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It's time for a new type of post featuring some of my favourite muscle pics (and a couple of vids) from the last month or so! Think of this as a leaner, more streamlined version of my muscle pic collections, which I'm aware were getting a bit too lengthy, and perhaps also waining in popularity a little.

So what, or more specifically which body limit pushing, shredded to shittery muscle freaks are featured here?! Here's just a few...Canadian muscle pup Regan Grimes looking all sorts of gorgeous and peeled at his pro debut (5th place peeps!), 212 class Chicago champ Ricardo Correia (he's the gap toothed black dude in the red trunks), who is physically incapable of blasting out a crab most muscular without displaying the most OTT cocky, testosterone fulled, aggressive TOOD and looking like some kind of primal, snarling, demented animal in the process, pocket rocket/stud biscuit extraordinaire Santi Aragon (who cares about being 3 ft tall when you're THAT good looking and jacked), British cheeky chappie Luke Ayling (he's the lad in the hotel room posing in the nuddy - minus the flip flops!) who's all kinds of shredded and cocky (check out the video at the end for the proof!), All American meat monster Dallas McCarver at 330 lbs (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!), and a ton more freaks, beasts, dads (gotta have a few muscle daddies in there!) and lads!

Oh and if anyone wants to know the names of any of these guys, I think I know most of them (or can certainly have a stab at finding out)!

This cheeky blighter is the aforementioned Luke Ayling! Look at those beautifully sliced abs! They look fucking stuck on! Also love the separation of his torso and his crazily detailed quads. He barely looks like a human! Pssstt nice flip-flips mate. £3 from Primarni by any chance? Thought so!


Ahhhh the classic hand on quads most muscular pose. Perfect for showing off your gloriously peeled abs and big (I've seen bigger), shiny (I've seen shinier!) bulge.


YES, YES and another FUCK YES!! Imagine when Regan is a 300 lbs Mr Olympia competitor?!

What a gorgeous, cheeky looking bull! MOOOOO (did that work?!)


Think Ricardo is a shy, introverted wallflower when he's not blasting out poses in his shiny red trunks? IS HE FUCK!



Look at this cheeky rapscallion! It's almost as if he's PROUD to be a pumped to buggery muscle freak three times as muscular as most lads his age! Weird!



I've said it before and I'll say it again. GOD I LOVE SHAUN CLARIDA (the guy in the beanie hat). He's not the best looking, and certainly not the biggest of bodybuilders but there's just something about him that just works for me big time. The physique, the tude, his overall look...he's just fucking got it!!








ONE WORD: FUUUUUCKK!! Some people might say the tan in this pic is too much. The same people might like the music of Ed Sheeran, but I'm not one to judge.






Do Primarni do posing trunks?!













Pants?! Nah. Never heard of 'em.









JESUS! How bloody HUGE does Flex look here?!








Bust a nut to THAT Jeff! Oh already did!



Anyone order a striated chested, pink posing trunk sporting, cheeky chimp tude packed muscle daddy?


Bored of this lad yet? Nope. Me neither!


All I see is ASS, ASS and yet more ASS!





One of the lad's in the front row just exploded. Think his name is Jeff?






Cocky? ME?! Yep! Now shut the fuck up and watch me blast out this nasty most muscular with my tongue out! YEEEAAHH!!


 JESUS! Where does that beautifully striated glute end? It's half way down his fucking leg!



I'm not sure who's having more fun here. Dani, who's flexing in the knowledge that he's twice the size of his poor mate, or his mate, who's standing next to big, pumped Dani, who's twice the bloody size of him?





UPDATE: Primarni *don't* do posers. Sorry lads!




Is this Andy Polhill's younger, leaner, shredded to buggery brother?!

Look at this lil' spunkster! SO CUTE!

Before Brian hit the stage, his mentor gave him the advice to "really crank the 'tude dude"! I think it's fair to say he listened!

The cheeky gorgeous muscle bull is back! After 3...MOOOOO!!

COMING SOON FROM HASBRO: A brand new game from the makers of Hungry Hippo and Gooey Louie called Pinch The Skin on Dani's Abs! Comes in three levels of difficulty; Ripped To All Buggery (2 weeks out), Super Super Shredded (1 week out) and Shit! Where'd My Skin Go? (comp day).

And here he is again! MOOOOO(I REALLY SHOULD STOP THIS)OOOO!! come *my* iPhone didn't come with a 250 lbs Canadian muscle boy?! I'm phoning Anne Robinson.

I think this expression roughly translates to "OOOOOWW FUCKIN' ELL"!!

"Y'all just staring at my shiny big bulge aren't ya?"

Is he cute? Is he ugly? WHO CARES! LOOK AT THAT BOD!

"I said 'really crank the tude' Brian, not 'do you best impression of Popeye'"!

How can a lad with a face that cute have such an indecent sized bottom?!

I'm getting very strong vibes that no 21 is secretly, deeply and hopelessly in love with no 17, and this is the single greatest moment of his life.

Well the lad in the white t-shirt *was* the hottest guy at the event, until some chump in a blue hat showed up.

FUCKING SQUEEEEZE ITTTT!! God I love shots of lads squeezing out head to head most musculars!

And here's a video of Luke Ayling stomping around a bodybuilding stage showing off his incredible, jacked to fuck muscle bod, and pulling all sorts of funny faces in the process!

Ricardo blasting out a big nasty crab most muscular into the camera...

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Regan Grimes practising his posing routine in his red trunks...

Check out the conditioning on this lad! FAAAWKK!! Dick thin skin and crazy vascularity (even on his head)! I love how he can't seem to stop flexing either.

And lastly, some bonkers quad and glute flexing from the one and only Chris Bumstead!

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  1. Awesome post. Can't wait for the next one, but I'm most eagerly awaiting your newest story! Thanks for what you do.

    1. Thanks matie - great to see you commenting on here again! I'll be posting the first part of my new story next.

  2. MuscleAddict, thanks for another great muscle installment with your clever commentary. I always enjoy your posts and highly anticipate the next one. The glute series are my favorites.

    1. Glad you like matie! I think I have you to thank for at least one of the pics here?! ;) I'll have to do a new glutes post soon.

  3. Don't you think obsession is a curious thing Muscleaddict? I mean, take this obsession you and I share...the absolute love and passion for men with huge shredded, over developed physiques. I have to admit that I am absolutely obsessed and besotted by it all! Somehow it has enthralled me since puberty and probably without really knowing why, even before then! The thing is with sexual obsession is that its so strong,its pointless to deny it because when that happens, like any addiction, it will resurface. In that context, your posts provides me with top quality, diverse and maximum sexually charged muscle eye candy. I go down this pantheon of muscle pics and it is no exaggeration to admit that it creates such a physical affect. Obviously an erection, obviously a sense of absolute wonderment at what I am looking at, even shortness of breath and yes, maybe a feeling of longing and ( I know ) a slight pang of jealously, because I could never even get near to looking like that myself. But for me, the overriding thing is that it constantly reinvents itself and I never tire of it! I love to look at new muscle lads, discover another unknown, muscle stallion, daddy or roid monster and satisfy my need to express my genetic makeup by responding, playing ,arousing myself and cumming hard as that ultimate expression of muscle obsession and worship. So, thnk you Muscle Addict for presenting these hot muscle fellows to me and indeed to us all!

    1. Do you know mate, it's funny you mention obsession because (and this might surprise you...ahem) I *do* have an ever so slight tendency to get a wee bit obsessed with things. It's often associated with fandom/geekdom, and yeah, when I was as a kid I would get obsessed with things like books, TV series and certain pop stars. And then the summer after my GCSE’s I happened to develop another obsession, after having bought a muscle mag with Milos Sarcev on the cover from my local Spar (incidentally - the most exciting place to visit where I grew up). I can still remember walking along the road with the magazine in a plastic bag, completely paranoid that everyone passing in their cars would be looking out of the window and would be able to see the huge, shredded muscle freak through the bag!!

      15 years later and I’m now more besotted than ever! And (much like you by the sounds of things, and I’m guessing most of the lads who check this blog), I wouldn’t fucking change it for the world!! I've always counted myself as being incredibly lucky to have something which turns me on, interests and excites me to THAT much of a degree!! Something so wonderful, intense and unique! GOD I LOVE IT!!! I’ve often even thought that even if I were straight I would still have an interest in bodybuilding, and be fascinated with, and drawn in by huge, shredded muscle like so many straight lads are (though I perhaps wouldn’t have arrived at it so easily).

      And yes mate you're so right (and I’ve never even thought about this before), it NEVER gets tiring! I mean, yes, I sometimes get bored of checking out certain bodybuilders, but then, along comes a new guy (and then *another* new guy) and FUUUUUCKKKK, it’s like I’ve never loved muscle more!

  4. Probably the most awesome collection of muscle gods ever!!! I'm obsessed with the guy wearing red posers...where you comment about people looking only at them...he's wearing #32. Love to know his name so I could do more research. Yes boys I'm obsessed as well. The first thing I do before going to the gym is check out the blogs...gets me going for the day. Dont give a fuck I'm a worshipper, and enjoy every spunk worthy minute. Thanks for this amazing post and all the others...

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Anonymous! Agreed - no 32 in the red trunks is fucking awesome! His names Rafał Tasiemski.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply...You have the most amazing eye for selecting the most beautiful BB's in the world...thanks again.

  5. Great post, Regan Grimes has come on 'leaps and bounds' he's looking pretty shit hot.
    But my favourite was Dani Kaganovich. A total sex beast, especially with the stubble coming through. He can spunk on me anytime.
    Sexy Dani

  6. How about another naked glutes collection?

    1. Hey Anonymous - yeah, I've thought about doing another one of those. I definitely have enough pics!

  7. ILoveBodybuilders11 October 2017 at 09:33

    Hi I love your site but I just have a small suggestion. When you post a pic with a guy showing his glutes can you please put the name of the person in the pic? Without a face it's hard to tell lol. Love your site though!


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