Saturday, 22 October 2016


Regular readers of the blog, (and those of you with a good memory) might recall a couple of fun/geeky posts I did towards the end of a few previous years called "The Muscle Addicts Inc Awards" (view the the last one I did in 2014 here)! Well I've decided to resurrect the post but this year I thought it might be fun to get YOU guys to chose the winners!

Below are a number of small polls asking you to vote for your favourite bodybuilders of 2016 in various categories. Amongst them are "Most Ridiculously Handsome Bodybuilder", "Best Young American Muscle Beast", "Glutes of The Year", "Most Gloriously Conditioned Muscle Freak", "Best Muscle Tits", "Most Gorgeous Abs", and "Best/Cheekiest/Cockiest Poser"!

You can vote for more than one option, and a lot of the polls have an "Other" option too to add your own answer. If a particular guy gets the most votes that way then he will win the category! I'll also be adding a few more quirkier categories which I'll be choosing the winners of myself, like "Hottest/Shiniest Posers" (my regular followers will probably know who the winner of that will be - hehe) etc!

Note: The polls only include bodybuilders who have competed this year!

Get voting, have fun and I'll announce the results next month!

And for those who haven't yet seen it, I posted a video teaser for my next most muscular compilation earlier this week, which is included below!


  1. Amusing new post MA and I. enjoyed the voting. The preview youtube clip..I love the Most Muscular pose, seeing all that hard and primed muscle tensing and twitching is so fucking hot. Especially if combined with a demented head wobble, pulling out of the tongue and best of all when two on stage monsters are doing a face off n touching foreheads as they each crank one out! If i get my timing right I like to get involved too. For me though, the challenge is to shoot my load at that very same point! Having had lots of practice, I'm normally spot on. Lol! So yes MA, it probably comes at no surprise that I am rather looking forward to seeing the extended version. Cheers mate and thanks.

  2. That teaser is hot as fuck...can't wait for the full version.💪🏼


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