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"It's not just being in competition condition that I find incredibly horny. There's something about competing in a bodybuilding show that turns me on to an almost ridiculous degree.

Standing on stage in nothing but tiny shiny posers. Shredded to death and caked in tan from head to toe. Flexing and posing and showing off my ridiculously developed slabs of crazily huge muscle mass with a bunch of other, equally huge, insanely shredded and excessively muscular lads. All of them their to flex and show off their big muscles to an adoring, awe stricken audience."

It's time for part two of "Dan and Jake"; my story about two of the most loved and popular juniour bodybuilders in Britain.

This part sees the lads filming the latest episode of their "Brothers In Beef" vlog, where they both reveal their choice of posers in their "Posing Trunk Challenge" (a challenge set by the lads to see who can find the best/most bonkers pair of posers)!

It also explores something which I've always loved the idea of; a bodybuilder who is turned on by his own physique, being surrounded by other shredded muscle lads and standing on stage, flexing and posing and showing off his inhuman physique for an audience.

Part 3 up next!


As much as I love Dan I inwardly cringe at the way he greets our audience. "Hey, dudes and dudettes. Welcome to another edition of Dan and Jake: Brothers In Beef. It's the morning of the British championships and my boy Jake here is SHREDDED!! Jake show the viewers that Christmas tree!"

I dutifully spin around to show off my freaky lower back to the camera, all the time enjoying the giddy feeling that always comes when Dan praises my physique. Or even just throws me the slightest compliment.

"How's THAT for conditioning, folks?"

Now it's my turn to compliment Dan. "And as you can see guys, my man Dan is looking utterly monstrous."

At this point Dan let's out a playfully cocky, "Yeah baby," lifts up his arms and throws an insane front double bicep to show off the glorious peaks I’ve fantasised so often about wrapping my hands around, before he un-flexes and releases a cheeky and adorable little laugh.

"Ten pounds heavier than last years show people!" I continue to say to the camera.

"And I think Jake here is ten times more shredded," he adorably says, making my heart flutter.

Dan then proceeds to remind our followers about our "Posing Trunk Challenge". He's as characteristically cheeky as ever as he informs the camera that I've got my work cut out for me if I want to compete with the trunks hiding under his joggers. The trunks I have to admit I'm especially eager to see. But then, if it were up to me, Dan's permanent outfit would be nothing but a pair of posers. Packed and stretched at the front, and devoured by his gloriously developed glutes round the back. The shinier and more colourful the better.

Dan insists I reveal my posing trunks first. Spun around and facing away from the camera, I feel a sudden sense of excitement as I slowly peel the waistband of my shorts down to reveal the white, red and blue coloured material of my indecently shiny posers.

As soon as the pattern is revealed, Dan reacts in the most brilliant and excitable manner. "DUDE! Union Jack posers! Those. Are. AWESOME!"

My heart flutters again, I feel a giddy sensation and I can't stop smiling. Dan loves my posers! Yay!

"Spin around, Jake! Let's see those babies from the front."

I dutifully oblige and show off my thick red, white and blue coloured bulge to the camera.

"Best trunks ever, dude!" Dan exclaims as he bends down and leans in to inspect the front of my posers.

With Dan's gorgeous face about a foot from my shiny trunk covered bulge, my cheeks feel flushed and I start to panic as I feel a stirring in my trunks. Oh God. Don't get hard. Do NOT get hard.

"Well...second best anyway," he cheekily continues, pulling away. "Awww man. Those trunks are so good - I almost feel bad that I'm about to whip your arse."

"Wait until you get a load of THESE, folks", he says. Then, spinning away from the camera and bending forward so his obscenely huge bottom is stuck in the air, he says something completely unexpected. "Jake, will you do the honours?"

Slightly dumbfounded, it takes a little while for me to realise what I'm being asked. "Dude, pull my joggers down! Time to reveal these bad boys!" he says, giving his big bum a cheeky wiggle.

I gulp and move towards Jake’s plump rump, and as I do, my dick starts to instantly swell in the shiny crotch of my trunks. It's completely useless trying to fight it.

By the time both of my hands are placed on the waistband of Dan's grey joggers, my Union Jack posers are stretching to a ridiculous degree by my full on, raging boner.

As I pull the joggers down in anticipation of seeing some brightly coloured shiny trunk material, my stomach jumps into my throat when all I'm met with is the bronzed skin and bare, overdeveloped meat which makes up Dan's arse cheeks.

Is this a trick? Some kind of goofy, laddish prank? I continue to peel Dan's joggers down to reveal more of his bare naked bum until I'm suddenly faced with his smooth, tight, adorably pink hole. Right in the middle of his thick, tanned cheeks.

"Surprise, dude!" Dan exclaims. I'm completely speechless. "It's all yours, mate," he says in the sexiest, most suggestive manner.

I look at his beautiful pink hole, and it starts to twitch, inviting me in. There's only one thing to do but oblige.

Grabbing onto the sides of Dan's gorgeous glutes, I bend down and slowly move my face towards the flesh of Dan's tight hole. I want my wet tongue inside of Dan. I wanna make him squirm and whimper. Hear the cute moans and hot groans of pleasure of a huge, pumped up muscle boy with a tongue filling up and dancing around inside his arsehole.

"DUDE! Come on!" Dan orders impatiently. As I’m suddenly snapped out of my fantasy, Jake’s tight hole is nowhere to be seen and my hands are back on the waistband of his grey joggers. Disappointment quickly fades and makes way for a sudden overwhelming sense of excitement as to what I'm really about to discover lurking underneath his trousers.

I'm firstly met with bright blue material. Blue posers - classic, masculine and outrageously sexy. God they're shiny. Obscenely fucking so in fact.

As I pull Dan's joggers down further, I'm met with something else. Something silver, and sparkly. They're studs. Silver, sparkly studs stuck on to Dan's blue trunks. And there's lots of them. Spread across his huge bottom. Making up patterns. No, letters. There’s something written on Dan's bum.

As Dan helps me yank his joggers down further, past his thick quads and crazy hams, I stand back to admire the back of his shiny blue trunks in all their bonkers glory, and to take in the three words written in silvers studs. My vlogging partner's famous nickname; "DAN THE MAN"!

"MATE! FUCK!" I'm almost at a loss for words. "I think those really are the best trunks ever!"

"Yeah baby!" Dan replies, giving his big shiny blue trunk encased bottom another cheekily wiggle.

"Where the hell did you get them from?" I ask.

"Some American dude on the Internet custom made them for me," he replies, still bent over with his arse in the air, proudly displaying his utterly fantastic posers.

"Feel the letters, mate!" he says, wiggling his rump once more.

Oh God. Oh fuck. I gingerly step forward moving closer to Dan's indecently sized arse and my cock starts twitching in the crotch of my Union Jack posers.

By the time my fingers are moving towards the silver studs which make up the lettering on his trunks its furiously jolting and when my fingers make contact I feel the first of no doubt many squirts of pre-cum leaking into the shiny poser material.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Dan says as I trace my fingers over the silver studs of the letter "D".

I mutter an agreeable yeah but my mind is thinking one thing and one thing only; I'm touching Dan's arse. I'm actually touching Dan's arse!

When he's finally finished torturing me and showing off the back of his custom made trunks, Dan is spun around facing the camera once more.

"So, folks, which do you like the best? Jake's AWESOME Union Jack posers, or my "Dan The Man" trunks?"

He then briefly spins around again, gives his shiny trunk covered bottom a big, cheeky slap and releases an outrageously cocky, "Ooooh yeah!"

Now it's my turn to take over and address the camera. "Place your votes by using the poll in the description of the video. The poll will close at about 6 p.m tonight. By then we'll both have found out where we've placed in the juniour category of the show. And hopefully we'll both be picking up some trophies!"

Right on cue, Dan takes the lead once more and wraps up the latest episode of our "Dan and Jake: Brothers In Beef" vlog, informing our fans that we'll soon be heading off to the venue of the show.

"Seriously, dude, those trunks are fucking awesome," Dan is saying as he pulls his joggers back up. "Union Jack posers. Fucking genius! Well played, mate!"

I feel the giddy rush I always do whenever Dan throws me a compliment, and I have no doubt that it's completely genuine. But I can also tell from the tone of his voice that he knows he's, once again, beaten me to a competition.

Ten minutes later and I'm back in the en suite bathroom of our hotel room. I unzip my black tracksuit jacket for one last look at my competition conditioned physique before Dan and I head down the venue.

I'm almost freaked out at just how inhumanly shredded I've managed to get for this year's show. I'm possibly the freakiest and most shockingly conditioned I've ever been.

As I stare at the reflection of my thick cushions of striated pec meat bulging off my chest and the six blocks of perfectly chiselled, wonky shaped ab muscle bursting through my stomach, my dick starts to swell once more in my trunks.

I'm always exceptionally horny when I'm in competition condition. The past few weeks of prep have felt like a second puberty. I’ve been constantly wanking off and needing to cum. Not helped in the slightest by the fact that I've spent almost every day with the one and only Dan "The Man" Murray, i.e. one of the most loved and absurdly gorgeous current young bodybuilders, not just in Britain but in the entire world, who just so happens to be looking bigger, freakier and more pumped than he ever has.

I tentatively reach for the throbbing hard on bulging through my track pants and posing trunks. I usually try to sneakily blow a load before I compete in a show, but it's not always an easy feat when I'm sharing a hotel room with Dan.

It's not just being in competition condition that I find incredibly horny. There's something about competing in a bodybuilding show that turns me on to an almost ridiculous degree.

Standing on stage in nothing but tiny shiny posers. Shredded to death and caked in tan from head to toe. Flexing and posing and showing off my ridiculously developed slabs of crazily huge muscle mass with a bunch of other, equally huge, insanely shredded and excessively muscular lads. All of them their to flex and show off their big muscles to an adoring, awe stricken audience.

You expect to experience a high from competing, but no one tells you what an immense turn on the whole thing is.

And nothing is hornier, or more sexually charged than a posedown. All the lads going nuts, cranking up the attitude, flexing within an inch of their lives and showing off their hard earned freaky mass for all the world to see.

The first bodybuilding show I ever competed in, I spent the whole time worrying about the fact that I had an almost permanent hard on in my posers.

After about my third competition, I realised it was completely useless worrying about it, or even trying to fight it.

And then, last year, during the juniour class posedown of the same show I'm heading to today, a new fear unexpectedly presented itself.

Not content with spending half of the posedown by my side, outrageously cranking out his poses in his characteristically cocky manner, halfway through a joint abs and thighs pose, Dan decided to wrap one of his monstrous arms around my shoulders and press the side of his torso and one of his thick, shredded quads against mine.

The feeling of Dan's obscenely muscular, rock hard body engulfing mine, the sensation of our thick, freakishly shredded quads pressed together and the image of his perfectly symmetrical, gloriously sliced and crunched to an incredible degree was almost enough to push me over the edge. And as I squeezed down hard on my thick abs, I jammed my eyes shut and prayed to the stars that, standing on stage at the biggest bodybuilding show in Britain in front of an audience of hundreds, I didn't accidentally blow a massive load in my tiny shiny posing trunks.

I jump and instinctively tear my hand away from my now throbbing hard on as Dan unexpectedly knocks on the bathroom door. "Dude! You almost ready to go?"

There goes my chance of having a cheeky last minute tug. "Ermm. Yeah, mate. Gimme a minute!"

Erection go down. Erection go down. OK, think of something NOT horny. Women's tits. Big tits. Dan's tits. Dan's big muscle tits. OH GOD.

I open the bathroom door to find Dan standing in the room playing with his phone. Now fully clothed in the exact same black tracksuit as I am (only his a couple of sizes bigger), he looks like an absolute brick shit house. The only bit of flesh on show now is the top of the deep crevice separating his indecently huge pecs peeking out of his tracksuit top. As I take in the image, I can feel myself rapidly getting hard once again.

With his freshly cut hair now styled to perfection and the first layer of tan beginning to show, he looks more devastatingly gorgeous than he ever has.

There’s no doubt that he'll be turning heads on the walk to the venue of the bodybuilding show. Unless I go out in a vest, I very rarely get attention in public. But when I'm with Dan, I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of heads that turn. The funniest reactions we, or more specifically he, gets seem to be from gangs of teenage girls. Some look intimidated, or just plain scared. But often, they'll giggle, smirk, go gooey eyed, shove each other for attention, and sometimes even wolf whistle at the sight of huge, built like a tank, 6 foot tall, criminally handsome Dan Murray strutting down the street with his short arsed baby-faced mate in toe.

Dan looks at me with a playfully apologetic expression. "Sorry, Dude - looks like I'm topping the votes in the Posing Trunk Challenge by about, oooooh, ten per cent!"

I smirk, playfully shake my head and roll my eyes. "There's still a few hours to go, mate," I say, playing along. "I could kick your arse yet."

Dan raises one eyebrow and pulls an expression as if to say, "Yeah bleedin' right!"

"Speaking of kicking arse," Dan begins, picking up his holdall and throwing it over one of his absurdly broad boulder shoulders, "we'd better make a move, mate".

As I pick up my backpack I think of the day that's laid out before me and a dizzy mix of emotions run through me. I'm aroused at the prospect of being in a pump room full of indecently huge and outrageously horny bodybuilders in competition condition. I'm eager to get on stage, flex and pose and show off my exceptionally shredded physique in my new Union Jack posing trunks. I'm excited at the prospect of seeing an ecstatic Dan triumphantly pick up his first place trophy, but I'm also anxious. Because I’m still feeling monumentally horny, and I have absolutely no idea when I'm going to get a spare five minutes to whip down my trunks and shoot the massive load that's been begging to be unleashed since I woke up from my wedding dream about Dan.

Just before we leave the hotel room, Dan suddenly stops in his tracks, turns to me and flashes me an affectionate and inexplicably gorgeous smile. With his big pretty eyes looking down at me and an almost poignant expression on his face, it feels as if, in a completely uncharacteristic manner, he’s about to say something heartfelt.

"In all seriousness, Jake. Good luck out there today," he adorably says. "You really DO look fucking nuts."

My heart expands in my ridiculously big chest and I'm overcome with so much emotion that I fear I may actually start to well up.

"You too, Dan. You're gonna absolutely fucking nail it," I reply.

His heart melting smile grows wider and for a split second I wonder whether, for the first time ever, he's actually going to reach out and hug me. Or even just give me an affectionate slap on the shoulder. Instead, he stretches out his right arm and presents me with his clenched fist to bump. 

To be continued...


  1. wow! how to start,I feel so connected to this master piece muscle story that captures in a erotic way the complete passion that muscle lovers feels about male bodybuilders, every word seems to be tell to increase the love to muscles, the beauty of muscles, also from bodybuilders view I loved the exciment of them for showing off to US the audience, the hungrier audience to watch them in tinier posers and his roided bodies, my addiction for posers increased ( thanks ) and my love for male HUGE Bodybuilders! to sum up : I love it! I want more !!!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback Anonymous! Some really nice words there matie. And don't worry, there's more on the way!! :)

  2. Jees mate!. I had to stop halfway through and blow! It was so intense and quite soon in, I was almost on the cusp as Jake was imagining the ass licking. To then suddenly end it at that high point, which then had to build up again! Wow! Very skillfully written.
    In the end, as the story continues and as my mental pictures began to literally layer one on the other, i had to pause and crank one out just so i could re-focus on the words! But, him being totally aroused when on stage, explored an interesting notion about his own inner workings and motivating desires.
    Roll on Chapter 3! Thanks MA!

    1. Wow mate - how do I respond to this?! I've had other people in the past tell me my stories have had a erm...similar effect to what you've described above (blush!) and I've always found it mad, but also pretty awesome! Hehe! Really glad you're enjoying the story mate. Part 3 is my favourite and was the most fun to write! ;)

  3. I look like a packet of dessicated coconut thanks to you MA. All dried out, because my bodily juices have been well and truly milked several times reading this story haha! Masterfully written. I just have that pic of Roman Fritz and Milan Sadek in my head when stroking it reading the story. Instant splooge! Love it. Keep it up!

  4. Great Part II. This couple (and I'm thinking of them as a couple) is hot AF. Hot dialog. AMAZING ass-worship section! I do hope there's a Part III!

  5. Thanks for the brilliant feedback guys! Part 3 is now up! ;)


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