Thursday, 9 June 2016


A few years back I put a survey on the blog asking for your opinions on my blog posts, and the blog in general, which gave me a great idea of your tastes and what you want to see on the blog etc!

I've decided to create a short extension/mini follow up, asking you guys what kind of posts you'd like to see in the upcoming months, as well as some questions about my stories and my more recent ventures, like my Tumblr etc! Much like the previous survey, this is your chance to give me some anonymous and honest feedback and let me know you think!

The survey is situated below. Alternatively you can open up the survey in a new window here. Make sure to click the "Finish Survey" button at the bottom to submit your results. As always with things like these I'm not anticipating a huge response, certainly not one as big as the previous survey, but a huge thanks in advance to anyone who takes part!

1 comment:

  1. Would be nice to read stories of:
    (1) One body builder fancies another, but the other is straight.
    (2) A bodybuilder is turned on by fitness guy, muscled but not hugely so.
    (3) A bodybuilder who can no longer deny his true self and leaves his 'straight' relationship for a real gay one to another musclehead.
    (4) The transition from someone who secretly yearns to be a raging muscle bull, but timidly starts out as getting into 'fitness' competitions - those where they wear shorts and the like. His dissatisfaction with such a watered down setup, leads him to throw himself deeply into full-blown bodybuilding, where he has no issues about other men lusting after his fully muscled body and him displaying his rippling ass, rather than hide it under 'Bermuda shorts'.
    (5)How one muscle head is turned on by other muscleheads, and how he regards being the source of mens lust also.

    Not sure if you've already covered these subjects, just some suggestions.

    Thanks MA


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