Saturday, 19 November 2016


Last month I posted the first half of a story about a muscle lover called Tobey who visits someone known as "The Transformer"; a guy who has the unique superpower to transform others (for a moderate price!) into the body of any living person they want for just one day! Including any monstrously huge, insanely shredded, bodybuilding magazine cover gracing muscle freak!

This second, concluding part sees Tobey's transformation and The Transfomer's reaction to having a flexing competitive bodybuilder famous for his crazy, otherworldly conditioning standing in front of him in his living room. We also get to find out what Tobey's own, unique superpower is!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to tell me how much they like this story. I've had some brilliant feedback for it, with most people telling me how much they love the premise and the whole idea of being able to transform into a bodybuilder for just a short time. Quite a few people have also asked me about a potential sequel/follow up story. I don't have any plans at the moment (I'll leave it up to the reader to imagine what happens next) but I do have lots of ideas for potential spin-off's featuring muscle addicts and bodybuilders with other superpowers which enable them to live out some of their muscle fantasies!

I've added a short poll after the story where you can let me know what you thought of it. I've also added a few final words with some of the thought process behind the story, where the idea came from, and some original ideas I had for it which didn't get used!

I currently have a few other stories in the works, including my "Dan and Jake" story which I'm sure I'll be posting soon!


The Transformation started with a slight tingling sensation running up and down my arms. Although my eyes were jammed shut I could sense a bright light in the room.

The feeling in my arms quickly transformed into an intense, almost euphoric sensation, almost like I was being lifted off the ground.

As it spread to my entire body, it became so intense that I suddenly became short of breath, and what started as a wobbling in my legs quickly turned into my whole body shaking.

The transformation ended with one final, intense jolt like I was suddenly falling, or being pushed from behind. I was completely convinced that I’d open my eyes to find myself lying on the floor of The Transformer’s flat.

It was only when I suddenly regained feeling in my feet that I realised, against all odds, they were still planted firmly on the floor.

Only they weren’t my feet at all. They felt different. Almost alien. And bigger. They definitely felt bigger. In fact, everything felt bigger. It was my body. But it wasn’t. My arms felt further away from my torso. My thighs were touching. My chest stuck out more. And there was more of my body round the back. A lot more. Almost like something big had been stuck on to me. What was that?!

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” The statement from the other man in the room made me jump and forced me to open my eyes.

The Transformer was gawping at me in complete awe, sheer disbelief and slight fear. It was only when I caught sight of my reflection that I knew why.

“OH FUCK!” I exclaimed. Staring back at me in the mirror was an outrageously muscular, excessively developed, inhumanly shredded bodybuilder in bright pink posing trunks.

I was huge. A fucking beast. A living, breathing anatomy chart. A barely human, grotesquely muscular freak.

“FUUUUUCK!” I couldn’t stop staring at the mountain of huge, rock hard, deliciously bronzed muscle mass in the mirror. My legs looked fucking mutated. Rips, cuts and lines I never thought possible ran over the ridges and rock-like mass which made up my legs. How, just HOW did these legs classify as being human?

Six granite hard and gorgeous looking bricks of muscle protruded from my stomach. Each one separated by the deepest of cuts. My whole midsection covered with crazy lumps and alien bumps. It was like a work of art. A freaky, but beautiful creation. And my skin. Did I even have any? All that was there was a thin layer of darkly bronzed film, spread over the perfectly chiselled array of muscle erupting from my torso.

And the pecs. Holy fuck. I had pecs! Two plates of thick, bulging mass trapped under the gloriously golden skin of my enormous sized chest, almost begging for release.

My shoulders looked like they’d been replaced by two enormous boulders, and my arms had tripled in width and size. Veins were snaking all over my upper body to an almost terrifying degree. A sure reminder that humans really weren't supposed to look like this.

“Fucking look at me, mate,” I excitedly exclaimed to the man responsible for my new freak show worthy existence. It was a completely redundant instruction of course, because The Transformer, still wearing his awe stricken expression, couldn’t tear his eyes away from me.

"Tobey, you’re HUGE!” he adorably exclaimed.

I suddenly felt a surge of confidence I hadn’t previously when I’d been sat in front of this devastatingly handsome man in my normal body.

“FUCK YEAH!” I confidently exclaimed. “And I’m fucking SHREDDED!” I added, once more admiring the insane striations and razor sharp cuts running across my entire body and separating every single crazily developed muscle.

“How’s the rear view, mate?" I asked, spinning around to treat The Transformer to a view of me from the back. I was expecting a big reaction, but I never would have predicted the next words to emerge from my new admirers mouth.

“FUCK! LOOK AT THAT BUM!” I sharply twisted my head round and it suddenly became apparent why I had felt like there was more of me round the back.

Sticking out, either side of my shiny pink posers, now filled out to an absolutely laughable degree, was the biggest, and most developed arse I could ever imagine. The exact same arse that Stephen Dresner was so well known for.

It. Was. HUGE. Copious amounts of bum beef just unashamedly sticking out for the whole world to see.

“HOLY FUCK!” I exclaimed as I admired my new outrageously developed, rock hard glutes in the mirror.

Other than their sheer size and development, there was something else these very glutes of Stephen’s were famous for too. Still with my back to the mirror, but my head twisted round, I tensed the two gigantic orbs of meat nestling in my trunks. Sure enough, out of nowhere, a dozen deep lines and striations erupted underneath the frighteningly thin skin covering them, to reveal what had to be one of the most freakishly conditioned asses in bodybuilding.

Out of nowhere, and without any sort of pre-thought, I suddenly blurted out in an admittedly cocky and rather outrageous manner, “FUCK YEAH GLUTES!”

Following this outburst, I looked over at my unwilling spectator and suddenly felt a slight twinge of concern.

Transfixed with my huge, freaky, striation plastered bottom, The Transformer’s mouth was hanging open. And where his expression was still awe stricken and shocked, he also looked a tiny bit terrified.

“Is this freaking you out, mate?”

“No,” he quickly replied. “I mean, yeah, it IS freaking me out. But. Fuck!” He shook his head and the right side of his mouth suddenly curled into a smile. I knew then that whatever conflicting feelings The Transformer was having, one thing for sure; he was definitely enjoying the freak show.

It was that gorgeous smirk of approval which gave me the confidence to brace my next question. “ you wanna watch me hit some poses?”

“Sure,” an excitable and keen Transformer replied, not really seeming as if he knew what he was agreeing to, but apparently eager to see what a shredded muscle freak could do with his body.

It was ironic. I’d felt in such awe of this still ridiculously good looking and impressively muscular man prior to my transformation. A man so sickeningly handsome that I felt nervous just being in his presence. And now, he was in awe of me, and my physical appearance. And to an exceptionally bigger degree than I had been to him. There was no doubt about it. The power had shifted tremendously.

“OK, let’s give you...a front double bicep,” I confidently said to The Transformer. Having spent the past thirty years as a regular sized man, I’d never actually hit any poses before, but I’d watched enough muscle videos of huge, ripped bodybuilders to at least have a stab at doing so.

Staring once again at my new freakish body in the mirror, I bought both of my thick, muscular arms up either side of my head. With my elbows in line with my absurdly broad shoulders, I clenched both of my fists, and before I knew it, I had, albeit rather clumsily transitioned into a front double bicep.

“HOLY SHIT!” I exclaimed as I caught my reflection. Two huge, round balls of glistening, granite hard bicep muscle were exploding to an insane degree.

I turned my head to the right to marvel at the mound of squeezed muscle erupting before my face, before turning to the left to marvel at the other.

“Look at the fucking SIZE of these,” I exclaimed to The Transformer.

“They’re MASSIVE, mate,” came his response.

“Fuck yeah,” I exclaimed, in my cockiest tone yet. I couldn’t stop staring at the huge peaked muscle before me. Still clenching my fists, I continued to squeeze, and squeeze.

Flexing the fuck out of my huge guns, some kind of animal instinct seemed to take over me and I suddenly let out a deep, fairly quiet growl. “Grrrrrrr!”

I looked at The Transformer who was staring at my huge biceps with immense admiration. He was completely and utterly in awe.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to release another animalistic growl. Only this one came out a lot louder than the previous. “GRRRRRRR!”

The Transformer released a half-laugh, half-astounded, “Fuck YEAH!” which seemed to spur my new found arrogance on even more.

I squeezed my biceps harder still, and giving The Transformer an intense, almost aggressive stare, I released my loudest growl yet. “ARGGGHHH!”

“Fuck!” he replied with a short chuckle, still half amused at my display of arrogant, hyper macho flexing. As I finally relaxed from the pose, I dropped the attitude and released an amused chuckle along with my lucky spectator, who seemed to be enjoying the experience almost as much as I was.

“How does it feel, mate?” The Transformer asked.

“To be a shredded bodybuilder, or to flex?”

“Both!” he replied.

Like I’m gonna cum in my posers at any given second!

“Fucking AWESOME, mate!” I replied. “Fancy another?”

“Hell yeah,” he eagerly said.

“Hmmmm. How about...a front lat spread?”

Looking down to see the beautiful image of my protruding six pack abs, inhuman looking quads, and shiny pink coloured bulge looking up at me, I released a quiet,  “Fuck yeah,” to myself.

Then, grabbing and tucking both of my thumbs under the thin straps of my trunks, I bought my huge chest up and, pulling the pink coloured straps up as far as they’d go, transitioned into a front lat spread.

“HUP!” I cried out as my pecs jumped up and almost touched my chin. I stared at my reflection to see my gloriously chiselled physique in this incredibly powerful pose. My thick mutated quads were flaring to a laughable degree, my pecs kept twitching as if trying to escape my torso, and tucked under each of my armpits, two, thick lats were sticking out like wings about to take flight.

“Get a load of THAT, mate” I cheekily exclaimed to The Transformer.

“Fucking insane!” came his reply. “Your legs look BONKERS!”

“I KNOW!” I exclaimed. Relaxing from the pose and letting the straps of my posers fall back into place, I added, “These posing trunks don’t look too silly on me now do they?”

The Transformer blushed and gave me a sheepish smirk.

“Time to work these abs I think!” And with this statement, I threw both of my arms around the back of my head, and crunched down HARD onto my stomach, with a big, loud, grizzly, “EEUURGHHH!” in what was, undoubtedly, the most satisfying and pleasurable pose yet.

Admiring the big blocks of crunched ab muscle popping and protruding through the cling wrap thin skin of my stomach, while I gritted my teeth, and scrunched up my face in effort, I felt like I’d transcended to a new plane of pleasure.

Being huge and ripped and flexing for an adoring audience (albeit an audience of one) was like a high I’d never come close to experiencing before. If it felt this good to pose for one person, how must it feel for a bodybuilder to be on stage, with a group of other, equally freaky muscle men and pose for a packed auditorium? I wondered if there were any local bodybuilding competitions happening in the next twenty-four hours. Maybe Stephen Dresner could turn up and put in a surprise guest posing appearance?

“PHOOOOO!” I let out a cocky exhaling sound as I crunched down once more on my otherworldly midsection. Looking down, I bought my left foot forward slowly, and began to twist and tense, showing off the freak-like rips and inhuman detail for my audience.

Giving the same treatment to the right quad, I glanced at The Transformer. He was completely transfixed. Showing off my freakish mass and development, my abs and posing trunk bulge pointing in his direction, I couldn’t help but shoot him a mischievous, bordering on flirtatious grin.

The mystery of The Transformer’s sexuality was occupying my thoughts once again. Was The Transformer turned on by my huge, shredded muscle? Was he even gay? Did he even necessarily have to be in order to feel aroused by my excessively muscular body? I had no idea. But the way he was staring at my quads, the way he blushed when I started smiling at him, and the fact that the general atmosphere had suddenly seemed to turn a little sexual, I was sure there was a chance he was just a little bit aroused by my hyper macho display of muscle posing.

Relaxing from the pose, and slightly out of breathe, I decided to be up front and satisfy my sudden curiosity of the obscenely handsome fitness magazine cover gracing man before me.

“Can I ask you a question?” I cautiously asked him.


“Tell me if it’s too personal, but...are you into blokes?”

An amused and flirtatious smile emerged on this perfect face.

“Well I’m sitting here with a massive hard on right now, so...does that answer your question?”

“Fuck,” I exclaimed with a chuckle. “Well I wasn’t expecting THAT for an answer!” I couldn’t stop grinning at his cheekiness and confidence, while also feeling myself blush a little. For the first time since I’d transformed, it felt like he was the confident, cock sure guy of the two of us again.

“It’s the pink posers isn’t it?” I joked.

The Transformer laughed. “Actually I don’t know what it is. I mean...I didn’t feel like this when you showed me the magazine. I was shocked. And a little freaked out. I mean, those men. They’re pretty extreme. But seeing you in the flesh. this. I mean...your body. You’re HUGE. I don’t know why, but from the second you transformed, I just got hard. Like straight away. And when you started flexing, and making those noises. FUCK! That just turned me on even more.”

I stood listening to this utterly adorable and completely awesome confession with a huge smile on my face. This absurdly good looking guy with a genuinely impressive and muscular physique was actually turned on by me. OK, it wasn’t technically me. He was turned on by the body I was currently inhabiting. And all I had to do was stand in front of him, and flex. And the more I flexed, the more turned on he would be.

It was then that I had a brilliant flash of inspiration. He’d asked me about my superpower before and I hadn’t revealed it. Could I? Should I? He’d wanted to know after all. Maybe it was time to reveal my power to The Transformer.

“I better hit some more poses for you then hadn’t I mate?” I said to my aroused admirer, who was now suddenly beaming at the prospect of watching me flex more.

With both hands resting on my hips, I looked at my lucky spectator head on and slowly cranked down into a explosive must muscular. As I hit the peak of the pose and squeezed with effort, I released a loud, arrogant, “ARRRGGHHHHH.”

“Fuck YES!” The Transformer exclaimed. In response, I released one hand, curled it into a fist and squeezed out yet another most muscular with a shamelessly cock, “YEEEAAAAHHH!”

I then made my boldest move yet. I walked, no, strutted towards The Transformer until I was merely a few feet away from the couch he was sitting on, and releasing my loudest and most aggressive growl yet, I bought my arms up and cranked down hard into a brutal and intense crab most muscular.

“GAAARRRGGGHHHH!” I squeezed and squeezed as hard as I could. Every single body part was tensed and strained to the absolute max. My whole body just a mass of huge, tight, flexed muscle, squeezed into the ultimate bodybuilding pose.

“OH FUUUUCK!” The Transformer’s eyes were wider than ever before. He looked as if he was struggling to breathe and a look of sheer panic suddenly swept across his face. Was watching a huge, inhumanly conditioned bodybuilder flexing and squeezing out an explosive crab most muscular just a few feet away from him, while releasing the most outrageous and arrogant growl about to cause The Transformer to cum?

His whole body suddenly began to tremble. “Oh God no!” he exclaimed.

Oh God YES!! Fucking blow that load mate. Watch me flex my huge, freak-like muscles and just fucking CREAM IT!!

Still squeezed in my crab most muscular to the absolute max, I released one last grizzly growl in The Transformer’s face, guaranteed to push him over the edge, and cause a major mess in his undies.


And that’s when it happened. Completely snapping me out of my pose, an intensely bright, white light suddenly started to radiate from The Transformer’s body, which was now jolting with force underneath. It was so bright I had no option but to cover up my eyes with my huge, bronzed forearm. 

Confused at what was happening and scared for my new found admirers well being, when the brightness seemed to vanish, I anxiously pulled my arm away to ensure that he was OK.

What I saw startled me so much that I released a yell and instinctively backed away. A stranger had somehow gotten into The Transformer’s house. That was my initial thought. And then I realised, the man sitting on the same coach, in the exact same spot as The Transformer had, was not a stranger at all.

The absurdly gorgeous man who’d been dubbed “THE REAL LIFE G.I JOE”, and had appeared as a model on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine, the man with impressively pumped arms, a fantastic chest and an absolutely jaw droppingly perfect physique, the man who had the power to transform others into any living person for twenty-four hours, was in fact, a slightly nerdy looking, still rather cute, but mostly unremarkable looking man of slim build, with very little evidence of muscle mass under the t-shirt which was now about two sizes too big for me.

Completely lost for words, The Transformer looked at me with a deeply embarrassed and sorry look on his face. A face I then suddenly realised I’d seen before.

“It’s you,” was all I could pathetically say. “The guy in the picture in the Star Trek costume.”

He sheepishly offered me a deflated smile. “Minus the ears,” he replied. With the comment, and the reality of the situation which had suddenly dawned on me, I suddenly felt my mouth curling into a huge, amused grin.

“So I guess you can also transform yourself into anyone you like?”

Still looking extremely embarrassed, he picked up the fitness magazine from the coffee table and holding it up to reveal the man who not five minutes ago was sitting talking to me, sheepishly replied, “Anyone I like.”

I couldn’t stop smiling. I’d been so nervous in the presence of this guy, and all the time he was just an just an average built, slightly geeky looking but admittedly still pretty cute bloke who, on occasion, liked to dress up in Star Trek costumes.

And there I was. A shredded fucking muscle God in shiny pink posers. Towering over him. Almost on the verge of making him cum in his pants. Most people wouldn’t even look twice at the guy who was sat sheepishly in front of me. Whilst the body I was then inhibiting caused people from all corners of the globe to cum just from looking a photo of it on the Internet. And yet, something was abundantly clear to me. Me and this guy; we were exactly the same.

The incident had clearly knocked his confidence. “I never transform people as my regular self, mate,” he began to explain. I carried my 200 pounds body of ripped muscle and sat next to The Transformer on the couch.

He looked slightly terrified as I sat down next to him, and couldn’t seem to stop looking at my huge pecs, but he continued to explain regardless. “It’s just to protect my identity really. I must have gotten my timings wrong. I saw that guy in the magazine yesterday and thought - yeah, it might be kinda fun to be that hot for a day.”

“I think I can relate to that,” I said. With this, The Transformer seemed to relax a little, and he flashed me the first hint of his real and rather adorable smile.

Sitting next to him on his couch, the size difference between us was ridiculous. My thick bronzed legs alone looked about three times as big as his. I felt a heady mix of power, superiority and overwhelming arousal. I also suddenly had a strange urge to dive towards The Transformer, kiss him and just embrace him with my sheer mass.

“But I’ll be honest, mate,” he continued. “I do this a fair bit. Transform myself. Not that I don’t like the real me. I mean, I’m no G.I Joe but, I’m fine with the way I look. I more do it...for fun.” And with this, his mouth curled into the most mischievous smirk.

“I think I can relate to that too,” I said.

We were sat smiling at each other, when it suddenly dawned on me just how much I actually liked him. Not just the gorgeous fitness model, G.I Joe version either. I mean, granted, he was one beautiful fucking man. But the real version too.

“Soooo,” I began. “Before you transformed, you seemed to be enjoying watch me flex.”

“Too fucking right I was, mate!” he exclaimed.

“So I could do a bit more posing for you, or...I could show you my superpower?”

His eyes widened and he suddenly looked excited. “The second one mate!” He then looked a bit confused and flustered and quickly said, “No, the posing. No wait. Oh shit - do I have to chose just one?”

I chuckled and felt my heart flutter just a tiny bit as I struggled to comprehend just how endearing and utterly adorable he was - whether in this body or his previous one.

“Why don’t we start with the superpower,” I said.

“OK,” he grinned excitedly.

“You ready?” I asked.

The Transformer nodded and I took his hand in mine. The difference between them was almost comical. His pale, average sized and perfectly normal in appearance, mine big, bronzed, veiny and anything but normal.

He smirked giddily and I felt an instant surge of electricity as we touched. That smile almost tripled and his eyes widened to a brilliant degree as I bought my left arm up into a one armed bicep flex, and firmly planted The Transformer’s hand around the gloriously bronzed ball of muscle exploding before his eyes.

As his fingers wrapped around the rock hard and indecently sized peak of my freakish left bicep, I squeezed hard, looked The Transformer in the eye and released an outrageously cocky, “YEEEEAAHHH!” in his face.

“OH FUCK!” The Transformer’s mouth was hung open and his look was part way between shock and sheer pleasure.

With my palm still firmly covering the back of The Transformer’s hand, his fingers continued to dig into the freakishly sized bicep muscle. As I squeezed as hard as I possibly could, I gritted my teeth and released a deep, loud growling noise. “GRRRRRRRRR!”

And that’s when it happened. “OH FUUUUUUCK!” The Transformer exclaimed. His mouth and eyes grew wider, and his legs began to shake. “Oh Gaaawwwwwwd,” he cried. With his mouth stretched open as wide as it possibly could be, he threw his head back, and, still firmly gripping my bicep, his whole body started making quick, sharp jolting movements, and he unleashed a chorus of the loudest, orgasmic groans of pleasure.

“GRRR-YEEEEEAHHH,” I growled over the top of The Transformer’s moans of ecstasy, which then turned into pants, groans of, “Oh God,” “Oh fuck,” and then, finally, into giddy laughs of post-orgasmic joy.

Half an hour into my day of being a huge, shredded muscle freak and I’d already made someone cum in their pants.

“Fucking HELL,” The Transformer cried, as he tried to catch his breath, unable to wipe the huge smile off his flustered face.

With my bicep then un-flexed, I unwrapped my palm from around The Transformer’s hand, which proceeded to slide of my mound of muscle mass.

“Wait!” he said, his mind ticking over as he studied his now free hand. “Was that your superpower?”

I looked at him and smirked. “I touched you...and I came,” he said, trying to figure out what my mysterious power was. “No. You touched me and I came.”

He’d cracked it, and then he spoke my infamous superpower name. “You’’re The Human Orgasm!”

I blushed slightly, continued to grin and playfully raised my eyebrows. “Imagine that!”

“ make people cum just by touching them? WOW!” he said.

“Yep. Well...only if I want to,” I assured him.

“Phew! Well that’s good,” he said. “That would make shaking a stranger’s hand very awkward.”

I laughed and thought it best not to mention the fact that before I really learned how to control my power, that very extremely awkward scenario actually did occur on one occasion.

Instead, without really thinking I blurted out, “I only do it with guys I like.” I hadn’t meant for the comment to be flirtatious or suggestive at all, but as soon as it slipped out, I realised that it qualified as being both.

The Transformer blushed furiously, and his mouth uncontrollably grew into his giddiest grin yet.

“I have a confession,” he said.

“OK,” I curiously replied.

He adorably took a deep breath. I had no idea what The Transformer was about to say, but he was clearly very nervous about it. “I think you’re cute.”

I was completely baffled. It was such an odd comment to give to a 200 pounds muscle freak known for his insane conditioning, alien-like quads and thick, shredded glutes. A muscle freak who’d just made him cum in his pants while he digged his fingers into one of his rock hard, freakishly huge, fully flexed bicep.

“Oh-kay,” I replied. “Thanks!”

“No! Not this guy. I mean - yes, you’re cute. He’s cute. Kind of.” He didn’t sound too convincing of the last part. “I meant - you’re cute. The real you.”

His shoulders relaxed and my heart started fluttering once more. “I thought it from the moment you turned up at the door. And I knew you fancied me. Well - him. Who wouldn’t? And I know you were probably checking out my arse when you followed me into the flat".

I couldn't help but smirk at this particular statement, as he continued. “He does have a nice arse. I mean - it’s nothing like THAT arse. Fuck! But yeah - I just wanted to say. I think you’re cute. Really, really cute.”

I could barely wipe the smile off my face. I had no idea what to say to those completely adorable words, so I thought for a moment, and calmly spoke the first words which came into my head.

“I’m gonna kiss you.”

His mouth grew into the most uncontrollable smirk.

“But,” I continued. “Not like this. I’m gonna come back here in twenty-four hours, when the transformation has worn off, and I’m no longer in Stephen Dresner’s body, and then I’m gonna kiss you. If you’ll let me.”

The Transformer couldn’t stop grinning. “I guess I’ll see you in twenty-four hours then".

“But you have to the real you too,” I explained.

“You wouldn’t prefer me to be The Real Life G.I Joe?”

I shook my head. “No. Although,” I began, my mind drifting to the inexplicably gorgeous man who’d answered the door to me earlier that afternoon, “You can always turn into him afterwards. If you want.”

He laughed, and as we sat there smiling at each other, the chemistry between us felt stronger and more evident than ever. A knot suddenly arose in my stomach and the giddiness and excitement I had been experiencing up until that moment unexpectedly and momentarily turned into fear as I realised that I could really see myself falling for the guy sitting next to me. Here I go again.

“So, Tobey,” The Transformer began. “How are you planning to spend the next twenty-four hours, like, well...THAT?” he asked, pointing at my inhumanly muscular, gloriously chiselled, muscle popping physique.

The question suddenly pulled my thoughts away from any potential love affair with The Transformer and back to the sole reason why I’d met him in the first place; to inhibit the inexplicably muscular and freak show worthy body of a genuine, competition conditioned bodybuilder.

I suddenly felt an incredible surge of excitement at the possibilities which lay ahead. I had planned to spend a good portion of the day flexing, touching, worshipping and cumming over my own freaky muscle mass in the mirror, but the incredible rush and power I’d felt from The Transformer’s reaction to my body was suddenly giving me a few other ideas.

I also couldn’t deny the huge ego trip I was experiencing just from being so much bigger than The Transformer. Being that huge, being so different in appearance, not just to him, but the majority of the people outside of his flat. Knowing I was a freak that people would queue up just to merely touch. Knowing I could make certain people cum just on appearance alone. It was incredibly intoxicating.

“I think I kind of wanna...freak people out,” I mischievously said. “Just strut through a city centre in shorts and a tight revealing vest. My enormous, freaky, bronzed beef just spilling out for everyone to see. Watch the looks of fear and confusion. Hear the shocked gasps and see the awe-stricken glares. If they stare hard enough I might stop and hit a cheeky double bicep just for the hell of it. YEAH! Or maybe squeeze a quick, hard crab most muscular in their faces. BOOM!”

Clearly liking what he was hearing, The Transformer was listening intently and grinning like mad. “Watch you don’t get arrested for giving some poor old dear a heart attack.”

I laughed and continued. “Or maybe I could waddle into my local Tesco’s. Take off my shirt and drop my shorts to reveal my pink trunks and just start hitting some poses in the middle of the meat aisle. OOOOOF!”

The Transformer laughed and shook his head. “Has anyone ever told you you’re a little bit of a nutter, mate?”

I grinned. “Only the people who know me best.”

He suddenly looked a little deflated as he spoke his next words. “Well, Tobey, I should probably let you go. Muscles to flex, people to freak out and all that. You might have to turn sideways to fit through my front door mind.”

I laughed and, bringing my fists either side of my waist, I spontaneously hit a front lat spread for The Transformer to show off my impressively thick lats, with a cheeky, short, dog-like bark; “RUFF!”

I couldn’t deny it. I was really enjoying The Transformer’s company. Just sitting there with him felt new and exciting and I suddenly felt a twinge of sadness that our encounter was coming to an end.

“I guess I’ll see you in twenty-four hours then.” I didn’t even know his name, and, given the kind of service he provided, and much like anyone who “sold” their superpower, I wasn’t expecting him to provide it just yet. So, taking his hand and intertwining his fingers with mine, while affectionately looking him in the eyes, I christened him with a new nickname. “Mr McSpunky-Pants.”

He squeezed my hand and giddily and affectionately gazed back at me and gave me my own adorable name. “Yep. See you in twenty-four hours. Tobey McCutie-Bum.”

“Unless,” I began. His eyes widened and his face suddenly lit up in anticipation of my next words. “You want to come with me?”

“You mean it?” he endearingly and excitedly asked.

“Of course,” I replied, shaking our hands which were we still locked together.

“Tesco’s here we come!” he brilliantly said. “Wait,” he continued. “You mean...come as me, you mean?” he asked. “Like this?”

“Sure,” I replied. I hadn’t really thought of an alternative.

“Hmmmm,” he said thinking. “We could do that. Or, I could transform into someone else.”

“You could,” I said. “Though I am rather partial to this version.”

He blushed and replied, “I’m just thinking, on this occasion, we might have more fun if I transformed into…a different person.”

“OK,” I curiously said. “Do you have anyone specific in mind?”

It was at this point that The Transformer reached for, and picked up my muscle magazine lying on his coffee table. He flipped the pages so the magazine was closed, and once again looked at the picture of the huge, hardcore, fully flexed bodybuilder on the front cover. The very bodybuilder who’d freaked him out and caused such an extreme reaction the first time he’d seen it.

His mouth curled into a devilish grin as he looked from the bodybuilder on the magazine to me and answered my question. “Oh…I may have a certain someone.”

And here are those final words/notes (WARNING: contains spoilers for those of you haven't read the story)!

-The idea for this story came from another idea I had featuring several bodybuilders and muscle lovers, all with strange, unique superpowers. Each character would have their own superpower name a la The Transformer/The Human Orgasm.

- Tobey tells the reader of a guy with “the superpower to transform his regular sized body, into a huge, hulking mass of muscle, worthy of professional bodybuilder status whenever he liked.” This is actually the protagonist from the above mentioned/original superpower story (possible name "The Human Muscle Morph?!") and would involve a much simpler transformation where the character would keep his own body/head etc. but would transform into a bigger, bodybuilding version of it! If the story were to get written, I thought Tobey's mention of the character would act as a nice reference, as well as a hint for the future story/spin-off.

- My original idea was to have The Transformer offer Tobey a deal where he got to transform into three different bodybuilders, but had to chose one of them to spend the rest of the day as. In the story, Tobey's criteria for his chosen bodybuilder is that he "had to be in insanely shredded condition". The criteria for his second chosen bodybuilder was going to be that he "had to be in insanely shredded condition and be ridiculously good looking", while the third was going to be that the bodybuilder "had to be in insanely shredded condition, be ridiculously good looking and monstrously huge". All three bodybuilders were going to be of varying nationalities. However I felt like one transformation worked fine, and any more would have run the risk of making the story feel repetitive. I also felt like Tobey and The Transformer's reactions to a second and third bodybuilder wouldn't be as effective for the reader as the first.

- Stephen Dresner was originally written as an Austrian bodybuilder called Stefan Dresner. I reasoned however that with the transformation, Tobey's voice would change along with everything else. I felt like the mention of Tobey's new Austrian accent would distract both the reader, and Tobey away from the arrival of his new freak show-worthy body. I also felt like I'd have to regularly remind the reader to imagine Tobey suddenly talking in an Austrian accent which, again, would deter from the muscle action! So I made the character British and changed Stefan to Stephen but liked the surname so much that I kept it (hence why it's rather non-British sounding)!

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