Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Last week I posted the first of two posts (link here) featuring ten of the hottest and most talked about bodybuilders to have stepped on stage this year so far. With Regan Grimes, Cody Montgomery, Justin Compton, Santi Aragon and Joshua Lenartowicz featured already, it's time to find out which other five muscle freaks have made the list. Look out for the poll at the end of the post where you can vote for your favourite from all ten guys!


The guy: 23 year old Canadian bodybuilder, and one half of the gruesome twosome (Johnny's currently prepping for the Canadian Nationals) who competed at the Arnold Classic Amateurs with Regan in March.

What makes him awesome: In no particular order...the rather cute looks, his brilliant taste in shiny, colourful posers (these young bodybuilders really embrace hot posing trunks! Well...most of them do at least - Mr. Montgomery I'm looking at you!), his insanely developed, crazily thick and gloriously shredded quads, the fact that you can see bloody glutes peeking out from the front (something I know I've mentioned a few times before on the blog but I couldn't NOT do so here), and his often cocky, tude filled stage posing which I feel will get even cockier as he blows up further and eventually wins his pro card (you know it's gonna happen eventually, and at this rate, most likely before Johnny)!


















The guy: Kiwi bodybuilder Steve "No I Haven't Got Two Planets Shoved Down The Back of My Posers...THAT'S MY BUM" Orton who won his pro card in New Zealand, and made his pro debut a week later at the Arnold Australia, competing alongside some of the biggest monsters in the pro ranks. Oh, and he beat Cody!!

What makes him awesome: I'll get the obvious out of the way for starters. THAT indecently thick, excessively developed, and just plain fucking HUGE ass which wobbles, shakes and tenses in Steve's bright, shiny posers with every single movement he makes! Imagine being in the front row of one of Steve's shows, he turns around to hit a back double bicep, and you look up to see THAT staring down at you! Elsewhere, his quads are absolutely monstrous, his hamstrings are fucking ridiculous and nothing above the waistband of his trunks is hardly lacking either! Plus, he's one hell of a poser! Steve rips up that stage with some seriously awesome and over the top cocky attitude, pulling all manner of brilliantly animated facial expressions (even when he's posing against mass monsters like big Josh Lenartowicz)! FUCKING GO FOR IT STEVE!!


The guy: French muscle freak and so-called "King of Veins" (he's not bloody kidding!) who competed at both the Arnold Amateurs and 2016 Loaded Cup in March.

What makes him awesome: Three words...THOSE FUCKING VEINS!! Excessive? Yep! Grotesque? You bet! Incredibly bloody hot?? FUCK YES!! You'd have to have one seriously crazy imagination to envision a bodybuilder with biceps, delts and pecs as freakishly and excessively vascular as Johan's. Luckily...there's no need to have one! This guy seriously is a vein lover's dream come true! I also can't forget Johan's gorgeously shaped and gloriously peeled abs, which compliment that spectacular vein splattered upper body brilliantly! Best and hottest muscle discovery of the year so far? A big fat oui!







The guy: Little pocket rocket of turbo charged Middle Eastern muscle who's been popping up on the blog for a years now, and recently won both the Arnold Amateurs in Australia and his pro card!

What makes him awesome: Ahmad's pint sized frame has never exactly been lacking in muscle, but he's really fucking packed on the beef of late! There's just so much outrageously thick, crazily carved and gloriously vascular muscle bulging and twitching off of Mr Ashknani's physique. The lad knows how to show it off too. Blasting and cranking out his poses on stage in an incredibly endearing manner, wearing nothing but his shiny posers and a cheeky grin!





The guy: Swiss muscle cutie who earned his pro card by winning the Heavyweight division at this year's Arnold Classic Amateurs.

What makes him awesome: Mostly, Nicolas' off the charts fucking phenomenal physique! Just take a fucking LOOK (and another...and then a-bloody-nother) at those beautifully detailed, insatiably thick quads, those gorgeously peeled (and shaped) abdominals, his crazily developed hammies and (as if you'd seriously be able to miss) THOSE outrageously thick, absurdly shredded glutes! Serious question for you Nicolas; just *how* many bloody lines do you want to have in your ass? And if you get bored counting those, take a minute to appreciate Mr Vuilloud's awesome, scrunch-tastic posing and rather cute looks too! No wonder all the Canadian boys wanna hang out with him. The gruesome threesome? Hmmm...doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it?!



  1. Hey muscle addict Nicolas vuilloud is a beast!!! That's some of the most ridiculous Glutes and legs on this post his Glutes could crush a coal and turn it into a diamonds, what a body!! Nice post muscle addict

  2. Regan and Dana pumping up backstage, MEGAHOT and Nicolas is a supershredded, thick, young fireplug of total manmeat.

  3. Awesome compilation! Steve Orton is my favorite! Here is another guy you might be interested in : Steve Nemec from Slovania

    check @ 1:45!

  4. Johan! VEINS!! Splat!!!


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