Thursday, 11 August 2016


A stupidly hot looking Johnny Doull, everyone's new favourite young Canadian muscle freak Chris Bumstead (21 years old people!!), Dallas McCarver looking utterly fucking monstrous, one of America's newest IFBB pro's John Jewett (handsome, woof worthy, and just plain huge!), turbo charged, pocket rocket Ahmad Ashkanani in possibly the shiniest purple posers ever worn by anyone and Roman Fritz back on the stage where he belongs, looking as inhumanly shredded and ridiculously bloody handsome as ever...they're all included here in this latest muscle pic collection!

I've included my latest "Abs & Thighs Compilation" video at the end of the post for anyone who hasn't watched it yet (or just fancies watching it again)! I'm hoping to make another video soon. I'm thinking maybe a new most muscular compilation, or something a bit different (a "Cocky Posing Compilation" perhaps? - hehe)!



  1. Do you know the name of the lad in Pic 107 naked in kitchen and then 109 abs shot no 2 on posing trunks.

    1. Naked kitchen guy is Jacob Spurny - not sure about the other.

  2. I'm pretty sure the definition for the word perfect is CHRIS BUMSTEAD !!!!!!

  3. Ahmad Ashknani's purple trunks. FUCK. YES


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