Sunday, 19 June 2016


So a friend of mine set me a challenge to write a story featuring a sunbathing bodybuilder of no more than 500 words!

Challenge accepted and completed. 487 words. Not originally intended to be posted here on the blog but what the hell. BOOM...

As far as super powers go, I'll admit mine is a pretty poor one. The ability to transform into any inanimate object of my choice? Whoop-de-fucking-doo!

Of course when I want to make a quick getaway or simply just disappear it comes in handy. Two seconds and ZAP, I've transformed myself into a lamppost, or a park bench or a coffee mug (just keep me well away from a freshly boiled kettle)!

And then there are occasions which sometimes unexpectedly present themselves where I can very much use my power to my advantage. But for more, shall we say, mischievous reasons.

One very such occasion arose on my last holiday. There I was lying on my sun lounger, propped up by my elbows, taking in the view of my fellow sun adoring holidaymakers hanging around the hotel pool, when who should come strolling (actually make that waddling!) in my direction, in nothing but a pair of shorts and sandals with a towel thrown around one of his absurdly broad shoulders?

The ridiculously huge (and rather bloody gorgeous) half-man, half-monster I’d spotted in the hotel lobby on the first day of my holiday, and hadn't been able to stop thinking about since. Only this time; he was minus a t-shirt, allowing me to witness this superior male specimen in all of his abnormally muscular glory.

The guy was a fucking TANK and a half. Obscenely thick thighs, phenomenally huge arms, big blocks of freaky ab muscle bursting through his slightly distended (woof) stomach, and the biggest pair of insatiably developed muscle tits hanging off his chest like nobody's fucking business.

There was no doubt in my mind that those shorts had been swapped for a pair of most likely insanely shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks at some point, probably in the not-too-distant past. The dude had to be a competitor bodybuilder. No one gets THAT big just for the fun of it.

But here he was on his holidays, no doubt secretly enjoying the fact that his freak show-worthy body had instantly turned the heads of everyone around him as he perused the side of the pool looking for a spare sun lounger to park his mountain of bordering on godly muscle mass.

A spare sun lounger just like the one next to mine. Fuck! But there's no mattress on it. Fuckety fucking fuck! No one could lie on these things without a mattress. Uncomfortable doesn't even come close to describing how that would feel.

The gorgeous muscle monster was walking closer. He was coming in my direction. He needed a sun lounger. One with a mattress. If only I could conjure up a mattress. If only I had a super power which allowed me to transform into any inanimate object, including a sun lounger mattress so a huge, mammoth monster of a muscle man could lie down and park his huge, freaky mass on my - ZAP!


  1. I enjoyed the story. It was short, sweet and laden with spunk inducing thoughts.

  2. Your writing is amazingly well done. I can almost smell and feel the presents of these muscle gods just from the way you describe a sun bather, pro bodybuilder, or novice trying to pose for the first time on stage. One can only end up drooling with taste, a sweat from the heat and a bulge from satisfaction.
    Such talent is a gift.

  3. Thanks for these brilliant comments! I'm planning on writing and posting stories more regularly so stay tuned for more! :)


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