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"Bright red, emerald green, baby blue, glittery gold and sparkly silver were amongst the colours of the beautiful pairs of trunks hanging from the pegs. Every single pair was made from the most ridiculously shiny material. Even though he’d seen multiple pairs of posing trunks worn by bodybuilders on the Internet, Mikey had never imagined they’d be quite so shiny in real life. But there was one particular pair that was shinier than the rest..."

It's time for part two of my story about a lad called Mikey Maguire, who discovers he can transform his regular sized body into a 300 lbs mountain of competition conditioned muscle through the use of his unique superpower!

This part sees Mikey venturing out in public for the first time in his muscle monster form and engaging the reactions of the unsuspecting public who are lucky enough to witness his mass!

He then stumbles upon a shop called "Muscle World", purchases his very first pair of posers (the shiniest in the shop!) and meets the handsome and impressively muscled shop assistant called Pete. An encounter which brings Mikey one step closer to achieving his desire to step on to a bodybuilding stage!

Chapter Three

As the years went by, Mikey started to crave more than morphing into the bodybuilder version of himself in his bedroom for his own enjoyment. He knew he couldn’t compete in a bodybuilding show, so he started fantasising about what it would be like to simply go out in public in his muscle monster form, and engage the reactions of those around him.

He knew, however, that he would not be able to do this in his home town. Someone would recognise him, and then his secret would be out. Mikey would have to go somewhere where no one knew who he was.

So, at the age of twenty-two, after many years of fantasising about stepping out in public while his superpower was in action, Mikey finally booked a hotel room, packed a night bag and set off on the train to London. As none of his clothes would fit him when he was in his muscle monster incarnation, Mikey had bought some clothes from a specialist store for large men. They’d looked absolutely huge in the shop. Mikey could probably have fit three of his regular selves inside of them. And yet, when he morphed into a bodybuilder, the clothes were almost tight on him.

He changed into the clothes in his hotel room; baggy black track pants, a black hoodie and a tightly fitted white vest. They were the first clothes Mikey had ever worn when he was using his superpower, besides his boxer shorts. Even fully clothed, Mikey couldn’t help thinking how outrageously hot he looked. Especially in his tight, white cotton vest, which the upper half of his humongous sized pecs spilled out over the top of. He couldn’t comprehend how anyone would not want to have a cheeky squeeze of his enormous tits in that vest.

Mikey wished he had the courage to go out in public wearing just his vest. This felt like too big of a step for his first ever outing though, so he had no choice but to cover himself up with his black hoodie, zipped right up to his chin to hide the flesh of the top of his pecs from view; though he still looked utterly monstrous and as wide as a brick shithouse covered up.

He decided to throw his rucksack over his shoulder to complete his outfit. He figured that way people might assume that he was heading for whatever hardcore, hellhole gym he frequented, rather than just showing off his monstrous size to the world.

As he reached for the handle of his hotel room door, his heart started pounding in his chest. “You can do this Mikey. You’re just a regular guy going to the gym,” he told himself. “Just a regular, 300 lbs, monstrously muscular guy. FUCK! I can do this. I can bloody do this.”

And with that, Mikey threw the door open, and waddled his mass of muscle down the hotel room corridor, practically filling the whole width of it, and prepared to unleash the bodybuilder version of himself to the public.

The rush of confidence Mikey felt as he walked down the street as an excessively sized muscle bull was like no other he’d ever felt. He loved how his huge quads kept rubbing together, and how far away his arms felt from his torso. He loved how much bigger he was than everyone else that passed him on the street. And he absolutely loved the fact that not single person could walk by without giving him a prolonged look.

He saw so many different glimpses of emotions in the faces of the people he passed. Shock, awe, amazement, fear, confusion, envy, and even, in some people (mostly men around the Soho area) lust.

He loved the fact that the sight of his enormous, freak show frame caused such an extreme variation of reactions from all of the ordinary sized passersby innocently going about their days. He knew that some of them wanted to run the other way and scream, that some of them wanted to be as huge and muscular as he was, that some of them just wanted to stop and gawp and stare freely at the muscle freak before them, and he knew that a couple of them would have done anything to touch him. To feel his flexed biceps, grab a hold of his huge lats, to play with his hoodie stretching muscle tits, and to plough their dicks into his abnormally huge ass until they shot a wad of spunk inside a real life 300 lbs muscle bull as he cranked out a monstrous most muscular and growled in the way only a power packed, Alpha male muscle bull can.

Unfortunately when deciding what to wear to show off his power enabled physique to the general public for the first time, Mikey did not factor in how ridiculously hot it would be on the chosen day of his outing.

Initially Mikey felt fine in his zipped up hoodie, but as the temperature rose, he started to become extremely hot. Carrying 300 lbs of almost solid, ripped muscle and walking around central London didn’t exactly help the fact that Mikey was feeling uncomfortably warm. He had no choice but to take off his hoodie.

The minute Mikey did so, the attention he received almost doubled. With his enormous and frighteningly muscular arms, his huge, boulder delts, and the top of his thick, patio slab pecs now on full display, the number of stares increased and became a lot less subtle.

Mikey felt like all eyes were on him. Some people nudged and whispered to their friends walking beside them. Others opened their mouths in shock and horror as he walked by. One woman was so taken aback at the sight of him that she even stood still on the spot, her mouth ajar as she took in the image of the muscle monster before her.

He heard people talking about him in excited voices. “He sure has been pumping the iron. Woooo!” he heard one particularly loud mouthed woman say. “Oh my Gaaaawd! He’s HUGE!” he heard an American lady exclaim. “There’s a big lad over there. BLOODY NORA!” he heard some bloke with a strong Cockney accent cry. Children seemed to be particularly vocal too. “Look mummy. THAT MAN!” and, “Is that the man who plays The Incredible Hulk dad?” were amongst the more memorable ones.

The public reaction made Mikey feel like a freak. He loved every single moment that his body got attention, and it bought him a small glimpse of what it might feel like for those huge, shredded muscle freaks at the Mr Olympia to walk amongst the audience of regular sized non-muscle bulls in the final posedown of the show. As he imagined himself doing just that, he felt a lurch in the pit of his stomach. Mikey wanted it more than ever. In fact, he’d never wanted anything so badly in his life.

When he accidentally stumbled upon a bodybuilding and fitness store called “Muscle World” on his first outing as a muscle freak that very day in London, he could never have known that it would lead him to obtaining exactly what he desired.

Mikey stood outside of the shop, looking up in awe at the word “MUSCLE” in bold blue lettering. Tubs of various protein powder and muscle supplements sat in the shop window. It was the closest he’d ever been to the world of extreme bodybuilding. An overwhelming urge to walk into the shop took over Mikey's body. It was almost like he was being beckoned inside. But something was stopping him. A voice in his head which was telling him that to go inside this shop would be a mistake. A voice that reminded him that, despite looking like a future Mr Olympia champion, he didn’t belong to this world.

But something else was happening to Mikey too. A feeling in the pit of stomach was emerging, and was urging him to walk towards the shop. And then another voice came through in his head. Louder, calmer and clearer. DO IT MIKEY. DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Whether this was intuition at play, Mikey wasn’t sure, but someone had once told him that he should always follow his gut instinct. Even if what that gut instinct was telling him didn’t seem like the sensible, logical thing to do. And so, with his specially sized hoodie wrapped around his waist, and his enormous muscle tits straining out of his vest, Mikey left the gawps and stares from his freaked out admirers on the street, and walked into the shop.

Chapter Four

“WOAH!" Mikey jumped at the loud cry which came from the left hand corner of the store as he entered. He looked to find an impressively muscular man in a tight fitted black t-shirt sitting behind the counter.

“Sorry, dude,” the shop assistant said to Mikey. “It’s just, well…you are HUGE! And JACKED!” The man was looking at Mikey with a sense of awe and amazement, but Mikey noticed other emotions in his expression too. He looked both confused, and slightly curious.

As Mikey looked at the rather handsome man who was gawping at him, his eyes couldn’t help but veer to a number of things sitting on the wall of the shop behind him. There were pictures of bodybuilders plastered in competition tan, wearing brightly coloured posing trunks and flexing their freaky, shredded mass into the camera. As Mikey looked from the impressively thick biceps bulging from the shop assistant’s t-shirt to the pictures of the muscle bulls behind him, panic suddenly consumed him, and Mikey feared that coming into the shop would end up being one monumental mistake.

Perhaps sensing Mikey’s sudden anxiety, the man suddenly waved his right hand at Mikey. “Sorry, dude, I don’t mean to stare. Carry on,” he ordered. But Mikey noticed something else too. The shop assistant no longer looked confused. In fact, his mouth had curled into an almost knowing smile. Something which made Mikey feel extremely uneasy.

As he ventured forwards into the shop, Mikey’s mind was racing with panic. This was a mistake, he thought. A stupid, stupid mistake. What if the sexy shop assistant knew that he was a fraud? He’d linger in the shop for a few minutes, then make a dash for the door.

But something suddenly pulled Mikey from his thoughts, and any worry he’d had about the shop assistant’s suspicious reaction rapidly faded.

Since discovering the world of extreme bodybuilding on his PC back home, there were two things that Mikey craved more than anything else in the world. He was suddenly staring at one of them.

At the back of the shop, in one little corner of the room, Mikey had come to the most magnificent display. Hung on pegs that were protruding from the wall and staring right at him, was every colour of posing trunk imaginable.

Bright red, emerald green, baby blue, glittery gold and sparkly silver were amongst the colours of the beautiful pairs of trunks hanging from the pegs. Every single pair was made from the most ridiculously shiny material. Even though he’d seen multiple pairs of posing trunks worn by bodybuilders on the Internet, Mikey had never imagined they’d be quite so shiny in real life. But there was one particular pair that was shinier than the rest.

Right in the middle of the display was a pair of the most glorious, bright pink posers. Mikey wanted every single pair of trunks on that wall. He wanted to touch them, to feel the straps in his fingers, to put them on and see his dick and ass filling them out the way only an enormous sized bodybuilder can. He even wanted to sniff them, though he had no idea why. But there was one pair he wanted more than any of the others; those gorgeous, shiny, bright pink posers.

“Best posing trunks in London!” A startled Mikey jumped at the sudden re-appearance of the sexy shop assistant, who was now standing by his side. He cheekily grinned at Mikey’s reaction. “Sorry, mate. I keep making you jump don’t I?”

Mikey nervously laughed in response, and said, “That’s OK.” Mikey’s cheeks had suddenly started burning. Up close, the shop assistant looked even more impressively muscular. His thick, tanned biceps bulged out as he stood with his arms crossed. Above them, Mikey noticed the man’s broad chest protruding and straining through the material of his t-shirt. He was no match for Mikey size wise, but he was the probably the closest thing to a bodybuilder Mikey had seen in real life.

“Black is a popular choice for prejudging,” the man continued, admiring the insanely hot posers with Mikey. “Most bodybuilders then wear a different colour for their posing routines. Of course, you probably already know that. Green seems particularly popular at the moment. Though lots of guys seem to go for the pink ones too.”

Mikey nervously stood rooted to the spot. Half wanting the shop assistant to leave him alone, half secretly loving the fact that a real life muscle man was talking to him about posing trunks colours.

“I’m Pete, by the way.” The shop assistant had unfolded his arms and was stretching out his right hand for Mikey to shake. As Mikey obliged, he sheepishly made eye contact with Pete, who was presenting him with a warm, friendly grin. Mikey felt himself blushing once again. As he took in Pete’s hazel eyes, tanned reflection and slightly boyish, but masculine, and undeniably British good looks, he suddenly realised just how attracted to Pete he really was.

He also couldn’t help noticing how exceptionally horny it felt, not just to be engaging with someone in his muscle monster form, but to be face to face with a man who was sporting his own thick, gym trained, muscular physique. He suddenly had a brief fantasy, whereby he and Pete whipped off their tops and, still facing each other, started flexing out on the shop floor; indulging in a two man posedown which would conclude with the two of them cranking out a massive, head to head most muscular.

Pete’s eyes suddenly veered down to the ginormous sized plates of pec muscle bulging off Mikey’s chest, and over his frighteningly huge shoulders and arms. “Looking at you I’d say you’re not far out from competing in a show.”

Fuck, Mikey thought, in a panic.

“What show are you prepping for bud?”

Fuck fuck fuck.

Mikey had the sudden urge to turn and run out of the shop. He thought about telling Pete that he wasn’t competing, or ever had competed, in a show. But he knew that that would be absurd. No one gets as huge and shredded as the power enabled version of Mikey for the fun of it. He would just have to make something up. Thinking about the videos he’d watched from a show called the San Francisco Pro a few nights before, Mikey replied with the first thing that came into his head. “The Manchester Pro”.

Pete slowly nodded his head. “Ahhhh. The Manchester Pro.” He pursed his lips as if contemplating the information. “Well, buddy,” Pete continued, with a neutral expression, “I’ll leave you to it. I’ll be over there if you need me.”

Mikey was relieved that Pete had discontinued the conversation, but he couldn’t ignore a sharp feeling of dread that he’d somehow just been rumbled. He suddenly had the urge to leave the shop as quickly as possible. But, as Mikey looked ahead to the wall of bright, shiny posing trunks before him, a stronger urge took hold of him. The urge to finally have his very own pair of posers.

Posers that he could wear that night, back in his hotel room. Trunks he could flex and pose and eventually, no doubt, blast a massive load of cum into. He picked up the shiny pink posers from the peg, his heart racing and dick twitching in response, and swiftly headed to the shop counter.

He was a bag of nerves handing the trunks over to the handsome mini muscle bull behind the counter. “Nice choice, buddie,” Pete said, with his warm and sexy grin. When Mikey handed over his credit card to the assistant, he glanced at it before putting it into the machine. “So, Mr Maguire,” Pete began. Mikey’s stomach turned over in panic as Pete uttered his surname. “When exactly is the Manchester Pro?”

Oh God. I’m fucked. I’m actually fucked, Mikey thought. He felt like the inside of his chest had just sunk to the bottom of his stomach. He was sure he’d been caught out. There was only one thing left to do; play along until he’d finished with Pete, grab his brand new posers, and get the hell out of the shop.

“Two weeks today,” Mikey replied. Pete nodded. “I might have to take a trip up there,” he said in a nonchalant manner, before handing Mikey back his credit card. “Who else is competing?”

Run! Just run out the fucking shop, Mikey thought.

Instead, he said the first bodybuilder who came into his mind. The first bodybuilder who always came into his mind. “Jackson James Jones,” Mikey nervously replied.

Jackson James Jones was, hands down, Mikey’s favourite bodybuilder. At the age of 25, ridiculously good looking Jackson James Jones from America was known as one of the biggest pro bodybuilders on the planet, regularly hitting the stage at well over 300 lbs in weight. Mikey had lost countless loads watching videos of Jackson on the Internet, flexing, posing and showing off his barely human mass.

“WOW,” Pete replied. “That kid’s a serious freak.”

He knows who Jackson James Jones is, Mikey thought. He fucking knows who Jackson James Jones is.

“Funny though…” he continued, “because I thought Jackson was competing at the Mr Olympia two weeks from today.” Mikey wanted the ground to swallow him whole. “Also funny - I know the name of every single professional bodybuilder in the world. And not one of them has the surname Maguire.”

Mikey started to seriously panic. He suddenly felt incredibly flushed, and that his body might start trembling with nerves at any moment. But then something unexpected happened. Pete’s face softened and relaxed, and he looked at Mikey with a warm, reassuring expression. “DUDE! Relax! I’m just messing with you. I know you’re not a real bodybuilder.”

Mikey didn’t know what to say. Or even what he was supposed to think. But he did, somehow, feel considerably less worried. “I knew it about five seconds after you walked in the shop. I mean, it’s not that you don’t look like a real bodybuilder. Because you do. Fucking HELL you do! But there’s no way I wouldn’t know who a guy of your size and condition was. I tried to place you. But I couldn’t. And then it hit me.”

Mikey had no idea what Pete was about to say next.

“This is a superpower thing.” And with those words, Mikey’s whole body seemed to relax. He breathed a sigh of relief, and addressed Pete. “You got me,” he said, and Pete laughed in response.

“So,” Pete began excitedly, “what the fuck’s your power dude?”

And with that question, Mikey suddenly felt nervous again. “Hey,” Pete said, engaging his reaction, “you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want. I know a lot of people keep their powers a secret.”

Mikey was conflicted. Every sensible bone in his body was telling him not to divulge his superpower to the handsome and endearing stranger standing before him. He’d always been so adamant that he would keep it a secret from his friends and his family. But Pete did not fall into either of those categories, and he suddenly started to wonder whether it would be so bad if someone else knew what his power was.

“It’s just...” Mikey began, “I’ve never actually told anyone what my power is before.” Pete looked surprised. “What, no one at all?” he asked.

Mikey shook his head in response. “How the hell do you keep something like this a secret?” Pete asked.

“Well,” Mikey cautiously continued, “I can sort of, turn it on and off whenever I like.”

Pete nodded. “Ahhhh. Gotcha,” he said, smirking. Without divulging the exact details, Mikey had all but told Pete what his power was, and he had to admit, it felt incredibly good to have done so. Just the fact that someone else knew (someone who happened to be impressively muscular himself, and really rather sexy in the looks department) gave Mikey an unexpected sense of excitement.

“So...this version of you. This fuck off huge muscle monster…it doesn’t happen very often?” Pete asked.

“Ermm…” Mikey started to reply, and blushed at the thought of himself flexing out a crab most muscular in his bedroom while simultaneously growling and shooting thick ropes of spunk at the sight of his own reflection. “It does. Just not usually in public.”

Pete nodded and grinned, and Mikey continued. “Today is sort of, my first outing. Like this.”

“WOW,” Pete replied. “How’s it been?”

Mikey shook his head and smiled uncontrollably. “Fucking NUTS! People just haven’t stopped staring at me all day,” he replied. It was so exciting for Mikey to be talking aloud to someone about his superpower, and his experiences as a muscle freak.

“I’ll fucking bet,” Pete replied. “You do know you could step on stage at the Mr O in two weeks and be crowned one of the top five bodybuilders in the world?” he continued.

Mikey suddenly felt a hint of sadness at this. “Hmmm. In theory I could,” he replied.

Pete nodded. “But you’d probably get found out,” he said. Mikey nodded along. “And you’d never be able to compete again. Plus everyone would find out what your power is,” Pete continued.

Mikey’s heart swelled at Pete’s response. He couldn’t believe that he was stood talking to someone who actually understood his dilemma.

“But you would if you could? Compete in a bodybuilding show?” Pete asked. Mikey felt himself blushing, perhaps because he’d fantasised about that very thing so much to himself. “Well…yeah,” he sheepishly replied.

Pete seemed to cautiously look out of the window at this point, as if to check that no one was standing outside and listening in. He then leaned across the counter to Mikey and, in a mischievous and hushed voice, said something which made Mikey feel like his heart was about to burst through his phenomenally broad chest.

“I know a way you can.”

To be continued...

COMING UP IN PART 3: With the help of Pete, Mikey enters his very first bodybuilding competition and meets his fellow competitors backstage, all of whom have their very own superpower! We're also introduced to a muscle loving gay couple who are not only attending Mikey's show, but who, with the use of their superpowers, seem to be hatching some kind of mysterious plan!


  1. Man oh man, I'm loving this storey my friend. I do hope that Mikey and sexy shop clerk maybe get to have a little fun together too at some point. I can't wait for the next installment!

    1. Hmmm. Maybe they do mate. But then maybe they don't.... ;)

  2. man...that pec cleavage! those slabs of upper pec breaking free from the stretched white vest! so so good!
    and i can't wait for the intimate moment that he first spends alone with those pink posing trunks....looking at them, feeling them, smelling them and the slipping them on!.
    love the idea of them getting all mucky from then tan, oil and sweat rubbing off his thighs onto his bulge.
    geeeez....just like mikey i think i'm gonna lose it!
    lovin' your work mate.

    1. FUCK! Loving this comment! And love your idea about his trunks getting mucky. I can just see his shiny pink bulge now, mucked the fuck up and plastered in greasy, shiny, bronzed tan! Bit of sweat and oil mixed in there too. Might have to do a bit of editing to a future chapter to include that. Something tells me you won't mind me stealing your idea! ;)

      And yeah - we do get to see him trying his trunks on for the first time but, as a bit of a pre-warning, not just yet! The next chapter skips to his show, but then it goes back later on and fills in some blanks!

    2. mate, it's yours!
      somehow reading these fantasies is so much hotter than what's in my really do have a skill for making all so real, so for that I thank you!!
      keep up the good work......can't wait for the next chapters

    3. Thanks matie! Been editing the next chapter (part 4) today. Needless to say those posers are gonna need a hot wash after the show!

  3. Brilliant MA! Two points got me really excited in this chapter. The first one was imagining the attention Mikey received on the streets in the eyes of the public. It reminded me of the occasional times I've seen a muscle bull waddling down the street. Even when they're clothed you can imediately recognise them..the thick neck and huge veiny fore arms, defined calves etc but more importantly, the attitude and dominating presence. I must admit to,( and I bet most of us have done this)..imediately dropping my own shopping route, and quite literally turning around and following, discreetly stalking the big fucker,all the while ogling and lusting after the muscled dude from a short distance as he waddles up the precinct!
    When Mikey finally reveals his secret to the muscled shop assistant and how liberated he felt, I couldn't help being reminded how great it was to disclose my own muscle obsession to a like minded person, who really understood the deep seated passion I have for muscle! Being able to talk about it with such sexual passion and not just bland conversations at the gym when one talks purely about the mechanics of bodybuilding and exercise etc.

    1. Cheers for the awesome comments as always matie! God yes - I fucking love seeing muscle bulls in public. You're casually walking down the street you walk down practically every day and then BOOM...out of nowhere you spot a genuine muscle beast who's clearly spent a hell of time at his local, hardcore, hellhole gym and has probably shoved a fair few roids up his bum, waddling towards you, outrageously huge arms bulging out of his t-shirt (even though it's the middle of winter!) reminding you that guys like that really *do* exist in real life, and not just on the Internet! And hell yes - they always have such an incredible, dominating presence. They never look shy or humble (though we know such monsters do exist). It's bonkers and surreal and you can't get the image of the bull in question out of your head for ages after the event (fuck)! Love that you're connecting Mikey's journey to your own experiences too mate. Thats awesome! And really glad you're enjoying the story in general. Hopefully the remaining chapters won't disappoint! :)


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