Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Here are some of the things you'll find in this last monster sized pic collection of the year...

- Incredibly fucking hot 22 year old muscle boy Danny/Dani Kaganovich from Israel!

- Insanely shredded American bodybuilder Austin Morrell! He's the cutie in the green trunks with the crazily detailed midsection and those gorgeously ripped up glutes!

- A crazily (as bloody always) conditioned and super dry Ahmad "THOSE ABS!" Ahmad.

- Multiple pics of insanely gorgeous Canadian muscle boy Samuel Dixon.

- The return of grainy as fuck, freakishly vascular Canadian muscle bull Frank McGrath!

- Ridiculously awesome Aussie muscle bull Joshua Lenartowicz!

- Egyptian muscle boy Hassan Mostafa Abdalla Taha, who's both bloody gorgeous (THAT GRIN!) and the size of a fucking TANK!

- Multiple pics of brilliantly developed bums and gloriously striated glutes!



  1. Thanks for all you great posts this year!

  2. Great collection and who is photos number 5 and 40, 41? Can't wait until next year!!!

    1. Thanks..glad you like! Sorry, I'm not sure who those particular guys are!


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