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Johnny Doull! Dana Baker! Regan Grimes! Canada is fucking PACKED with insanely awesome and stupidly hot young bodybuilders who've decided to make it their life mission to try and get as outrageously pumped and muscular as they possibly bleeding can. Some of whom decided to dig out their posers this month and waddle on stage at the Canadian Nationals, with a bunch of other obscenely muscular men to prove to the world that freaks aren't just for the circus, while pulling a few funny faces in the process (the latter mainly Johnny and Dana)!

This post features three of those very bodybuilders! And for anyone missing the gruesome twosome, I've posted a couple of recent pics and vids of them over on my Tumblr if you fancy wandering on over there.

OK, first up...21 year old (BONKERS!) Chris Bumstead! Two words: FUCKING! HELL!! I'll hold my hands up and say while I definitely knew of this guy, I've only recently started to pay him due attention (probably like many I suspect)! And the reason?? Take a bloody look at that physique and you'll discover it!! Just gorgeously sliced all over, one beautiful looking set of abs, serratus and intercoastals galore, glutes that are both indecently developed *and* brilliantly shredded, one fucking THICK set of pecs (check out the little vid for the proof of that...DAMN!), and last but not least...THOSE fucking quads which are just so uniquely detailed and freakishly conditioned that they border on looking mutated!!


A video posted by Chris Bumstead (@cbum_) on

Next up is classic competitor Cody Drobot, or the "new Canadian King of the vacuum pose" as one muscle fan on Tumblr, "sannong" (who hands down has the best fucking blog on that site) has so brilliantly, and bloody accurately christened him. Hehe! And when he's not sucking in those gorgeous abs to an astonishing degree in probably one of the freakiest vacuum's ever recorded (multiple vids below for the proof!), he's flexing his glorious biceps, tensing his insanely detailed quads (something all of these Canuck lads seem to have in common!) and showing off the rest of his awesome physique. Oh and he's a bit of a cute bugger too in case you hadn't noticed? Never hurts!



A video posted by Chris Bumstead (@cbum_) on

And lastly...Mark Newby, who's all sorts of shredded, all kinds of cute, sports some seriously impressive fucking biceps, owns some truly gorgeous abs, and also doesn't let the other lads down here with those crazily detailed quads! Oh and he also likes to pull his socks up as faaaar as they'll go when he's posing at home. Just because. Granted he's the not the biggest or most shockingly conditioned lad here but if he follows in the footsteps of Chris, Cody, Dana, Johnny et al...just imagine what the fuck he's gonna look like in a few years!!

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Sunday, 17 July 2016


European muscle beasts, American super freaks and even a spot of British beef to boot! They're all here in a post dedicated to five of the current hottest bodybuilders from around the globe. Some well known, others a little less so, all incredibly awesome!

NOTE: You'll get the chance to tell me who you like the best via a poll at the end of the post!

Let's kick things off with probably the most talked bodybuilder in recent months (and rightly bloody so!)...


The guy: British bodybuilding sensation who's been competing in various pro shows this year, including the Toronto Pro, which we won in June!

What makes him awesome: First and foremost, THAT fucking body, which is scarily huge and beast-like, while also being incredibly aesthetic. Nathan's physique is nothing short of beautiful! Breathtakingly fucking so! Mr De Asha's mountain of mass makes him look like a mini Mr Olympia, perfectly carved and etched from head to foot to create a physique so insane, freaky and gorgeous even the most ardent of muscle fans can't quite comprehend it. The fact that he's rather bloody gorgeous himself (it's all about THAT grin!), his cheeky attitude and endearing posing (the lad clearly LOVES being on stage flexing and showing off his beautiful mass!) and the fact that he's emerged through the huge sea of the worlds amateur bodybuilders and is now competing in, and winning(!) well known pro shows against famous seasoned pro's just adds to Nathan's charm! Most exciting British bodybuilder since James Flex Lewis? Hands down! Future top five Mr O competitor?! Here's hoping!


The guy: Slovakian muscle freak who's competed in a number of European amateur shows this year, including the SAKFST and IFBB Diamond Cup.

What makes him awesome: Mostly, the insane mass of freakishly (and not forgetting fucking beautifully!) carved out muscle Tomas has the outright nerve to call his body! I love a physique which is really unique in appearance and just has bags of character...both of which Tomas' has in fucking spades! Those huge, round mounds of muscle he calls his delts and biceps are incredible, the thick and gloriously shredded glutes he keeps in the seat of his posers are outrageous, and look at the frigging STATE of those quads. Just crazy, and downright nasty conditioning in those freaky wheels. I even love the veins running amok on his nicely pumped pecs. He clearly loves being a freak too. The cheeky, and often downright fucking aggressive attitude Tomas display on stage is just beyond awesome (little self made vid below for proof)! Throw in some rather quirky but undoubtedly handsome (and fucking hot!) looks and you have one incredible European bodybuilder who really doesn't fault in any areas. Shinier posers maybe?! I'm picking at straws here!

And for proof of the aforementioned cocky tude, check out the below little video I made of Tomas and fellow Slovakian muscle freak Norbert Zajac (more Norbert here!) on stage and making all sorts of indecent grunts, groans and noises as they flex their freakshow-esque mass. The cheeky buggers...


The guy: Young American bodybuilder who won the Chicago Pro earlier this month.

What makes him awesome: What would be the best way to describe Dallas? An absolute fucking TANK of a muscle beast? An obscenely built mass of superhuman muscle? A 100% bonafide fucking muscle monster? How about all bloody three! Whatever prompted this American super freak to dedicate his days to pumping himself up to extreme proportions, all in the name of stomping around a stage wearing nothing but a pair of shiny, colourful posing trunks to flex and show off his outrageously developed muscle mass, we're very bloody grateful for it!





The guy: Czech pro muscle beast, who's competed in the 212 class at a number of big shows this year including the Toronto Pro and the Europa Dallas (the latter of which he won)!

What makes him awesome: Take one incredible, brutally muscular, tank-esque 212 class physique, throw in some exploding traps, a freakish splattering of veins and one pair of insanely thick and outrageously developed glutes and add in some incredibly sexy, woof-worthy looks and you have one absurdly awesome muscle bull of a bodybuilder!







The guy: Polish muscle boy who won the open class in classic bodybuilding at this year's IFBB Diamond Cup in Slovakia.

What makes him awesome: A gloriously shredded, dry as fuck physique he loves to show off for the camera in the most endearingly cheeky manner? Check! A beautiful little set of insanely tight abs he loves to flex and crunch whilst hitting his incredible abs and thighs poses? Check! Achingly gorgeous and downright bloody adorable looks, which he's not afraid to potentially ruin by cheekily screwing up his face and scrunching like FUCK as he blasts out his poses on stage in his tiny red posers? BIG. FAT. FUCKING. CHECK!!



Who is your favourite bodybuilder featured in this post? Let me know in the poll below!

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