Thursday, 22 October 2015


Here are just ten of the many bodybuilders featured in this latest muscle pic collection...

#1. Czech muscle hottie Milan Sadek looking as gorgeous as ever in amazing competition condition (he looks crazy in the first pic here...striations and veins for days)!!

#2. Ridiculously handsome 20 year old American muscle boy Cody Montgomery in some insane photo shoot shots!

#3. Aussie bodybuilder Jake Nikolopolous, back from a two year break from the stage, gorgeously tanned up, in amazing condition and, quite frankly, looking NUTS in nothing but a pair of shiny posers and white socks!

#3. American meat monster Steve Kuclo looking as utterly monstrous and absurdly fucking handsome as he always does!

#5. Uber-gorgeous Canadian bodybuilder Samuel Dixon NOT wearing his insanely hot, shiny golden posing trunks but still looking nicely peeled and conditioned!

#6. Tristen Escolastico, one of the youngest American bodybuilders in the pro ranks, looking insane on stage, awesome when lifting up his shirt to reveal his gorgeously shaped and gloriously peeled abs and just plain freaky as fuck standing in his hotel room tanned up and completely naked, with his thick, beautiful, shredded to buggery glutes on full display!

#7. Symon Lada, aka the cutest/goofiest/most adorable bodybuilder to ever come out of Poland, backstage in crazy competition condition (check out my Tumblr page here for more recent pics of Symon)!

#8. Outrageously hot Egyptian bodybuilder Galal Reda/"Big Galal", who happens to be the proud owner of a set of the most gorgeous stomach popping abs!

#9. Insanely awesome Kiwi muscle beast Steve "I Literally Have The Biggest Ass In The World" Orton in amazing, shredded condition!

#10. Mass muscle monster Big Ramy looking huge to a cartoonish degree as he cranks, flexes and shows off his barely human muscle mass on stage and reminds us how much of a flat out fucking freak he really is!


  1. What a great collection Addict, but that bareass shot of Tristen is by far my pic of the pics. WOW!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE that pic of Milan Sadek just chiilin' in the lounge chair. If I saw him poolside I'd probably choke on my banana daiquiri!

  3. Gotta second comment #1. Tristen's pic in the hotel room is fall-on-your-knees-my-heart-has-stopped-beating OMG AWESOME.

    How can anybody not LOVE bodybuilding!!!! The only sport that allows men to become living, breathing, drop-dead gorgeous GODS!!!

  4. Tristen's chest tat is a quick identifier.. But his body is absolutely amazing !!!

  5. Ditto to everyone's comment on the spectactular room shot of Tristen, only wish I could apply the pro tan forever.


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