Saturday, 3 October 2015


Here are ten of the things you'll find in this latest pic collection...

#1. Insanely gorgeous Czech bodybuilder Milan Sadek in brilliantly shredded condition in preparation for his pro debut.

#2. American muscle hottie Brad Rowe tanned and shredded in his hotel room before his Mr Olympia stage debut.

#3. Absurdly handsome Brazilian muscle beast Eduardo Correa lifting up his shirt to reveal his dry as a bone, freakishly conditioned midsection.

#4. Austrian muscle cutie Kevin Stutz looking beautifully ripped and tight as a drum (love those shredded serratus Mr Stutz!) in brilliant comp condition!

#5. Beautiful German muscle boy Roman Fritz in crazily shredded condition as he preps for his debut at this month's Prague Pro.

#6. American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery looking insanely awesome (and as gorgeous as bloody ever!) as he graces the covers of the world's best muscle mags.

#7. Big Ramy looking absolutely fucking monstrous and displaying some over the top cocky and hyper-macho tude while cranking out his poses on stage!

#8. Everyone's favourite baby faced Russian muscle beast Alexey Lesukov returning to the stage at this year's Arnold Classic Europe!

#9. American bodybuilder Steve Kuclo looking as impossibly huge, beautifully carved and ridiculously handsome as ever!

#10. British bodybuilder and recent 212 Mr Olympia James Flex Lewis blasting the beef on stage with his usual brilliantly scrunchy and outrageously cheeky posing!


  1. Who does that torso in picture 1 belong to? Those man tits are succulent!

    1. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's Dallas McCarver.


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