Tuesday, 15 November 2016


QUESTION: What features a whole host of outrageously pumped up beef monsters and gloriously conditioned muscle freaks squeezing out most muscular after most muscular, some in the most outrageously cocky, brilliantly cheeky and 'tude packed fashion (we're talking head to head most musculars and tongues out galore)?!

ANSWER: My brand new most muscular compilation video which includes the likes of Peter Molnar, Brad Rowe, Roman Fritz, Tomas Tabaciar, Roelly Winklaar, Milan Sadek, Luke Debano, Jacek Stefan Ratusznik and Steve Benthin!

And below is the abs and thighs compilation video I made earlier this year for anyone who missed it, or just fancies re-discovering it!


  1. Lovin' all the grunts and grins. With Abs so tight and carved your fingers get lost in between each ridge. So hot, it feels like the heat is turned all the way up!

  2. Holy fuck!!! Those are the hottest mix videos ever...Love quad one...want to grab and fuck each of these red HOT studs. Thanks for posting...got to go jerk off now.


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