Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Mike Pearson's vein-tastic quads, Johnny Doull's twitchy tits, Dallas McCarver's impossibly shiny posers and some of the most loved muscle monsters from the 00's (probably all time)! They're all here in a post featuring five brilliant beef-packed Instagram videos.

First up, a video of (ruddy gorgeous!) 6'2 Aussie bodybuilder Mike Pearson posing in competition condition! I did a post on this guy a few years back (check it out here) and he's made a bit of a comeback in recent months. Here he is tanned to shit and shredded to all out buggery and showing off his immensely conditioned physique for the camera (what is going on with all those veins in his quads?)! I especially love the bit where he's just BLASTING out that crazy most muscular with that cheeky chimp of a red trunk sporting daddy! The cheekiest, proudest expressions on their faces as they just let rip into the camera and show off what beyond human FREAKS they've morphed themselves into. FUCKING GO FOR IT LADS!! Hehe!

I can't decide what part of this video of Johnny Doull I like best. The bit where he tugs down on the waistband of his shorts to teasingly show off the top of his shiny purple posers (*whimpers like a puppy*), the bit where his tits start involuntarily twitching and jumping (HOLY BLOODY MOLY!), the part where he opens up his monster sized barn-door back and releases that awesome exhaling hissing noise ("PFHOOOO"!) or the bit where he pulls down his shorts and starts adjusting his bright, glittery, brilliantly purple posers (WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO US JOHNNY MATE)?!

Disappointed at the lack of glutes on show from that last video? This one of a trunk free bodybuilder getting a spray tan backstage should make up for it! OK…1) LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT ASS (SPOILER ALERT: It's HUUUUUGE)! 2) Can you think of any other type of competition/event/sport where it's perfectly acceptable for the competitors to be completely and unashamedly naked in front of a room full of people backstage? And lastly...3) HOW AND WHERE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH DO I APPLY FOR THAT BLOODY JOB?!

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Everyone's favourite 300 lbs American muscle monster Dallas McCarver looking terrifyingly MONSTROUS (though to be fair - does he ever NOT?!) on stage at the Arnold Classic! Who ate all the roids? Fucking DALLAS by the looks of it! Huge! Cocky! Gorgeous! There's not a single thing about this beef mountain of a man that doesn't disappoint. Plus points must also go to those outrageously shiny blue knickers! Tell me Dallas, was it your mission to find THE shiniest trunks on the market? If so…mission well and truly accomplished mate!

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And from one of today's most popular bodybuilders to some of the most loved muscle monsters of the 00's in a downright BONKERS clip from the 2006 Mr Olympia! Dexter Jackson looks as awesome as he ever has, Jay Cutler looks fucking NUTS and Ronnie Coleman looks like something from another fucking planet (THOSE TITS! FUCK)! The best bit has to be the abs and thighs where all three aforementioned freaks start shouting out as they crank down on their giant lego brick-like, tummy popping abs like a pack of fucking animals. "ARRGHHH"! "HAAAA"! "YEAARGGHHH"! NOISY BLEEDIN' BUGGERS!!

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What was your favourite video from this post? Let me know in the poll below.


  1. Blimey MA! Talk about comparing apples with bananas or strawberries with kiwi! The problem with me is I just fucking love fruit, all of it! From the cheeky sexed up youngster at the earlier stages of his bb career and how he is just loving the energised excitement of it all... The looks n I think the especial attention he's getting frOM the muscle dad!
    To the other extreme..the Olympia footage! Buthe, like Brexit one can't sit on the fence and it was the the shouting pro muscle monsters that got my vote. The reason? Well just look at them!! For a worshipper of muscle this was like the ultimate hard-core porn film one would expect to watch where your favouriteist bunch of actors have come together to make a no holds barred fuck fest for your personal delectation! The size, the heft and sheer muscle bloatedness! Its clear these mountainous muscle planets are absolutely exhausted n nearly at the end. But like true professionals, they're rising to the challenge and shamelessly cranking out those extra poses, each reaching deep into their inner selves to flex and tense, almost delerious and just about keeping it together by resorting to that desperate grunting n shouting ! If this was a Spanish bull fight, well these magnificent bulls would be in their final death throws! Bloody, battered, bruised and facing the end yet somehow defying the odds, pawing the ground, snorting the dry dusty earth but still going in for a final fucking charge! When watching this staggering event, I kept imagining myself moving through the scene, literally orgasming rope upon rope of my hot spunk onto their hulking physiques..my own homage and acknowledgement of thanks to these ultimate muscle gods.

  2. Just noticed the gorgeous pec over hang when he's chatting with the muscle daddy! Foookin ell!!!

  3. Soz mate..i'm refering to the muscle lad...Mike Pearson.

    1. Fuck yeah mate - bulging off his chest like thick plates of beef wrapped in gorgeously golden paper thin skin. And yep - guessed you meant Mike! ;)


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