Sunday, 30 April 2017


This is a public service announcement. Every single muscle lover/junkie/addict/anyone with a penchant for huge, shredded, ever flexing muscle bulls (shiny minuscule posing trunks preferable but optional) needs to stop what they're doing RIGHT BLEEDING NOW and spend the next ten minutes or so perusing the pics and videos in this post!

This post contains not one, not two, but THREE ridiculously awesome muscle lads. All jacked to shit. All pumped to buggery. All in the most jaw dropping competition condition! And ALL very worthy of your/any attention.

First up, one of my favourite bodybuilders from the last few years….Milan Sadek! Last seen hanging around backstage at bodybuilding shows with Roman Fritz in matching red posers, and trying to fight off the grubby mitts of that cheeky bugger of a German muscle bull Steve Benthin on stage, Milan made his return to the stage last weekend in pretty much the best fucking shape and condition of his life!

Sliced and diced from head to fucking foot, his physique was just one big mass of granite hard muscle, crazy cuts, inhuman striations and freaky veins! FUCK YEAH!! Check out the close up hotel room shots of those bonkers quads and just LOOK at that crazy but beautiful feathering! This is what it's all about people!

LOOK AT THOSE BONKERS FUCKING QUADS!! I love the moment at the end when he signals down to them like, "Check that fucking shit out! YEAH"!

Next up…Swiss bodybuilder Nicolas Vullioud! No doubt you'll all have heard of him. Young guy, short in height, thick as shit muscle, always shockingly shredded, usually sports a sort of slicked down blonde mohawk, owner of one INCREDIBLE ass which is both huge and striated to buggery (lines for days/weeks/months/FUCKING YEARS!), would make an awesome future 212 class pro bodybuilder one day? Wait. Scrap that last one, because that very day has come!

Nicolas made his pro debut at the same show Milan won and FUCKING HELL! He looked absolutely INSANE! Just pound upon pound of THICK, shredded, brutal looking MASS bulging off his phenomenally chiselled physique in every imaginable direction. Crazy delts, alien quads, bonkers shaped abs (I count 9 and a half of them - anyone else get a different number?) all made an appearance on stage.

And I can not talk about Nicolas without giving mention to another particular aforementioned body part, and instructing you all to do exactly one thing; LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING GLUTES!  How the FRIG do those even belong to a human?! Shall we play a little game of "Let's Count The Lines In Nicolas' Bum"? On your marks, get set, go: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…FUCK THIS! We'll be here all bloody day. Freaky, beautiful and breathtaking. All at bloody once.


And lastly, a lad who's already had his feature on the blog recently (post here), but who has only bloody gone and stepped on stage AGAIN looking as big, bonkers and downright fucking brilliant as before. The pecs are still massive, the biceps are still brutal, and he's still got his geeky Clark Kent specs on! Which I still bloody LOVE. Along with that bonkers tan job which makes him look like he's been dunked in a big tank of fucking chocolate (unsurprisingly his mucked up trunks are PLASTERED in the stuff), the outrageously cheeky attitude on stage (check the YouTube vid for the proof), and pretty much everything bloody else! Apparently he's got another three shows coming up as well. Fucking hell Dani mate - I'm not sure we can take much more of this! Wait. What am I saying?! We so bloody can!!


Here's a short video of him pumping up his massive, bronze painted tits backstage...

And here he is indulging in what he clearly loves to do more than anything; strutting about on stage showing off his freakishly developed, gloriously tanned slabs of insanely awesome muscle mass, wearing nothing but his specs, a pair of tan wrecked trunks and a cheeky grin!


  1. Nicholas Glutes is fucking crazy as is everything else!!! He looks like a bigger version of flex Lewis

  2. Totally worship all three of these young, gorgeous musclegods, but Dani posing routine is beyond a stunning performance of young muscle at its best.

  3. MA, Extremely difficult decision. They are all great! Nicholas is unbelievable for his height and I agree with Anonymous (1 May). The posing routine of Dani is stunning. Milan has a complete package.

  4. There is just something about Dani that has these three georgeous young men beat...the finely crafted physique, the super cocky posing...the blue posers in the pre contest training video and of course the glasses.....FUUUUUUK he has them all beat...Nicholas is like a pocket size muscle man like to put him in my to box...and play with him all day...

  5. We tried to work with Dani and Nicholas but both were not very receptive to trying. BroActive ended up sponsoring Nicholas and that but could be so much more fitted. Dani has the worst trunks ever seen and won't try to change.. Wish we could get him fitted right that will give him that last bit of PRO to get him there!

    1. Dani would look amazing in a pair of your guys' trunks. But then, pretty much any bodybuilder would! Still think you guys should try and get Chris Bumstead on board!!

  6. MusclePotential Dani would look awesome in a pair of your trunks! As would any of the guys! I know it's not as straightforward as 'they just choose a pair', it's a shame they weren't really interested as your trunks would totally perfect the packages!!!


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