Saturday, 17 October 2015


Absurdly handsome (Roman seriously has to be one of the most beautiful men to ever grace a bodybuilding stage!) German bodybuilder Roman Fritz made his pro debut earlier this month at the 2015 EVLS Prague Pro, competing in his usual gloriously shredded condition (special mention must go to those gorgeously striated glutes!!), and against some of the biggest pro mass monsters in the business like Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf. Roman missed out on a top ten placing, but fared better at last week's Nordic Pro, where he placed 8th above the likes of Alexander Fedorov and Alexey Lesukov!

I'm loving the pic of him backstage with Big Ramy where he looks genuinely chuffed to be in the presence of such a meat monster, but hands down my favourite pic from this post is the one of him with Milan Sadek in front of the black backdrop screen in their matching red posers. Roman's looking as gorgeous as ever, and those muscle tits are looking thicker than I've ever seen them, but there's something really adorable about the way he's looking at Milan in an affectionate, almost proud way like " boy's done good"!

Oh and if these two lads ever decide to declare their undying love for each other and tie the knot, then I think they've got their wedding outfits sorted in those matching red trunks. Hmmm...maybe throw in a couple of matching bow ties too! I can picture the ceremony now. "I now declare you...gorgeously shredded muscle freak and insanely conditioned muscle beast. You may now kiss the groom, but first...MOOOOST MUSCULAR"! At that point, both lads turn to face their wedding guests and crank out simultaneous beef exploding, 'tude packed crab most musculars! God knows what Granny Fritz would make of the whole thing but then she regularly goes for a wee in the airing cupboard so I'm not sure she'd be too aware of what was going on!

Handsome? Me?! Nah...




  1. That gorgeous dark tan and red posers, handsome square jaw dominant total man and the ripped, carved muscled body of a young god. OMFG!!!!!!!

  2. Absurdly handsome is correct! It is mind-boggling that a man can be so outrageously HOT!

  3. Mind blowing collection of pix and flix of muscle-god Roman!

  4. Roman gets hotter and more shredded with every contest--and in those red posers--Dude that ass--but it must be like smacking into a rock.. but I wouldn't mind. Thanks.

  5. Addict I can't find any videos of Nick Triligi posing on stage in Atlantic City Europa-- can you help a buddy out?


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