Saturday, 3 June 2017


I'm taking a bit of a break from updating the blog to concentrate on working on my new story. I'll leave you with a brand new muscle packed pic collection (shredded freaks and monstrous beasts ga-fuckin-lore)! In the meantime I'll probably still continue to update my Tumblr page here for those of you who reguarly check it, otherwise I'll see you guys soon!


  1. Well muscle addict, after returning home after a hot and tiring few hours shlepping around town, which I always find to be high on expectation but low on outcome...especially this week, being as my most exciting purchase was a new padlock for my bIcycle chain!...yawn. Anyway, I get home flustered, fatigued and frustrated. To refresh myself make a nice pot of tea and then settle down to do my muscle correspondence. Usually, muscle addict inc is my first port of call unless I have any Gmails, which I happened to have. After that, I then proceeded to look in on MA Inc and was delighted to see this months muscle collection. .always my favourite posts. Well MA mate, I was not disappointed! In fact jeeeeeeesussssssss! What a huge kaleidoscope of hot quality beef on display! From cute and enthusiastic muscle lads who are new to the iron game and obviously highlyaroused by it all, through to the swolebros, stallions bulls and roid monsters and finilly a couple of hot daddies chucked in too...slurp. It was noticeable that a certain bespectacled muscle lad figured large, along with an obscenely tight black lycra shorted Chris Bumstead! Can'take think why MA! Anyway, and here I blush...even though it's a Saturday afternoon, so I should be down the pub with my mates or watching a sports game involving a ball, I somehow ended up in bed, fully lubed and shoving my favourite butt plug up my ass! Ever since I've been glory ing in all this muscle but what pushed me over the edge was a certain duo in matching orange posers, simultaneously cranking out a most muscular! I honestly can't think where the idea sprung from but I have to say, it was fucking delicious! Ker-fucking-splat!

  2. What an incredible display of muscle, pumped to perfection. Can you ID the first gent with the WOW bubbles? Also the gent with the blue posers and white stockings, any ID??

    1. Hey TW - its the same guy in both pics. A British guy called Luke Layling.

  3. Many thanks Muscle Addict. I've found other pics of Luke and he sure likes to wear stockings.

  4. Now *that* was a photobomb. Santi Aragon (#2 and in several later pics) is so dreamy. <3

  5. Thank you for the amazing collection!!


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