Saturday, 30 July 2016


Johnny Doull! Dana Baker! Regan Grimes! Canada is fucking PACKED with insanely awesome and stupidly hot young bodybuilders who've decided to make it their life mission to try and get as outrageously pumped and muscular as they possibly bleeding can. Some of whom decided to dig out their posers this month and waddle on stage at the Canadian Nationals, with a bunch of other obscenely muscular men to prove to the world that freaks aren't just for the circus, while pulling a few funny faces in the process (the latter mainly Johnny and Dana)!

This post features three of those very bodybuilders! And for anyone missing the gruesome twosome, I've posted a couple of recent pics and vids of them over on my Tumblr if you fancy wandering on over there.

OK, first up...21 year old (BONKERS!) Chris Bumstead! Two words: FUCKING! HELL!! I'll hold my hands up and say while I definitely knew of this guy, I've only recently started to pay him due attention (probably like many I suspect)! And the reason?? Take a bloody look at that physique and you'll discover it!! Just gorgeously sliced all over, one beautiful looking set of abs, serratus and intercoastals galore, glutes that are both indecently developed *and* brilliantly shredded, one fucking THICK set of pecs (check out the little vid for the proof of that...DAMN!), and last but not least...THOSE fucking quads which are just so uniquely detailed and freakishly conditioned that they border on looking mutated!!


A video posted by Chris Bumstead (@cbum_) on

Next up is classic competitor Cody Drobot, or the "new Canadian King of the vacuum pose" as one muscle fan on Tumblr, "sannong" (who hands down has the best fucking blog on that site) has so brilliantly, and bloody accurately christened him. Hehe! And when he's not sucking in those gorgeous abs to an astonishing degree in probably one of the freakiest vacuum's ever recorded (multiple vids below for the proof!), he's flexing his glorious biceps, tensing his insanely detailed quads (something all of these Canuck lads seem to have in common!) and showing off the rest of his awesome physique. Oh and he's a bit of a cute bugger too in case you hadn't noticed? Never hurts!



A video posted by Chris Bumstead (@cbum_) on

And lastly...Mark Newby, who's all sorts of shredded, all kinds of cute, sports some seriously impressive fucking biceps, owns some truly gorgeous abs, and also doesn't let the other lads down here with those crazily detailed quads! Oh and he also likes to pull his socks up as faaaar as they'll go when he's posing at home. Just because. Granted he's the not the biggest or most shockingly conditioned lad here but if he follows in the footsteps of Chris, Cody, Dana, Johnny et al...just imagine what the fuck he's gonna look like in a few years!!

Who's your favourite bodybuilder from this post?? Have your say in the poll below...


  1. Hey muscle addict all 3 are fucking great!!! The newby kid will definitely be a problem in 2 years or less. Once he gets those calves they will be no more socks. Bumstead what a beautiful physique and sick muscles everywhere a hottie and the number 2 guy sick vacuum and fucking hot muscle hunk. Great post once again!!! More on these Canadian boys in the near future

  2. Oh Canada, young gorgeous muscle. All I can say is Chris is what cums after beyond perfect. WOOF!!!!!!

  3. I like you have been noticing what a fucking great list of newcomers that are coming out of Canada. This past week I was out in Chris' neck of the woods, but didn't get to track him down. What a specimen! His Instagram video is a keeper.

  4. No doubt Chris is my favourite.
    Drobot is a cutie, no doubt.
    I saw a vid of Mark Newby - he was pounding (squatting) is quads from all angles using free weights and smith machine squats. I'm a sucker for mega legs and this guy is well on the way to forging them.
    Yes Sir, Canada is home to huge number of muscle beasts - thank you Canada.


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