Saturday, 5 September 2015


Things included in this latest muscle packed pic collection...absurdly gorgeous American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery, Canadian muscle boy Dana Baker and his insanely shredded quads, Aaron Clark lifting up his shirt to reveal his gorgeously peeled, wonky shaped ab blocks, a huge and incredibly handsome looking (loving that new facial fuzz Mr K!) Steve Kuclo scrunching out on stage, a deliciously tanned Justin Compton looking utterly fucking monstrous, ridiculously gorgeous Latin-American 212 competitor Alejandro Cambronero (he's the guy with the shaved head in the purple posers), Slovakian muscle hottie Stefan Havlik and his down right gorgeous and perfectly lined up abdominals (looks like someone used a fucking ruler to carve them out!), an ever increasingly woofy looking Antoine Vaillant as he prepares to return to the stage, and the return of everyone's favourite outrageously hot Hungarian muscle boy Peter "I Look Like A Fucking Cartoon" Molnar!

If you missed the note last week, I now have a Tumblr page called "The Muscle Worship Diaries", which I'll be regularly updating with news and updates on my stories, books, and the blog, as well as posting muscle pics on there! Link here for anyone who wants to follow, or just have a wee butchers!

And to finish, a re-post of my latest most muscular compilation video from a few weeks ago in case anyone missed it, or just fancies watching it again!

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  1. Great to see the improvement in Antoine Vaillant and Dana Baker.


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