Sunday, 1 November 2015


It's time for my annual poll asking you guys to vote for your favourite bodybuilder(s) of the year! In previous years, I'd applied two rules for bodybuilders to be eligible for inclusion in the poll; only bodybuilders who had competed that year and featured in their own post at some point on the blog. The first rule is still in place but this year I've decided to bend the second rule, and expand the list slightly to include a couple of guys who haven't had their own posts, but have featured quite prominently on the blog (mostly in my pic collections)!

So which bodybuilder(s) (as usual you can vote for as many guys as you like!) did you like the most in 2015? Are you a fan of the big named, pro mass muscle monsters like Phil Heath, Big Ramy and Dennis Wolf, or do you prefer the 212 class bodybuilding superstars like James Flex Lewis, Eduardo Correa and Jose Raymond? Have the insanely awesome twenty-something American muscle beasts like Steve Kuclo, Nick Trigili, Justin Compton and Cody Montgomery been working for you this year, or do you favour the incredibly hot young muscle guys Canada seems to be churning out like Johnny Doull, Dana Baker, Samuel Dixon and Regan Grimes? Do those crazily shredded European muscle freaks Milan Sadek, Roman Fritz and Lukas Osladil get your votes, or do those incredibly conditioned Middle Eastern bodybuilders Ahmad Ahmad and Galal Reda, or maybe even those awesome young Aussie muscle guys Jake Nikolopoulos and Mike Pearson top your list this year?

The poll will stay open for the rest of the month, and, much like last year, the top twenty most voted for bodybuilders will be revealed in December in a series of special posts. I'll also be revealing the results on my Tumblr page in a slightly different format.

Get voting muscle fans and have fun!


  1. Always a pleasure to `click` onto Muscle Addicts Pages, so thanks for all the work that goes into it.

  2. Wow Tomas has got damn handsome of late.

  3. Brad Rowe is gorgeous, and has the complete package to be bodybuilder of the year.

  4. Spoilt for choice but Rowe wins!


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