Tuesday, 26 April 2016


This year's bodybuilding competition season is well under way. Insanely pumped slabs of muscle have been sprayed with tan, crazily developed glutes have been squeezed into brightly coloured posing trunks, and outrageously huge mounds of man beef have been tensed, flexed and squeezed on stage! Here are five of the biggest, most talked about and just plain bloody hottest bodybuilders to have competed in 2016 so far, with another five to follow in part two...


The guy: 22 year old Canadian muscle hottie who earned his pro card when he won both the Super Heavyweight division and overall at this month's Arnold Classic Amateurs in Brazil!

What makes him awesome: Mostly, that insane physique, which he seems to have taken to a whole new fucking level this year! Notable mentions must go to his lovely shaped, gloriously peeled abs, his overly developed, lightly striated glutes which NEVER fail to spill out either side of the back of whatever colour of indecently shiny posing trunks Regan's chosen to squeeze them into (the lad has one seriously awesome posing trunk wardrobe!), and his incredible, brutally sized, cartoon-esque boulder delts! The fact that he's rather bloody gorgeous doesn't exactly hurt either. Step aside Milan Sadek, there's a new chipmunked cheeked cutie in town!




The guy: 20 year old American bodybuilding sensation who made his IFBB pro debut at last month's Arnold Classic, competing with some of the biggest muscle monsters in the business. FUCK YEAH CODY!!

What makes him awesome: The fact that he's a pro bodybuilder at such a young age, his aesthetic, symmetrical and flat out bloody incredible physique, which is ALWAYS gorgeously shredded in competition condition (THOSE QUADS!), his impossibly handsome looks and the increasingly cocky attitude he adopts when he's blasting out his power-packed poses onstage (grimace and scrunch all you want Cody but you're not fooling us - we know you're a nice lad really)!



The guy: Incredibly popular American meat monster who placed top five in both the Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic Australia!

What makes him awesome: The absolute monstrous mountain of muscle he has the damn bloody CHEEK to call his body! Every body part on Mr Compton's phenomenal physique just bulges, pops and balloons to an almost laughable degree (including the part he keeps down the front of his shiny posers - seriously Justin mate, you'll have someone's eye out with that thing if you're not bloody careful)! Oh and he's a bit of a cutie too. Yep - even when he's got his face scrunched up to buggery as he's side by side with some other muscle monstrosity on stage squeezing out a massive most muscular!


The guy: Latin-American muscle cutie (and blog favourite!) who made his pro debut at this month's Miami Pro. Apparently he's now switching to the classic physique division, which means no more scrunchy faced crab most musculars for starters. Say it ain't so Santi!

What makes him awesome: Where do I begin? The fact that he's BLOODY gorgeous (he seriously has to be amongst the top five most handsome lads in bodybuilding!), his ever growing collection of insanely fucking HOT and brilliantly coloured posers (red, yellow, green...think Santi's slowly making his way through the rainbow?), the cheeky, endearing, tude packed facial expressions he adopts when he's cranking out his poses (no one scrunches quite like Santi!), and (of bloody course) THAT thick, muscle packed physique which he somehow manages to get in to the most staggeringly shredded condition for his competitions! Dick thin skin, crazy vascularity, a Christmas tree which doesn't given one ounce of a fuck what time of year it is and flat out fucking BEAUTIFUL striations are never not found when Santi's fully prepped and ready to jump on stage!














The guy: Australian muscle beast who's gone from being a virtually unknown bodybuilder to placing in the top five at some of the biggest and most important competitions in the calender in just a few short months!

What makes him awesome: First, and foremost, his flat out incredible physique, which looks like it's been etched out of marble, is absolutely bursting with character and manages to look both freaky and beautiful all at bloody once! His brilliantly peeled slabs of freakishly vascular beef look as if they're about ready to burst through his rather bloody gorgeous looking, paper thin skin with every single flex! Pure, freaky, excessively developed Aussie BEEF at it's best! Bit of a handsome bugger too isn't he? That cheeky and rather gorgeous grin that's almost never off his face just screams, "I'm HUGE...and I bloody love it"!



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