Sunday, 22 May 2016


Included in this latest muscle pic collection...American meat monster Steve Kuclo, Britain's newest IFBB pro, the down right fucking huge and insanely awesome Nathan De Asha, multiple shots of everyone's current favourite Canadian muscle hottie Regan Grimes, a newly shaved (beard not included!) Seth Feroce looking as close to competition condition as he has done for bloody years, Santi Aragon on stage in a pair of the hottest bright green posing trunks, absurdly shredded Slovakian muscle freak Tomas Tabaciar (fucking LOVE this guy's physique!), more than one pair of naked and ridiculously developed glutes, a fair few woof-worthy muscle daddies and a ton of little known, gloriously shredded (mostly European) muscle cuties!

Thank you to everyone who has given me their feedback on the last few parts of "Charlie's Secret" over the last few months. The response and feedback has just been amazing, some of it even touching and I really am grateful to everyone who has offered me their thoughts and opinions.

A couple of people have asked me about writing a follow up story/sequel featuring Charlie. I have no plans to do that at the moment but I do quite like the idea of writing some sort of spin-off featuring one, or more of the other characters. Even if it's just a really short story just for the blog! So out of curiosity, but mostly just for a bit of fun, I've included a little poll below where you can let me know which characters you'd like to see revived from the story! I'm not saying the winning choice will definitely get their own story, but if the response for one of more options is particularly good, then it might spark a bit of inspiration!


  1. Bloody hell! Muscle dads n muscle lads n everything in-between! I literally don't know where to start. Thanks MA, you are the best!

  2. Jesus! What a collection mate! Nathan de Asha is a FUCKIN TANK!!! What a guy! And then there was Cody (sigh!), and Santi's trunks, and big Steve, and........all of em!!!

  3. Awesome collection for end of May, addict. You have great taste in muscle! The Euro guys of the season (for me) are Tomas Tabaciar and Jacek Stefan Ratusznik. Tomas has gone from cutie to BEAST in the last year. He's so big and full and intense, I don't know what to do with myself. And Jacek is just about the most adorable thing in red posers! I want to see much much more of him.

  4. Loving all of these comments! And completely agree on all the lads mentioned. Nathan De Asha's physique just fucking kills me. Total fucking monster (and bloody gorgeous with it)! Tomas is just insane. There's such a freaky quality to his physique which makes him stand out against any rival competitor. And I LOVE the cocky/intense attitude he adopts on stage. As for Jacek - he's just too bloody adorable for words. And I can't fault the guy's gorgeous physique one tiny bit.

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto...

  6. Not quite a brimful of Nathan de Asha on the 45, yet! Mate I think that lad is gonna have to have his own post soon, he's fucking awesome!!!

    1. I'd definitely use his bosom for a pillow!


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