Sunday, 2 October 2016


American super freak Dallas McCarver looking more monstrous and animated on stage than he ever bloody has, Croatian muscle bull Petar Klancir ripping up the stage and showing off his huge slabs of man meat, Maltese bodybuilder Luke Debono (he's the lad with the glasses and blue trunks - more of him on my Tumblr here!), who's huge, shredded and painfully bloody gorgeous, everyone's favourite Canadian muscle freak Chris Bumstead in the most shockingly sliced condition (THOSE! FUCKING! QUADS!), absurdly handsome Swiss bodybuilder Sandro Hofer working the stage at his pro debut, multiple pairs of tiny colourful posers, a bucket load of outrageously developed, shredded to buggery glutes and a ton more freakishly muscular beef monsters of all shapes and varieties! They're all here in this latest muscle packed pic collection! FUCK YEAH!!


  1. Hey addict great post!! But please tell me who is these people I can only go by the numbers of photos 3, 42, 97, 179 207, 233, 243, and the shadow in the kitchen with very little light is a rear back and glute shot?

    1. Thnaks mate - glad you like. I know 3 is Vojta Koritensky and 97 is Roman Fritz. I'm not too sure of the other sorry!

  2. FUCK that's my plans for the day just gone RIGHT out the window!!!!

  3. Sadly i had to go to work but it made my home-cumming all the more sweet! Have been thinking about Luke Debono all fucking day. What an amazingly sexy young muscle bull! Checked him out on youtube..a fantastic classic poser, ripped, massive, n loads of further development to be had. Fucking splat!!

  4. such a great collection, addict! It's like you can read my muscle-obsessed mind -- and my browser history! Damn, it's been a hot coupla weeks with Olympia and the AC events in Europe. More, please?!


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