Thursday, 19 October 2017


As most of you probably know, I've been making and posting most muscular video compilations for a number of years (even before I started this blog)! Videos featuring nothing but jacked up muscle bulls and shredded to death muscle freaks belting out most muscular after most muscular! However, last year I decided to break from the norm and made my very first compilation video featuring bodybuilders continuously cranking out *another* pose...abs and thighs!

That very video is below, and features the likes of Peter Molnar, Kevin Stutz, Mark Dudgale and Doug Miller!

And one lad featured in that video has been hitting the stage recently looking more insanely awesome than he ever bloody has...Austrian muscle freak Kevin Stutz! Here he is in a fucking incredible video of him, storming and strutting around the stage like a beefed up tornado, displaying THE most outrageously cocky, in-yer-face, testosterone fuelled, power packed posing...and looking all sorts of fucking insane in the process (oh and he won the whole show by the way)!


OK...who's ready for a new "GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES" post?!

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Bearded German woofy gruffsters! Outrageously coloured, shiny as shit posing trunks! Scrunchy faced, 'tude packed posers! Tan streaked muscle pups in DESPERATE need of a towel! They're all here in a brand new beef packed post featuring some of the best pics from last weekend's huge EVLS Prague show!

Let's start with the 212 class lads! Time was I would have gone straight to the pics of a show's open class, and checked out the 212 class pics as an after thought. These days I can't get enough of those short-arsed, turbo charged, pocket rocket mini muscle bulls! The likes of Flex Lewis, Ahmad Ashkanani and Jose Raymond, who are almost as fucking wide as they are tall, who's tummies seem to get more distended (ruff!), and whose posers seem to get shinier (slurp!) with every show they compete in! Sadly none of those aforementioned freaks were in Prague, so let's take a look at who was...

First up, cheeky German muscle bull and nipple tweaking expert Steve Benthin! Last seen with his grubby mitts on everyone's favourite Czech, chipmunk cheeked cutie Milan Sadek (pic here and fucking VIDEO here)! With his big bald head, grizzly bear beard, endearingly cheeky and oh-so-sexy grin (not to mention the fucking slabs of outrageously developed and beautifully sliced BEEF hanging off his bones), Mr Benthin is the very definition of a woof worthy bodybuilder! Oh, and he's only sporting some of THE hottest GOLDEN coloured posing trunks I've seen in a long fucking while. Perhaps since Canadian muscle pup Samuel Dixon stuffed his outrageously huge ass into those gloriously golden Muscle Potential bad boys (see here)!


Whooops! Looks like Steve's golden posers have gotten a little mucky and the tan has rubbed off on to the straps and bulge, which as you all probably know I just absolutely HATE to see!

And as you can bloody see, Steve fills out those golden numbers VERY fucking well! JEEEEZ-US!!

ONLY at a show in Europe would you see THESE kinds of scenes in a pump room!! He clearly doesn't give a fuck that everyone can see his bare naked bum and that his cock's in a fucking sock. LOVE IT!! Psssst! Nice slippers Steve!!

And have you ever seen Steve cranking up the 'tude as much as he does here?! Maybe those golden posers have magical powers. Whoever puts them on becomes a cocky as fuck, 'tude packed animal! Here he is cranking out with another lad I love...Brit bull Ricardo Correia! Fucking go for it lads!!

And lastly, a video of Steve owning the stage and working that ever adoring crowd up into a muscle crazed frenzy!

And now more of gap toothed, turtle tummied muscle bull Ricardo! GORGEOUS physique, awesome fucking trunks and, as you've seen already, a cheeky little bugger when he's ripping up the stage and showing off his obscenely developed BEEF!

And while Steve's wearing nothing but a sock and Ricardo's having a bop in the middle of the pump room(!), German muscle pup and amateur competitor Adolf Burkhard (more of him further down) is getting his big beefy bod all tanned up by one lucky bugger. Now I'm not condoning acts of violence, but, if I was given the chance to "accidentally" knock that man in the black t-shirt over the head while he pops to the toilet and return to finish the job...I would most probably take it! I'm sure he'd regain consciousness in an hour or two, when the show's finished and Adolf's tan has streaked to buggery under the heat of the stage lights and completely wrecked his posing trunks. No harm done!

Oi Adolf! Stop harassing Ronny Rockel and get back here. Your tan job's not finished. What's that Ronny, you could do with an oil up too? GET IN!!

And here's Steve, Ricardo, Ronny and others cranking out and showing he audience what incredible, shiny trunk sporting FREAKS they are! Steve and Ricardo battling it out for the title of the cockiest animal in the line up!

And here's an insane video Mr Correia, who seems to just be revelling in the amazingness and all out fucking freakiness of his physique (FUUUUCK!!)...

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And another one of Ricardo going NUTS on stage, slamming down cheeky most muscular after most muscular, with Steve getting in on the action too!

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On to the opens now, and (by far) my favourite competitor of the class...British muscle beast Nathan De Asha!! God I love Nathan. The bod, the beef, the quads, the tits, the tude, the TRUNKS...everything is just first fucking class!

Also grabbing my attention in the open class, Tomas Kaspar, who's as bloody GORGEOUS as he is huge, Croatian meat monster Petar Klancir, Czech cutie Lukas Osaladil who is fucking killing me his super duper shiny green trunks and THOSE fucking glutes(!), mass monster and cocky poser extraordinaire Roelly Winklaar and stupidly handsome Swiss muscle mountain Lukas Wylar!

Anyone remember Daniel Toth?! He's BACK and he's just as beast-like as ever!

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! LOOK AT THOSE TRUNKS!! Shiny. Tiny. Slinky. Slurpy little fuckers! Beautiful colour too. It just doesn't get any more outrageous than wearing metallic pink trunks!! FYI this guy is called Maor Zaradez and he's from Israel!

Jeeeeezus!! Now Dexter's rocking some pink metallic slurpers too!! Was it a two for one deal lads?!

And finally...on to the amateur part of the show! Lets start by giving out a few awards. First up, the All Out Cockiest (Fuuuuuck!)/Tude Packed Poser award, which (hands fucking down) goes to Adolf Burkhard (spelt Burghardt on some sites)!

Posing like this just has to be seen in action! Skip to the last part when he unleashes that volley of cocky-as-fuck, 'tude packed MM's! Jeeeez-us!!

Next up, the award for the Hottest Hair and Trunks Combo which goes to outrageously hot mohawked, shiny poser sporting Czech muscle bull Petr Brezna...

Next up, the Scrunchiest Bugger On Stage award goes to the junior class winner Patrik Valach...

And lastly, the award Muckiest Sweat And Tan Drenched Bugger/Most Desperately In Need of a Towel (And Fucking Pronto!) goes to juniour competitor Tomislav Damjanovic...


And the best of the rest...

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