Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Last weekend ridiculously cute Polish bodybuilder Szymon Lada squeezed his gorgeously striated and beautifully thick (understatement if I ever made one!) glutes into his super shiny posing trunks and stepped on stage (in typically awesome condition!) at the IFBB World Championships in Spain (at least his second show this year), reminding me once again of just how bloody hot he is, and why he's already earned a couple of posts on the blog over the past few years!

And I'm pleased to say that everything I loved about Szymon previously is very much still in force! His quite frankly beautiful looking physique which is packing in some brutally thick slabs of overly developed, pumped to buggery, gorgeously sliced muscle, and comes complete with some shockingly sized quads, tighter-than-tight and gorgeous shaped abs, a pair of pumped-to-perfection pecs which look off the fucking charts when flexed to maximum effect in a side chest pose and THOSE aforementioned ridiculously developed and obscenely huge glutes, his adorably cute and slightly goofy (I know I've used that word to describe Syzmon a lot but it's just so damn fucking appropriate!) looks and occasional cheeky/cocky attitude he displays when he's cranking out his mental trap erupting crab most muscualrs, which never fail to transform him into an absolute bona fide monster!

Click here for my original Szymon post a few years back and here for last year's follow up for more pics of one of Poland's hottest bodybuilding exports!






  1. Great choice. Szymon has the perfect physique !!

  2. Absolutely spot on physique from front to back!!!

  3. Agreed with bbuildingfan01, beautiful physique!!

  4. GOD YEAH!!! Always been kind of a fan of this lad but he's seriously gone up in my estimation lately!! He's not part of the 'beautiful' bodybuilding crowd but that's his appeal, he doesn't need to be with a physique like THAT to do the talking!
    To me he's kind of like the lad from school who always got grief off the 'in' crowd, you didn't dislike him yourself but just didn't associate with him. And then you bump into him at a reunion years later and wish you had cause now you SOOOO wanna be his best mate!!! FUCK YEAH!!

  5. If there were such a thing as the Polish equivalent of 'Northeners' it would go something like this...
    'Ey up lad, bloody HELL when did you get so massive, what ya been eating??!'
    'Haha well mate I was sick of getting stick off them tossers at school and I thought 'bollocks to this I'll show em summat' so I got me head down and worked hard and there it is, up yours!!'

  6. At least 6 years in the making and still getting better. Great follow up, MA. bbuildingfan01 and Musclenut are right there with you and so am I. This guy is so damn fucking HOT !!!

  7. MA I remember asking you sometime ago, who that guy was and somehow we came up with a name of Szymon Lada. It was only when I saw the video from which the pics came from, I realized how he had grown in size - his symmetry along with the size is incredible.
    Here's a link to the vid
    IFBB World Championships
    2015, mens up to 95kg



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