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OK's time for the first part of my new story! It tells the tale of Mikey Maguire, who discovers he has a superpower which enables him to transform his regular sized body into a 300 lbs monstrous mass of shredded muscle, worthy of a top five Mr Olympia bodybuilder, whenever he likes!

The story is set in the same shared universe as my story "The Day I Became A Muscle Freak", which I posted last year (Mikey was actually referenced in that story). It's divided into separate parts, with multiple chapters within each one. Part I tells the back story of Mikey, while Part II is set in and around a bodybuilding show and introduces several new characters.

There's a little bit of everything in this story; gay bodybuilders, straight bodybuilders, pump room scenes, stage scenes, worship scenes, naughty bits and a little bit of romance. Oh and a fair few superpowers too!

Thanks to Anthony Chia-Bradley for letting me use his picture in the below design.



Chapter One

Mikey Maguire was twelve years old when his parents sat him down to explain how superpowers work.

He listened intently with a sense of a excitement as his mother informed him that, like everyone in the Maguire family before him, and dozens of other people around the world, sometime around his eighteenth birthday he would develop a superpower that would be completely unique to him.

Of course, like the rest of the world, Mikey had heard of people with superpowers before. He’d grown up being both fascinated and intrigued by stories of people whose weird and wonderful powers had bought them fame, fortune, or both, while never really knowing that, one day, he would have his own superpower too.

Like most of his peers who knew of their destiny to develop a unique superpower, Mikey Maguire spent most of his teenage years wondering just what that power would be. Almost on a daily bases his imagination conjured up a new potential superpower.

Would it be a relatively conventional, but still brilliant, power like the ones you see in comic books and superhero films, like the ability to fly or the ownership of superhuman strength? Perhaps he would develop the ability to read people’s thoughts, to move objects with the power of his mind or the ability to see through walls?

Or would it be a quirkier power, like the many he’d heard of in the years leading up to his eighteenth birthday? Something life changing and amazing like the power of Mr Gold, who can turn any object he likes into gold? Or something completely useless like the power of The Incredible Green Man, who can turn his skin a shade of green whenever he likes? Maybe it would be something completely bonkers, but potentially a lot of fun once he started dating, like the power of The Human Orgasm, who can make people cum with a single touch?

As Mikey reached his eighteenth birthday, more and more of his friends and peers discovered and developed their superpowers. His friend Cath Corrick’s mother entered her daughter’s bedroom on the morning of her birthday and was startled to find a stray tabby cat curled up on the bed, while her daughter was nowhere to be seen. She screamed with fright when the strange cat suddenly began to grow and change shape, and morphed back into her daughter before her very eyes. Cath had the power to transform herself into a domestic cat whenever she liked.

A few weeks after celebrating turning eighteen, Nick Norris, who Mikey had known since primary school, had a sudden urge to walk into a shop selling musical instruments. He’d never even had a single guitar lesson before but, picking up the nearest acoustic guitar, he surprised himself and impressed the shop owner by playing a note perfect rendition of The White Stripes’ “One Nation Army”.

He then sat down in front of the shop’s only grand piano and serenaded the store with “Imagine”. Nick had the power to pick up any musical instrument and, amazingly, play it perfectly without hesitation. He was quickly given the nickname The Amazing Music Man.

Unfortunately not all of Mikey’s peers were impressed with their superpowers. A few months after turning eighteen, Henry Huxter arrived at school to find an angry mob confronting him. He’d apparently started a blog the night before and had publicly expressed his negative feelings towards a select few of his classmates. Henry tried to argue that he had done no such thing. So when one of his peers showed him the blog on the Internet, he was completely shocked at what he saw.

Almost everything Henry had done and thought the night before had been posted on the mysterious blog, including the negative opinions of his classmates. As he read the blog, a new entry appeared, chronicling the events that were happening at that precise moment. It seemed that whatever Henry thought, felt and did was automatically posted on the blog for all the world to see. He contacted the blog server to get the site removed, but the next day, another blog exactly like the previous one appeared out of nowhere. He is now notoriously known as The Blogger in superpower circles.

Mikey spent the whole of his eighteenth birthday both nervously and excitingly looking for signs that his superpower would present itself. By midnight, nothing had happened, and Mikey went to bed disappointed and annoyed. Weeks rolled by and still, Mikey’s power had not been revealed. He was starting to wonder whether his parents were wrong about him developing a power. Maybe he was one of the unfortunate few (though some with particular powers, like The Blogger, would argue with that opinion) who didn’t have a power, despite every other member of his family owning one. Perhaps he wouldn’t discover his power for years, even decades to come. He’d heard of that happening in rare cases too.

After much anguish, Mikey finally started to take his mind off of his superpower. “Your power will reveal itself when the right time is right,” Mikey’s mother had told him, as she and Mr Maguire said goodbye to their only child and set off on a week long holiday, leaving Mikey home alone. Unbeknownst to Mrs Maguire, her son would, in fact, discover his power the very next day.

As soon as Mikey opened his eyes that morning, he felt very peculiar indeed. Everything felt different. His bed seemed a lot smaller for a start. Still half asleep, Mikey rubbed his sleepy eyes and crawled out of bed. His feet seemed to hit the floor with an unusual thud. As he lugged himself to his bedroom door he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was strapped to each of his body parts. Something very heavy. Additionally, everything around him felt smaller.

It was only when he caught sight of himself in the full length mirror next to his bedroom door that he realised why he was feeling so strange. He let out a scared yell and stepped back. Everything was smaller because he was bigger. Much, much bigger. And those heavy objects which were strapped to each body weren’t objects at all. They were his body parts.

Overnight, Mikey Maguire’s perfectly ordinary, slim built, 175 lbs body had morphed into an incredible mountain of monstrous, shredded, superhuman muscle mass, worthy of a top five Mr Olympia competitor.

“FUCKING HELL!” Mikey cried out at he stared at the mass of freak-like muscle looking back at him from the mirror. He had to be at least 300 lbs. Two massive plates of thick pec muscle hung from his chest. His shoulders were the size of giant boulders, protruding either side of his torso to an immense degree. His arms had tripled in size, along with his humongous sized legs, which were carved and etched with the craziest lines. And where once sat his completely flat, un-toned stomach, were six blocks of thick, solid muscle bursting through his skin. He had muscles he never even knew existed. Everything was huge, hard, and carved to absolute perfection. His skin was smooth and paper thin all over; seemingly struggling to contain the blocks, lumps, bumps and mounds of muscle ballooning underneath the service.

Mikey had never taken any sort of interest in bodybuilders before but, staring at his own alien reflection, he couldn’t help but think that he’d never seen anything so freaky, so oddly beautifully or so utterly amazing in all of his life. He was a monster. A real life, bon-a-fide muscle freak. And, strangely, he’d never felt more sexually aroused.

As he admired his brand new physique in the mirror, Mikey couldn’t stop smiling. His dick was furiously jolting in his tight, white boxer shorts, like it was desperately trying to break free of the material and unload a litre of cum. He had zero knowledge of the official bodybuilding poses but, somehow, Mikey knew exactly what to do next.

He threw both of his arms up and watched his biceps explode in the mirror. Huge balls of rock hard muscle mass erupted either side of his head, which was still, perfectly regular sized. The contrast between Mikey’s normal sized eighteen year old head and the two Mr Olympia stage worthy biceps it was sandwiched between was insane.

As he hit a side chest pose and watched his enormous left pec explode off his chest in the reflection of his bedroom mirror, Mikey instinctively gritted his teeth, arrogantly scrunched up his face and then growled a cocky, “YEEEAH!”

He had no idea where this new-found arrogance had come from. He’d never displayed even the slightest bit of cockiness in all of his eighteen years. Nor had he ever had the desire to do so. Yet, for some reason, in his new phenomenally muscular, bull-sized body, Mikey felt the overwhelming desire to be as cocky as he possibly could.

Mikey continued to hit pose after pose. He still didn’t know how he knew the poses, but every one was hit perfectly, and with the precision of a professional IFBB league bodybuilder. He tensed his gigantic quads, opened up his skin splitting lats, squeezed his croquet ball shaped biceps and crunched all six of his beautifully shaped, crazily carved, splat-yer-pants worthy abs.

He huffed, puffed, grunted and groaned his way through every pose, and even released the occasional, “Fuck yeah!” at the sight of his own flexed muscle. He gritted his teeth, grinned like a lunatic and contorted his geeky but cute face into all manner of outrageous and cocky expressions, until there was only one pose left to hit.

Bringing both of his arms up so his elbows were level with his shoulders blades, he threw them both down with an almighty force into a brutal crab most muscular pose. As he watched every single ginormous sized body part erupt, tense and explode before his eyes, he released a loud groan and a tsunami of spunk exploded from his cock and filled up his boxer shorts.

He’d never really understood the desire to be a bodybuilder before, but now he understood it more than anyone.

When he’d come down off the high of flexing his enormous sized, uber-human muscles to the point where it had made him cum without touch, a sudden panic set in for Mikey. His body was beyond incredible. Something not quite belonging to this world. A thing of immense beauty that, somehow, he knew would be worshipped and adored by countless of people (though mostly men). But what would happen next? What about his old body?  And what if, and this was the thing that was suddenly scaring Mikey the most, his extreme transformation into a mass muscle monster was permanent?

Mikey knew, without a doubt, that he was experiencing his superpower at work. But exactly what that power was, was still unknown to him at that point. As he pictured his parents returning from their holiday to discover their son had morphed into the type of 300 lbs muscle freak you’d only ever see on the cover of a hardcore bodybuilding magazine in WHSmith, and panicked even more, something strange began to happen. Mikey’s shoulders began to shrink. His chest started to flatten. His biceps shrunk. Every single body part deflated right before his eyes until he was back to his normal, regular sized, non-muscular self.

Mikey breathed a sigh of relief. So it wasn’t permanent after all. “Thank Goodness for that,” he thought. But then another set of emotions crept in. Disappointment, sadness, and a longing. A yearning, in fact, to have his huge biceps, peeled blocky abs, and thick, line etched glutes back (he wasn’t really sure how he suddenly knew the word “glutes”).

And as that very desire set in, his body began to change again. His quads became thicker. His chest began to expand. His abs started to seep through his tummy. Everything inflated and expanded before him until he was a 300 lbs muscle monster once more. “FUCK YEAH!” he cried in response, then belted out another hard, low down, crab most muscular. Once again, his dick released thick ropes of cum and splattered his bedroom mirror in response. “Damn!” he thought, “I really must try and get this ‘busting my nut every time I crank out a most muscular’ thing under control,” as he wiped the spunk off his mirror and bounced his bulbous pecs in his reflection at the same time.

Mikey Maguire had finally discovered his superpower. He could transform his regular sized body into a huge, hulking mass of muscle, worthy of professional bodybuilder status, whenever he liked. He wouldn’t be christened with his superpower nickname until a few years later, but that day, Mikey became The Human Muscle Morph.

Chapter Two

Every day for the week that his parents were away on holiday, Mikey Maguire transformed into the huge, bodybuilding version of himself. Often doing so several times a day. He eventually managed to refrain from shooting a massive load every time he cranked out a crab most muscular, but it wasn’t an easy feat. He was both relieved by this accomplishment, but equally a little sad. Still, almost every transformation into his muscle monster incarnation resulted in Mikey cumming.

He’d spend hours staring at the reflection of his huge God-like mass in the mirror. He’d flex and pose. He’d make his humongous pecs dance, twitch and bounce. He’d tense and wobble his thick, freaky quads. He’d run his hands over every obscenely huge body part; feeling, fondling and squeezing his monstrous muscles. He’d marvel at the lines in his thick, shredded glutes, and he’d entertain himself by trying to pinch the wafer like skin around his tight-as-fuck, perfectly chiselled midsection.

He became a lot more experimental with his posing too. This mostly involved Mikey being as cheeky, cocky and arrogant as possible. His grunts became louder, his yells became cockier, and he started giving himself words of encouragement and commenting out loud on his freaky physique. Not one single person could hear him. Mikey simply did this for his own amusement and enjoyment. “FUCK YEAH,” “LOOK AT MY BUM,” “Get a load of THAT fuckers,” and, “Look at me! I’m fucking HUUUUGE!” were just some of the comments Mikey made to himself whilst admiring his own flexed muscle in the mirror.

On one of the days when his parents were away, Mikey decided to spend the entire twenty-four hours as the muscle monster version of himself. He tried putting some of his clothes on, with comical difficulty, but, other than his underwear, nothing would fit. He was forced to spend the entire day in his boxer shorts. He drew the curtains for fear that someone would see him and went about his day as a 300 lbs muscle monster.

It felt awesome for Mikey to just sit and watch TV as a huge, hulking muscle bull. Every time he looked down he saw his shredded abs and alien-like quads looking back at him. He attempted to watch a film, but kept getting distracted by his own body. He couldn’t stop admiring his otherworldly mass, flexing each freaky muscle, and touching every insanely developed body part. Even his bullet like nipples were fun to play with.

During that particular day, Mikey shot his load six times. Three were through masturbating, largely unplanned and spontaneous, but the other three were hands free, and complete accidents. Being a bodybuilder, flexing, touching and worshipping his own muscles turned Mikey on to such an incredible degree that his cock had a habit of exploding with thick ropes of cum on it’s own accord.

When his parents returned from their holiday, Mikey was a little more cautious about transforming into the bodybuilder version of himself. Whenever he was home alone he would seize the opportunity, but when his parents were in the house, he was a lot more reluctant to do so. He hadn’t told them that he’d discovered what his superpower was, and was incredibly embarrassed at the thought of doing so.

As time went on, Mikey became a little braver in transforming into a bodybuilder whilst his parents were in the house. He often did so whenever he was feeling horny, which was a lot, even by the standards of most lads Mikey’s age. He started getting into the habit of morphing into the muscle monster version of himself in the morning whilst he was still in bed. He’d transform underneath his duvet and run his hands all over his freakishly ripped quads and tummy popping abdominals. He’d dig his fingers into the thick cushions of man meat bulging off his chest and squeeze his muscle monster tits whilst simultaneously jerking off. Just as he was about to cum, Mikey would free his cock of his hands, pull his duvet down, frantically run his hands over his squeezed tits, crunched abs and flexed biceps and then groan and pant as thick ropes of cum erupted from his cock and splashed all over the huge, chiselled mounds of inhuman muscle on his top five Mr Olympia imitating body.

With his newly discovered love and arousal for huge, shredded muscle, Mikey took to the Internet and discovered a whole new world at his fingertips; the world of extreme bodybuilding, where once regular sized men had pushed their bodies to unspeakable limits and transformed themselves into the kind of superhuman sized, freakishly developed muscle monster Mikey became when he used his superpower.

The Internet was awash with bull-like muscle daddies with humongous tits and enormous biceps, crazily conditioned young muscle lads with striated glutes and peeled abs, and famous pro bodybuilders, who had sacrificed everything to become the freakiest and most muscular men on the planet. Lads of all ages and nationalities. Some ridiculously handsome, others not so much. Some lean and shredded, some just all out monsters. All of them with a passion to mould and grow and develop their muscles for one goal only; to stand on a bodybuilding stage, and flex, pose and show off their alien-like bodies to whoever wished to spectate. And almost every single one of them with an ability to do one thing; turn Mikey Maguire on to an almost laughable degree.

Mikey spent hours, days, even weeks, just wanking off and creaming over these newly found muscle freaks. He’d often use his superpower to transform into his muscle monster alter ego whilst watching videos of bodybuilders. He even started to imitate the bodybuilders he watched on screen; posing along with the top Mr Olympia competitors. Hitting the same poses, and often trying to out-do them in the attitude stakes. If a bodybuilder on his PC screen started arrogantly shouting while hitting his poses, Mikey would shout louder. If a shredded muscle lad started scrunching up his cute face, Mikey would scrunch his more. And if a jacked up muscle bull threw an unexpected, or quirky pose, or move, like wobbling his quads, bouncing his tits, or arrogantly sticking out his tongue with his poses, Mikey would do the exact same thing.

The combination of both watching outrageously cocky muscle bulls flexing and squeezing on his PC screen, and flexing, touching, and witnessing his own, equally huge and shredded muscle led to Mikey achieving his most mind blowing orgasms yet. Rope after rope of cum would erupt and explode at the most unexpected moments. Mikey reached a point where he no longer let the fact that he’d orgasmed stop him from his muscle watching and flexing activities. He’d just carry on, in the knowledge that it probably wouldn’t be long before his dick exploded again.

Mikey couldn’t help but he amused at the fact that the bodybuilders he had discovered had achieved their bodies through years and years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. And yet, all Mikey had to do was use his superpower and, in less than a minute, he was as huge, and jacked as some of the biggest muscle men in the world.

There were, however, two things that all of these newly discovered, genuine bodybuilders had which Mikey didn’t. Two things that Mikey began to yearn for. The first of which, was a pair of his very own posing trunks.

Before he’d delved into the world of bodybuilding on his computer, Mikey hadn’t even known that posing trunks had existed. Nothing would ever turn Mikey on more than the enormous sized, insanely developed, shredded physique of a bodybuilder. He had come to that particular revelation at that point. But he hadn’t expected to be so turned on by the rather unique clothing that said bodybuilders were required to wear on stage.

Mikey had no idea why, and he couldn’t begin to explain it even if he had wanted to, but there was something incredibly appealing, not to mention arousing, about the tiny sized, often colourful garments, he’d come to know as posing trunks.

The arousal Mikey felt when viewing any image or video of a muscle freak was automatically increased if said freak happened to be wearing posing trunks that were bright, shiny and colourful. He’d often watch videos of posedowns and comparison rounds of bodybuilding shows, and find his eyes veering to the guy with the hottest and shiniest trunks on stage. Sometimes it didn’t even matter if there were hotter, bigger or cockier guys in the video; if there was a bodybuilder wearing a particularly shiny, or brilliantly coloured pair of posers, that’s where his attention and focus would be.

Naturally, Mikey started to fantasise about owning his own pair. What it would feel like to hold the thin straps of a pair of trunks and watch them slide up his gigantic, freakishly carved out quads and nestle his dick into the pouch. To look down and see a bright, shiny, posing trunk covered bulge staring back at him. To squat down, reach his hands around and tuck the back of his trunks into his arse crack so they were completely gobbled up by his big greedy glutes.

He wondered what it would be like to indulge in one of his flexing, posing and self-worshipping sessions in his bedroom mirror wearing a pair of bright pink, or glittery gold posers, and to watch said posers fill up with spunk as his muscle exploded underneath his cling wrap skin in a brutal crab most muscular, or his thick, glorious abdominal muscles popped through his stomach in a crazy abs and thighs pose.

The second thing which Mikey began to yearn for was, sadly, something that he knew would be almost near impossible to achieve. But this was the thing that Mikey longed for the most. More than owning his very own pair of super shiny posing trunks.

It was a yearning that had begun from the very first time Mikey had watched a video of a bodybuilding competition on the Internet.

Seeing these men with bodies as equally monstrous and muscular as his own when enhanced with the use of his superpower, standing on stage, covered in head to toe in glorious, bronzed competition tan, and wearing nothing but miniscule posers, flexing their enormous, freak-like muscle under bright stage lights for an audience of lucky spectators who were screaming and cheering them on with appreciation and adoration had the most deeply profound effect on Mikey.

He wanted, more than anything, to be on that stage with them. Showing off his otherworldly mass, alongside the biggest and most notorious muscle monsters on the planet. Wowing the audience and judges. Being a part of the wondrous and magnificent freak show that was a professional bodybuilding competition.

He wanted his power enabled body to be stared at, envied, adored and worshiped by every single member of an audience of hundreds. He wanted them to marvel at the deep lines in his quads, shriek at the size of his humungous glutes and quiver at the sight of his bronzed blown up biceps. He wanted to strut and stomp on stage. Displaying the kind of over the top cocky, animalistic attitude he did when he was alone in his bedroom, flexing for himself in the mirror.

He longed to be part of a posedown. Flexing and posing in a group of similarly sized beef monsters. He wanted to be enticed into a head to head crab most muscular with a fellow bronzed muscle bull. He wanted to be encouraged to walk off the stage and waddle into the audience with the other competitors. To walk, flex and show off his mass amongst a group of perfectly normal, average sized, fully clothed spectators. To stand on a chair and hit a front double bicep, as a mass of ordinary people looked on in awe and arousal, eagerly taking pictures and marvelling at his magnificent God-like muscle while, secretly, wanting so badly to touch and worship him, and blow a huge wad of spunk in their undies while doing so.

Unfortunately Mikey knew that this could never happen. The power enabled muscle monster version of his body was the same size and quality as that of a top five Mr Olympia competitor. If he entered into a competition, the whole world of bodybuilding would take notice. They’d all want to know who Mikey was and where he had suddenly come from. Mikey knew that bodybuilders of that tremendous size didn’t just appear overnight. Even if people weren’t suspicious of the fact that a bodybuilder of such size and structure had never competed in a bodybuilding show before, how would he explain the complete lack of progress pictures? Why would no one have ever heard of him before? Mikey knew that he’d have to invent a whole imaginary backstory. And if that didn’t rumble him very quickly, something else most certainly would.

If, when he transformed into a muscle monster, Mikey’s head and facial features transformed with it, he may stand more of a chance of getting away with revealing the power enabled version of himself to the world. But they didn’t. From the head up, he still looked very much like Mikey Maguire. Sooner or later, someone that he knew, or even just someone who did a bit of research on social media, would find out exactly who he was. A perfectly normal, regular sized lad who showed absolutely no previous interest or knowledge of bodybuilding.

He’d be exposed and shamed as a cheat and a fraud, and banished from the bodybuilding world. Everyone in it would know what his secret superpower was. Not only that, the rest of the world, including everyone back in his home town, would discover what his secret superpower was too.

Mikey often fantasised about one day competing in a bodybuilding stage through the use of some kind of superpower. Maybe he would meet someone with the power to erase memories, and persuade them to use that power on the audience of his competition. Or maybe he could one day find someone with the power to turn back time. He could step on stage and compete in a show, and then get that person to work their magic, as if the whole thing had never happened.

But finding people with such specific superpowers was rare, especially ones willing to use that power for other people. Such things usually came at a very large cost, if you could even find people willing to do them in the first place.

Mikey had very little hope that his desires would come to fruition. He could never have predicted that one single weekend trip to London shortly after his twenty-second birthday would lead Mikey to getting the very two things he longed for the most. It would be during this trip that someone would also discover the secret of his superpower for the very first time.

To be continued...

COMING UP IN PART 2: Mikey ventures out in public in his muscle monster form for the very first time, buys his very first pair of posing trunks and meets a man named Pete, who brings him one step closer to fulfilling his fantasy of stepping on to a bodybuilding stage!


  1. I love your stories and the start of this one is just fantastic, great idea, great writing, thank you!

    1. Awww thanks Anonymous - I'm glad you like it and I really appreciate the comment! :)

  2. Oh hells yeah, addict. Awesome start and fresh perspective. I look forward to Mikey learning all about his superpowers.
    One question: Can Mikey control his level of conditioning, the shape of his muscles, his level of tan? Can he give himself a thick power gut and then shred it down to a ripped to hell eight-pack in a few seconds?
    Again, great start!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Anonymous! Funnily enough before I started writing it I did have the idea that his body would change depending on his mood. So sometimes his physique would be more aesthetic looking and shredded, and other times (when he was perhaps feeling a little more adventurous/less inhibited) his body would veer on the "nasty" side - full on roid gut, overhanging pecs, grotesque veins...that kind of thing! When I started writing it though that idea kind of went out of the window (like a few other ideas which didn't quite make it into the story).

  3. Great start MA . Really excited for Mikey to have such an amazingly hot superpower. How awesome that must feel to wake up totally roided and huge... Oh why can't life mirror fantasy n give me the same!. Oh well..better keep hitting the gym. Really looking forward to the on stage stuff mate!!
    BTW...great graphic work as well. Love the target and torso combo...very effective and professional indeed!

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment as always matie! ;) Someone else who read it said it was like the ultimate fantasy superpower. Can you imagine getting up and going to work, going about your day and doing all the things you normally do, and then when you get home you lock the doors, draw the curtains, slip into your favourite shiny posing trunks (though I'm not quite sure what you'd be doing with a pair of *those*...ahem), stand in front of the mirror and then're a 300 shredded muscle monster?!

      And thanks for the lovely compliments about the design too! My Photoshop skills are limited to say the least but I wanted to design something myself and I wanted it to be different from the ones I did for the "Dan and Jake" story which were relatively easy to put together. I was actually a little worried that it looked a bit amateur-ish so bless you for that mate! :)

  4. You know I can't wait to read your stories, so it was like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning when I logged in to see this today. Great start man, I hope Mikey gets the chance to show off for a worthy admirer before (or even after) he gets to step on stage. Great work man, I can't wait for more!

    1. Awwww thanks matie! I always love reading your comments and thoughts about my stories! In fact - I was hoping you'd give me your thoughts on this one! ;) Glad you like - and yep, not to give too much away but he may do a bit of flexing for an admirer or two a bit later on! ;)

  5. LOVE, LOVE LOVE...Having just had an 21 year old bodybuilder visit us. I understand all the things going through Mickey's head right now. Can't wait for the next far a real load shooter.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anonymous and I'm really glad you like it! Lots more to come! ;)

  6. jeeez.....lovin' this!
    more more more please...can't wait for the worship...the competition...the posers!!!
    it's all too good....not sure what's harder right or mikey hitting his most muscular!
    great job as always.

    1. Thanks Anonymous - glad you like it. Just posted part 2 where Mikey gets some tiny, shiny, brightly coloured posers (if you're into that sort of thing)! ;)


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