Monday, 10 August 2015


Long before I started the blog I was making most muscular compilation videos and posting them on YouTube. Fairly recently I started a series of slightly different "muscle video compilations" with cheeky captions in between, especially for the blog, a new one of which I'll get round to making at some point, but I've done something a little spontaneous and made a brand new most muscular compilation video (my first in two years)!

Bodybuilders featured in the video include Milan Sadek, Roman Fritz, Johnny Doull, Aaron Clark, Sam Dixon, Andy Polhill, Kevin Stutz, Chris Tuttle, and Doug Miller!

I'm also giving you guys the chance to vote for my next choice of muscle video by way of a poll at the end of the post!

And here's my most recent video compilation in case you missed it and just fancy re-discovering it!


  1. Hey muscle addict nice work again on the most muscular video but once again who is the guy with the purple posing trunks with the ridiculous Glutes I want to see more videos of him and what shows he did. Thanks again!!!

    1. Thanks mate - glad you like! If you mean the guy in the compilation #3 vid, that's Corey Senior. Not sure what show the footage is from sorry.

  2. Great vid Addict of some of the most gorgeous, superhuman, beyond the brink of male perfection. WOW!!!!!!


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