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Included in this latest muscle pic collection...Canadian muscle hottie Regan Grimes, outrageously pumped and gloriously shredded at the Arnold Classic Amateurs, Swiss muscle cutie (and now pro bodybuilder) Nicolas "Rear of The Year" (more like "Bum of The Century") Vullioud in the craziest competition condition, Cody Montgomery looking as painfully handsome and gorgeously conditioned as he ever bloody has at his pro debut, the return of Seth Feroce (woofy body hair, beard and all!), multiple pics of American meat mountain Justin Compton on stage, newly crowned pro bodybuilder (AWESOME!) Steve "Er...Nicolas bloody who?! I've got the fucking Bum of the Century thank you very much" Orton ripping up the stage with some of the biggest muscle monsters in the business, some crazily striated glutes in all their naked glory and numerous, little known and beautifully shredded muscle cuties from various corners of the globe!

As well as posting the last few parts of "Charlie's Secret", I'm also planning to publish a new glutes post soon, and I want you guys to chose the theme! Below is a poll with three ideas for glute related posts; a "Ridiculously Huge Edition" dedicated to some of the most breathtakingly enormous bottoms in bodybuilding, a "Freakishly Shredded Edition" featuring nothing but the most inhumanly conditioned and shockingly striated glutes, or a new edition of my "GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES" posts! Get those votes in bum lovers!



A deliciously carved Dana Baker blowing up a front double bicep. Psssst. Dana mate. We can see your glutes peeking out either side of your waist. Just thought I’d let you know!




HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! So much thick, shredded, beautifully detailed muscle!



Count the abs...


The poor assistant working in this shop just wanted to get through the day without any grief, drama or hassle from her customers. It was all going to plan too, until this excessively tanned bodybuilder in a beanie hat, who regularly feels the need to lift up his t-shirt to reveal his thick bronzed pecs and gorgeously chiselled abs in public walked in…


Can you imagine being on a flight and *this* comes strutting down the aisle?

“Sir, would you like some refreshments?”

Oh God. Oh Jesus.


This is your turn to speak. Say something. Anything. LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ARMS!

“Erm…peanuts?! YES…peanuts!!”


“Peanuts? Certainly sir! One tub of peanuts for you.”


“Anything else sir?”

Oooh…erm…your indecently sized and incomprehensibly enormous biceps?

“Drinks? Magazines?”

Nope. Just your biceps will do. All 40 inches of them please!


Possible things Johnny Doull could be looking for:

#1. A pair of jeans that fit.

#2. The rest of his body fat.

#3. A muscle lover in the world who doesn't think he's a 100% bonafide hottie!

Striations in the bum? Check! Striations in the quads? Check! Striations bloody everywhere? BIG. FAT. CHECK!

Completely insane, totally inhuman, undoubtedly unhealthy (as if we bloody care about that!), shredded to fucking DEATH conditioning! Put simply, Nicolas Vullioud is a living, breathing, walking (hmmm…probably more waddling by the size of those wheels!) FREAK in a pair of stripy panties.

Is there any part of Justin Compton's monstrous mountain of a body which doesn’t bulge and balloon off his frame?? Fuuuckkk!!

How’s THIS for vascularity?? FUUUUCKK!!

And here's that shredded to death muscle freak Nicholas cranking out an abs and thighs on stage. Crazy quads, tight gorgeous abs, scrunchy expression, shiny red kickers and all!

And here's Nicholas' magnificently developed, gloriously THICK, grotesquely fucking striated GLUTES!! HOLY. FUCKING. SHIIIIIT!!

I'm really not sure what's thicker here. Justin's mammoth tits or his shiny green covered fucking bulge!

Oh God. Geeky specs, adorably cute looks, big biceps and lines in the bum! Is this Heaven? I think it might just be...

OH FUUUUCKKK!! Words cannot express how much I love this shot! OK I love Ahmad Ashknani (all four feet of him) at the best of times but look at the frigging STATE of him here! Pumped to absolute buggery. Thick as shit all over. Snaked in the craziest, nastiest veins. Pants wedged down and stuck round his thick calves. Blasting a front lat spread with the cheekiest, proudest, most adorable grin. His friend looks like he's having a pretty good time too!

Have you ever wondered what happened to Blazin' Squad?

And on the 8th day God created…Steve Orton’s enormous sized, indecently thick and crazily shredded bottom!

 Dana Baker cranking out an abs and thighs in a pair of shiny purple posers. Oh and we can see still your freakishly developed glutes peeking out either side of your waist Dana. Yep. Yes we can.

An awesome shot of Regan Grimes and Seth Feroce! I love the contrast between these two (equally hot!) bodybuilders. Regan’s cute, clean cut and boyish, while Seth’s grizzly, hairy, and ALL fucking man! Regan’s gorgeously tanned, pumped and shredded, whereas Seth’s pale as fuck, not so shredded but his upper body just an absolute monstrosity of thick, bulging muscle mass!!

SPECIAL BOGOF DEAL - Buy one set of beautifully shaped, crazily carved out, paper thin skin covered abdominals and get one free*

*Body fat most definitely NOT included.

Fuuuuck Joshua Lenartowicz is nothing but an absolute fucking BEEF MOUNTAIN! There's just no other way to describe him.

I love how Regan's thick, striated glutes spill out either side of every indecently shiny and brilliantly coloured pair of posing trunks he squeezes into!

Three things I like about this pic of Cody:

#1. That gorgeous little set of deliciously sliced abs!

#2. Those brilliantly carved out quads (check out those awesome and crazy veins)!

#3. His perfectly pumped up, twitchy looking pecs (come on Cody mate, you know you wanna give those babies a wee bounce)!

The muscle hottie in this pic is Chris Coudron, a rather gorgeous bodybuilder from San Francisco!

And the muscle hottie in *this* pic is Simon Bergfors Vokoun, a rather gloriously shredded (and bloody cute) bodybuilder from Sweden!

Stopping mid brush to take a cheeky selfie of your outrageously pumped guns, crazily developed delts, gorgeously ripped abs and insanely awesome cum gutters. We’ve all been there.

Squeeze until you pop. “HURRMPPFF”!

How can any muscle fan not love the new woofy, gruffy, furry incarnation of Seth Feroce?

Half way through cranking out a most muscular, Justin suddenly remembered he'd left the oven on. "OOOOHH SHIIIIT"!

American 212 class pro bodybuilder Shaun Clarida - a 158lbs pocket rocket of gorgeously shredded, beautifully detailed, dry as fuckity fuck muscle!! Fuck yeah!!

Lines in the bum people. We have lines in the bum.

Today’s special at your local Indian restaurant is the “Jake Nikolopoulos" - a delicious and very meaty beef based dish exported all the way from Australia. Available for takeaway now.

Canadian bodybuilder Jeff Nippard, who's ripped to ribbons and cute as a fucking button! 
FYI this the geeky specs/lines in the bum lad from earlier in the post!


Yep. Still inhumanly shredded.

Coming soon to Muscle Addicts entire blog post dedicated to Justin Compton's bulge. Just kidding! Maybe.


Meet Persian bodybuilder Ayat Bagheri. He’s the first person in the world to be officially diagnosed with Can’t Stop Lifting Up My Shirt To Show Off My Gorgeous Dry Shredded To Buggery Ab Blocks While Mischeviously Grinning Like A Cheeky Bugger Syndrome!

Time to up your medication Mr Bagheri!

And to finish, an incredible video of the blog's most voted for bodybuilder of last year flexing on stage in gorgeous bloody condition at his pro debut at this month's Arnold Classic…

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