Saturday, 5 November 2016


It's time for my annual poll asking you guys to vote for your favourite bodybuilder(s) (as usual you can vote for as many guys as you like) of the year!

So which muscle freaks did you like the most in 2016? Are you a fan of the big named, pro mass muscle monsters like Phil Heath, Big Ramy and Justin Compton, or do you prefer the 212 class bodybuilding superstars like James Flex Lewis, Eduardo Correa and Jose Raymond? Have those twenty-something American muscle beasts like Steve Kuclo, Dallas McCarver and Cody Montgomery been working for you this year, or do you favour those insanely awesome young muscle guys Canada seems to be churning out like Chris Bumstead, Regan Grimes and Johnny Doull? Do those crazily shredded European muscle freaks Roman Fritz, Tomas Tabaciar and Peter Molnar get your votes, or do those incredible Aussie muscle bulls Steve Orton, Jake Nikolopoulos and Joshua Lenartowicz top your list this year?

As per usual, I've only included bodybuilders who have competed this year and mostly featured on the blog. I've omitted some of the more obscure guys and bodybuilders I know not to be very popular in order to keep the list down. For the first time ever, I've also included an "Other" option in case your favourite bodybuilder is not on the list. However, only those who have competed in 2016 will be eligible for inclusion!

The poll will stay open for the rest of the month, and, much like previous years, the top twenty most voted for bodybuilders will be revealed in December in a series of special posts. I'll also be revealing the results on my Tumblr page and Twitter profile in a slightly different format.

Get voting fellow muscle lovers and have fun!

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