuilding competition. It was this very sporting event that Pete and Mikey had found themselves at that day.

Since their first encounter, Mikey and Pete had struck up a friendship. Being a former bodybuilder, Pete had offered to help Mikey with his posing, though he was surprised at just how little help Mikey needed, especially given that he'd never competed in a show before.

During their first posing class, Mikey had explained to Pete that his ability to flex and pose with the precision of a professional bodybuilder was something which had come with his unique superpower.

Still, as Pete and Mikey had struck up something of a special bond, they continued to spend time together. Pete was the only person who knew about Mikey's power. He was also the only person who had seen Mikey in both his regular, and bodybuilder self. And so far, Pete was the only person who'd seen him transition from one version to the other; something which never failed to both amaze and entertain him.

"Relax," Pete told Mikey, sensing his anxiety. "What happens in this venue does not leave those doors. No press. No reports. No cameras remember?"

"Right,", Mikey said, relaxing a little. "So, who exactly am I gonna be competing against?" he asked.

Pete flashed Mikey one of his mischievous grins. "You'll see."

Mikey and Pete suddenly came to some double doors with the words "ARENA C" written above.

"Well, this is us," Pete said. "You ready to do this, big man?"

Mikey's stomach flipped with nerves. He had no idea who, or what, was waiting for him behind those doors. He took a deep breath and turned to his handsome, thickly muscled, former competitive bodybuilding friend. "I'm ready."


"Aaaand we're in."

Chuck Carter stood at the entrance of the packed venue looking around. People were queueing up and being handed passes for various sporting events.

So far he hadn't spotted any abnormally sized, or freakishly built men. Of course, he knew that didn't necessarily mean that none of them were preparing to slip into a pair of posing trunks and step on stage to squeeze and flex their indecent mass at the most unique bodybuilding show on the planet.

As Chuck glanced around and took in the atmosphere of the venue, he suddenly realised he faced a dilemma. He had no absolutely no idea where this bodybuilding competition was taking place. It wasn't like he could exactly just walk up to someone and ask them either.

He'd just have to wander around, hoping to spot or overhear something that would give him some kind of clue.

"Now where the hell is this bodybuilding show?" Chuck quietly muttered under his breath.

And with that, he suddenly clocked a figure who he knew, without any doubt, would lead him to the show.

He didn't mean to gasp quite so loud, causing a woman in front of him to suddenly turn around to look in his direction, but Chuck couldn't quite comprehend the image of the man he'd suddenly spotted a few yards ahead of them.

Although he could only see him from the back, the man in question was an absolute monster. A ridiculously huge barn door back, which looked like it belonged to a top professional bodybuilder, cried out for attention. The guy was as wide as a brick shit house. The man standing next to him was considerably muscular too, though he was dwarfed by his enormous sized companion.

"Jeeeesus Christ," Chuck whispered. "Who the fuck is THAT?"

As the two muscular men walked further away, Chuck began to follow.

"Here we go, babycakes," he whispered.

Chapter Six

Mikey’s heart was pounding in his chest as he approached the backstage area of his very first bodybuilding competition. Having Pete by his side was a massive comfort to him. He was desperately trying not to think about the fact that at some point very soon, when it was time to step on stage, his friend would no longer be there by his side.

Any nerves that he was experiencing seemed to vanish when he and Pete stepped inside the pump room, and Mikey got his first ever glimpse of outrageously sized, competition conditioned, freakishly shredded muscle that wasn’t attached to his body.

Amongst the ten or so people in the pump room, Mikey spotted at least three of his fellow competitors. A tallish, dark haired, handsome man who was covered up in a black tracksuit was standing talking to another, fairly muscular guy. He definitely wasn’t in the same mass monster category of bodybuilders as the transformed Mikey was, but his bigger than average build, and extremely bronzed complexion were enough clues to let Mikey know that’d be soon be sharing the bodybuilding stage with him. What was hiding under the man’s tracksuit, and what his exact superpower was, were both completely unknown to Mikey at that point.

A few meters away, a topless man was standing with his back to Mikey. His arms were outstretched as a pair of gloved hands belonging to another man standing in front of him worked their way across his abnormally sized body parts, applying the bodybuilder in question with a coat of bronzed competition tan.

This guy wasn’t exactly in monster territory either, but his frame was still bulging with thick slabs of overdeveloped beef. His outstretched arms looked indecently big, his shoulders were made up of thick mounds of boulder like muscle and his pumped lats were peeking out like little wings attached to his back. He even had a splattering of thin, wiry veins spread across said back. Mikey had never seen a bodybuilder with such freakish vascularity on that area of his body before. He still had his track pants on, but even through the material, the man’s arse cheeks looked outrageously sized and developed.

Mikey’s cock made a sharp jolting movement as he noticed the shiny, ruby red material of the bodybuilder’s posing trunks, teasingly peeking out of the top of the waistband of his trousers. He was sure that with an arse like that, most of the material of the trunks was probably buried deep inside the canyon separating his oversized glutes.

But no sight was more surreal, alarming, or overwhelmingly arousing to Mikey than that of the third competitor in the room.

Pumping up his ridiculously sized biceps with a set of barbells in nothing but a pair of the nastiest lime green posers was, by far, Mikey’s biggest rival yet. And, undoubtedly, in Mikey’s eyes at least, the hottest bodybuilder in the room.

His round, watermelon shaped shoulders bulged off his ridiculously broad frame on either side. His thick, balloon-like pecs bulged from his chest and twitched with every rep of his set. His abs were thick and wonky shaped, and ever so slightly protruded from his stomach, giving him a very slight turtle shell-like gut.

He was also incredibly sexy in the looks department too. A set of big blue eyes complimented his strong square jaw. He was undeniably British, and wouldn’t have looked too out of place on the set of some trashy reality TV show, giving it large with the lads in Ibiza. The front of his auburn hair was perfectly styled into a trendy quiff, and a pair of round baby blue earrings sat in both ears. And his pretty boy looks were all brilliantly contrasted with the obscenely pumped slabs of muscle bulging off his frame in every imaginable direction.

Mid rep, the inexplicably hot bodybuilder suddenly noticed Mikey looking at him. His eyes widened and he immediately put down his barbells. Mikey’s stomach gambolled when he realised that the bodybuilder was suddenly bouncing towards him at a considerable pace, with a look of excitement on his face.

“PETE! MATIE!” he exclaimed loudly as he approached the pair. Mikey’s heart had practically leaped into his throat as the absurdly hot bodybuilder was now mere inches away from him, enjoying a friendly embrace with the man to his right. A man he was clearly very well acquainted with.

“Shaun, mate! Looking good there, big fella,” Pete said.

Up close, the man Mikey now knew as Pete’s friend Shaun looked even more excruciatingly sexy and freakishly muscular. Mikey literally couldn’t stop staring at his massive tits and enormous biceps.

“Is this the guy?” Shaun Slater asked Pete, pointing and looking at Mikey. Mikey was frozen to the spot. “Yep,” Pete said proudly. “FUCK! You weren’t kidding,” he said, as his eyes moved up and down, taking in Mikey’s enormous tracksuit covered frame.

Mikey suddenly felt a sharp pull in his chest. Had Pete told Shaun about him? He had promised Mikey that he wouldn’t tell anyone about his superpower.

“This is him,” Pete replied, with a sense of pride. Noticing the anxious and confused look that Mikey was now giving Pete, Shaun suddenly spoke. “Oh, don’t worry, mate. Pete didn’t tell me what your superpower was. He just said he was excited for me to meet you cause you’re such a fucking monster. And you really bloody are.”

Mikey felt guilty that he’d doubted Pete’s loyalty, but it was overridden by the heady rush he was experiencing in the knowledge that a gorgeous muscle bull like Shaun Slater was in awe of him. “Man,” Shaun started, leering at Mikey’s enormous frame once more, “I can’t wait to flex it up with you in the posedown.”

Mikey grinned at Shaun uncontrollably and his hard on juddered furiously at the mere thought of he and Shaun flexing together on stage. Maybe they’d even get to squeeze out a head to head most muscular? He wasn’t even going to bother worrying about the fact that both pairs of posers he’d bought were undoubtedly going to be continuously stretched out by his huge boners on stage. To do so felt absolutely pointless.

Even though Shaun was a genuine beast, Mikey couldn’t help noticing that, he was in fact the biggest of the two of them. While Mikey’s physique was worthy of a top five placing at the Mr Olympia, Shaun looked more like a super heavyweight amateur bodybuilder on the verge of turning pro.

“How’s the turnout this year?” Pete asked Shaun. “Not bad, mate,” he replied. “The abs guy’s back again.”

Just at that moment, the tall, handsome guy Mikey had spotted earlier who’d been completely covered up by his tracksuit was removing his jacket. All three lads were now staring at the man, but none were quite as shocked as Mikey at what they saw.

Although he was no match for Mikey and Shaun size wise, the bodybuilder was shockingly shredded all over. With his razor sharp cuts and dick thin skin, the man looked barely human. But it wasn’t his insane conditioning that made Mikey physically gasp. It was the guy’s midsection.

He didn’t just have a six pack. He didn’t even have a rare eight pack. His whole midsection was bursting with thick, gorgeous shaped, phenomenally peeled abdominals, which were bursting through his wafer-like skin. Either side of the man’s two regular columns of abs, where most bodybuilders had serratus and obliques sat another two columns. The man had six columns of stacked, bronzed, gorgeous abs.

“Mikey, meet The Amazing Abs Man,” Pete said, as all three men continued to gawp at the freak before them. “He’s the only bodybuilder in the world who owns a twenty four pack,” said Shaun. “He might have us beat in the abs and thighs pose, but I’ve got the rear poses in the bag.”

Mikey gave Shaun a curious look. He was yet to see him from the back. “You look like a most muscular kind of guy,” Shaun said to Mikey with a devilish smirk. Mikey both blushed and grinned. The most muscular was, indeed, his signature pose. At least, it had been every time he’d posed for his own enjoyment in his bedroom. It was also the pose which caused him to shoot a hands free load more easily than any other.

“Who’s that guy?” Pete asked, pointing to the man with the back veins Mikey had spotted earlier, and who was still getting tanned up with his back to most of the room.

“Oh! He’s a newbie,” Shaun said with a sudden sense of excitement. “I met him earlier. Wait ‘till you see him from the front,” he said. “I’ll try and get him over and introduce you.” Shaun then turned his back on Mikey and Pete and headed in the direction of the man they’d been discussing.

“How are you holding up there, big man?” Pete asked Mikey as Shaun walked away. Mikey didn’t really know how to answer. He was excited, nervous and completely overwhelmed. He was standing in a pump room with actual bodybuilders and he would shortly be doing the thing that he’d longed to do ever since he first saw a video of competition conditioned muscle bulls flexing on stage in their tiny, shiny posers at a bodybuilding show.

“Yeah, I’m fine, mate. I’m just...” but Mikey had suddenly lost his trail of thought. With his head turned in the direction of the rear view of Shaun, now in conversation with the mystery newbie, something that he was only just witnessing for the first time had suddenly stolen his attention.

Mikey couldn’t speak. He could barely even think. His eyes were completely transfixed on one thing and one thing only; Shaun’s gigantic sized, ridiculously developed bottom. Mikey had never, ever seen anything like it. Shaun looked as if he literally owned the biggest ass on the planet. Copious amounts of bum beef just spilled out either side of his lime green trunks, which, surprisingly, were all but completely gobbled up by Shaun’s two enormous orbs of ass meat.

“Mikey, mate, are you okay?” Pete was saying to him. Mikey tried to speak, but all that came out was incomprehensible muttering. Sensing Pete’s concern, he tried to tear his eyes away from Shaun’s gargantuan sized glutes and address his friend, but he couldn’t. He literally could not take his eyes away from Shaun’s mammoth sized bootie.

“OH!” Pete said, as if suddenly coming to a realisation. “I get what’s going on. You’ve…” but then, Pete, who was now also looking in the same direction as Mikey, had suddenly stopped talking mid sentence. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a mumbled noise. Mikey had no idea what was going on. He wanted to tear his eyes away from Shaun’s enormous rump, but he couldn’t. His eyes were fixed. His head wouldn’t move. He was completely hypnotised by Shaun’s bum, in the exact same way that Mikey was. And then, Shaun suddenly spun around to walk towards the pair with the new guy in toe, and with his ass out of sight, Mikey and Pete suddenly snapped out of their trance.

Still confused by what had just happened, Mikey was desperately looking at Pete in hope of some kind of explanation. “What’s up with him?” Shaun asked Pete as he returned to the couple.

Pete was grinning. “I think Mikey’s just discovered your superpower,” he told Shaun. “Oh,” Shaun replied, with a proud, bordering on cocky smirk. But Mikey was still confused.

“Shaun is the Irresistible Ass Man,” Pete explained. “Yeah baby!” Shaun outrageously replied. “His bum is so big that anyone who looks at it becomes instantly hypnotised,” Pete explained. 

Mikey had heard of some unique superpowers, but Shaun’s was quite possibly the most bizarre yet. “That’s why I can’t compete in normal bodybuilding shows sadly,” Shaun added, though Mikey noticed that he didn’t actually seem that sad about it. “Once I turn to the rear, that’s it. No judges would ever be able to judge any other bodybuilder in a line up fairly, because the only thing they’d be looking at is my ass.”

In normal circumstances, Mikey may have been more inquisitive of Steve‘s crazy but utterly brilliant superpower, but his attention was suddenly focused elsewhere. He was now completely transfixed with the physique of the man who Shaun had bought over for them to meet.

“Guys, this is…” but before Shaun could answer, Pete cut him off. “Let me guess,” he said, surveying the man before him. “The Incredible Vein Man?”

“Oh no,” Shaun replied with a cheeky smirk, “much better than that.” He exchanged a knowing, mischievous look with the man to his left, whose physique Mikey could not tear his eyes away from.

It wasn’t just the man’s back that was vascular. His entire body was plastered with the nastiest, most obscene veins. They zigzagged haphazardly across his delts, down his biceps and forearms, and almost covered the entirety of his abnormally sized thighs. Even his abs had thin, wiry, lightning bolt shaped veins spread across them. His chest meanwhile was just outrageous. Almost every inch of his indecently thick pecs were covered by bonkers shaped veins popping through his absurdly thin skin.

“Mikey,” Shaun began, “pick a place in England.” Mikey was confused. “Any town or city you like,” Shaun added.

“Erm…” Mikey began, before saying the first place that came into his head. “Coventry?” he cautiously said, not really knowing what the point of Shaun’s instruction was.

Out of nowhere, a robotic female voice seemed to boom from the freakishly vascular muscle bull’s chest. “Current destination: London. Chosen destination; Coventry. Distance is 110 miles.” A small red flashing dot then suddenly appeared on the man’s left quad. “Take the first left at Steatham Lane,” the woman spoke.

Mikey and Pete glared at the man in confusion and amazement. “It’s like a Sat Nav! On your body,” Pete said. The rather handsome and excessively veiny bull just smirked. “You got it,” he replied. “I’m The Human Road Map.”

Before Mikey could question the man any further, something in the far left corner of the pump room suddenly caught his eye. Two men were standing in conversation. One completely clothed, the other half naked, with his top off. Only the shirtless man was not a bodybuilder. He was slim, with very little muscle definition. Even slimmer than Mikey was in his regular body in fact.

“Do you think that guy is competing too?” Mikey asked, directing everyone’s attention to the shirtless man and his friend. At that moment, the man unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his non muscular thighs to reveal a pair of bright orange, super shiny posing trunks.

“Looks like it,” Pete said. “Wait!”, Shaun suddenly said. “Pete mate - you don’t think that’s...” he paused, “it bloody is isn’t it?” There was a sense of urgency and excitement in Shaun’s voice, and Pete was looking excited too.

“I’ve never seen him in his normal body before,” Pete responded. “FUCK!”

“What is it guys?” Mikey asked. “What’s his superpower?” Mikey was curious, but also felt an unexpected twinge of jealousy that his friend Pete was getting excited about a regular sized man with the supposed power to turn himself into a bodybuilder. Would it be better than his superpower?

“You’re about to see for yourself, Mikey, mate”, Shaun said.

The almost naked, posing trunk sporting man’s friend was now playing with some kind of equipment. It looked like an exceptionally large bicycle pump. He took the lead and walked towards his friend. From guys with twenty four packs to men so vascular their bodies doubled up as road maps, Mikey had some seen very bizarre scenes that day. But none more so than the scene he was about to witness.

Mikey’s soon to be fellow competitor now had his back to his friend, who, with the bicycle pump lead in one hand, was fiddling with the back of his shiny orange posing trunks with the other. It took Mikey a while to realise exactly what was happening.

“Ouch,” Shaun said. “That can’t be comfortable.” The soon-to-be-bodybuilder’s friend was walking back to the bicycle pump. The lead sticking out of his friends’ posers, as he stood hunched over with his non-muscular ass in the air. Had he just stuck the end of the lead up his mate’s bottom?

With considerable effort, the competitor’s friend was continuously stepping on the pedal of the pump, his right leg moving up and down, as if to blow up the tyre of a bicycle pump, or another inflatable object. Only there was no such object in sight. Something else was being blown up instead.

The ass of Mikey’s fellow competitor seemed to be the first thing to blow up. As his friend continued to step on the peddle, his arse cheeks grew and filled out his orange posers until the otherwise slim man suddenly owned the thick glutes of a professional bodybuilder.

Then the man’s thighs began to grow. Then his calves doubled in size. Mikey watched as every single body part erupted and expanded, much like his own body morphed when his superpower was in force. Only this man’s transformation was a lot slower, and each body part seemed to be growing one by one. After two huge tits had appeared where his once flat chest was, and six thick abs had popped through his tummy, one by one, finally, a set of bull like traps erupted either side of his neck, until the man, who not a few minutes before, was the smallest, least muscular guy in the room, was soon a full on, excessively sized, crazily conditioned muscle monster.

Every muscle on the man’s physique seemed to have a round, bubble like quality. They literally looked like balloons of huge, thick muscle bulging off every inch of his now freakishly sized body. As he looked down and admired the new slabs of muscle now bulging off his frame, he flexed his bicep and twitched his pecs with a cocky and excited smirk spread across his face.

“Wow!” The Human Road Map said. “Now THAT’S a fucking superpower.” Pete gave Mikey a sly, knowing smirk, and Mikey sheepishly grinned and looked away. Pete was the only one in the group who knew that Mikey had a very similar superpower, though Mikey’s transformation was quicker, and took considerably less effort than the one he had just witnessed. It didn’t involve anything being inserted into his bottom either.

“That was fucking AWESOME,” Shaun enthusiastically said. “I’ve never seen Bicycle Pump Boy’s transformation before.”

“How did he even discover he could do that?” Mikey asked, without really thinking. All four lads looked at each other with the same confused look, as if they were all suddenly pondering the answer to Mikey’s question, and wondering how exactly a man discovers he can become an enormous sized muscle beast by sticking a bicycle pump lead up his arse.

“OK, guys, prejudging starts in twenty minutes,” a man suddenly called, pulling all of the men out of their thoughts.

“Fuck! Mikey!” Pete exclaimed. “We need to get you tanned.”

As The Human Road Map said his goodbyes and returned to his tanning buddie, Mikey’s stomach suddenly tightened in knots. He’d only ever stripped to his posers and shown off his body to Pete. No one else had ever seen Mikey in just his trunks. And now he was about to reveal his freakish superpower enabled mass to a room full of bodybuilders, and a sometime bodybuilder, whenever he had a bicycle pump shoved up his bum.

Pete and Shaun were both looking at Mikey with expectant looks on their faces. Mikey gulped and reached for the zip on his jacket. “Now THIS I gotta see,” said an excited Shaun.

Mikey’s heart was beating as he nervously removed his jacket. “WOAH! DUDE!” came Shaun’s reaction. It was pretty much the same reaction that his friend Pete Potter had given him when Mikey had walked into the shop Pete worked at just a few months earlier.

As Mikey pulled his trousers down and passed his enormous sized quads he was torn between wanted the ground to swallow him whole, and revelling in the fact that every single person in the room suddenly seemed to be looking at him, including the ridiculously gorgeous muscle lad before him, who was running his big blue eyes all over Mikey’s insanely muscular, top five Mr Olympia worthy physique, while giving Mikey, and anyone else who wanted to listen, his own analysis.

“Pecs are unreal. Delts are frigging huge. Abs popping out your stomach like bricks. Condition in the quads is fucking NUTS. Incredible size…just, EVERYWHERE.” Mikey sheepishly stood as Shaun Slater, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, surveyed his body. He felt embarrassed, but also couldn’t help feeling turned on by hearing such horny words from a man as huge and gorgeous as the muscle bull before him, which was suddenly causing a swelling in the black, shiny binbag-like posing trunks that were now on display. It also seemed to be giving him something of an ego boost, which was only heightened by the amount of attention he was suddenly receiving from every other person in the room. As he looked around, it became obvious to Mikey why he was receiving so much attention; he was, by far, the biggest and best muscle monster in the room.

“Gotta say though, mate,” Shaun said, his eye line seemingly looking at his crotch, “kind of expected the trunks to be more colourful.” Mikey blushed and smirked at Shaun’s mention of his shiny black posing trunks.

“Oh, these are just his prejudging trunks, mate,” Pete explained. “He’s got some…brighter ones in his bag,” he continued, referring to the shiny pink posers Mikey had bought the day they’d first met. Mikey gave Pete a sheepish, knowing smirk. Pete knew how much Mikey loved his pink posing trunks.

“Looks like it’s a three way battle then between you two lads and Bicycle Pump Boy,” Pete said. “HELL YEAH!” Shaun replied, before spontaneously bringing his fists together and squeezing a quick, hard most muscular, which made Mikey’s eyes bulge and his dick furiously judder.

But then Shaun’s facial expression suddenly changed. “OH FUCK!” he exclaimed. His eyes were fixed on a spot behind Mikey and Pete and the expression on his face was one of utter shock and amazement. “Better make that a four way battle.”

Mikey and Pete simultaneously turned their heads, and Mikey felt like his heart had just leapt into his throat. It can’t be, he thought. It just can’t be. Mikey was no longer the biggest muscle freak in the room. Strutting towards them, with about 20 lbs more mass than Mikey was carrying, was the obscenely monstrous frame of Mikey’s favourite professional bodybuilder. The bodybuilder whose name Mikey had used to sign in to the contest not half an hour earlier. The one and only Jackson James Jones.


As Chuck Carter looked around the pump room, his mind couldn’t quite fathom the sights that surrounded him. He and his boyfriend Timmy Tate were both as equally turned on by bodybuilders and had attended this very show for three years running. And now he was standing in the pump room surrounded by an array of insanely huge, shockingly shredded and beyond hot muscle bulls.

There was The Irresistible Ass Man, who was even more outrageously gorgeous and obscenely huge close up than he was from the audience of a show. Meanwhile Bicycle Pump Boy was looking both nasty and beautiful in a pair of orange posers, and The Amazing Abs Man’s infamous twenty-four pack was even more magnificent from a closer distance.

There were a couple of new guys too. A man whose body was decorated with the most ridiculous number of veins, and the enormous and absolutely incredible muscle monster who he’d followed into the backstage area, along with his smaller but still muscular and ridiculously sexy companion who was either his friend, boyfriend or fuck buddie.

Chuck was desperately trying not to get too distracted by the incredible display of freaky muscle around him. He had to concentrate and keep his wits about him, because he and his boyfriend Timmy had hatched a plan, which Chuck’s actions were pivotal to.

It was not exactly a foolproof plan and there was a chance that it might not work. But Timmy and Chuck knew exactly how this bodybuilding show operated. The lads would head out on stage for the prejudging part of the competition. Then they’d come back and take a short break, before heading back out for the finals, which included posing routines of every contestant, comparisons, and finally a posedown, where all of the lads would jump into the audience and pose amongst the spectators.

Last year Timmy and Chuck had been inches away from Shaun Slater, aka The Irresistible Ass Man, who’d cranked out a massive crab most muscular in the two lads’ faces, with a grizzly growl, and a shit-eating grin to boot. He’d winked at Timmy and Chuck and given them both a knowing smirk, before he’d strutted off to find his next victim.

Sometime in between the bodybuilders leaving the pump room for prejudging and returning for the short break before finals, Chuck would have to take action to ensure the plan was a success. But for that to happen, he would need to find something. Something that was highly likely to be lurking somewhere in this very room.

And then Chuck overheard something. A snippet of a conversation which made his heart flutter and gave him the confidence he needed that he and Timmy’s plan could succeed. It was perfect. Absolutely fucking perfect.

To be continued...

COMING UP IN PART 4: Mikey steps on stage and wows the audience at the show, alongside his favourite pro bodybuilder, 25 year old American muscle monster Jackson James Jones. But what is Jackon's superpower? And is he even the real Jackson James Jones or someone just in his body?!


  1. This is gonna be one FRIGGIN HELL of a bodybuilding comp!! I'm totally loving Shaun and I really love that Mikey is a still a bit lost and overwhelmed by everything he sees. I guess it's not every day you see guys prepping the way they are!

    1. Thanks for the feedback matie. Yeah Shaun was particularly fun to write! I basically just wanted a British bodybuilder who was a bit of a lad, bloody gorgeous, happened to be a fucking monster (tits and guns for days) and had an ass bigger than Steve Orton's! Bicycle Pump Boy was a fun character to write too. Hmmmm. Wonder what they'll get up to in the final posedown?! ;)

  2. This is where Pete goes and guest poses driving everyone wild?
    I like the competition.

  3. Mate..this is where the curve ball parallel universe really starts to come into its own..enabling you to includetermine, and us to imagine those terrific bb extremes! I love nasty veins, so it's Mr human road map that got my vote!

    1. Human Road Map was the last bb I thought of mate. I was trying to think of bodybuilders with different attributes. So I had an abs guy, a guy with a huge I thought how about a guy who was freakishly vascular? But then I needed a power. Hmmmm...freaky veins...a Human Road Map! :)


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