Saturday, 1 August 2015


Included in this latest muscle packed pic collection...Canadian bodybuilders Johnny Doull and Dana Baker looking ridiculously awesome in crazy competition condition, 22 year old Australian muscle hottie Mike Pearson, Nick Trigili looking cartoonishly huge as he preps for his pro stage debut, absurdly hot Latin-American muscle boy Raciel Castro, Canadian bodybuilder Regan Grimes and his beyond gorgeous abs, new 20 year old IFBB pro (fuck yeah!) bodybuilder Cody Montgomery, extremely woof-worthy American muscle bull Russ Allen (he's the bald guy on stage in the green trunks!), adorably cute American muscle boy Austin Morrell (the guy holding his drink and spilling out of his black t-shirt, and cranking that trap exploding most muscular in the shiny orange trunks!), insanely handsome Aussie muscle boy Calum Von Moger, pics of inhumanely striated naked glutes, shots of bodybuilders flexing on stage pulling some of the most outrageously cocky facial expressions imaginable and multiple pairs of ridiculously shiny, super slurpy, brilliantly coloured posing trunks!

I'd just like to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who showed their support in my decision to publish my story "An American Muscle God" as an ebook on Amazon last month. I didn't have any expectations when I published the book but the response and feedback I received from muscle fans and similar writers, both here and away from the blog, was amazing!

You may have noticed from the new feature on the side bar that I've set up a Twitter account in my author pen name (link to my profile here:, so feel free to follow me if you're a fellow Twitter user. You can also see a small part of the cover for "Charlie's Secret" in the header pic of my profile!

And on the subject of social media, the blog's Facebook page now has 3k followers/"likes" (link here)! I appreciate it's not the type of page everyone wants linked to their Facebook profiles, but you can still see all my pictures, posts and status updates on there without having to "like" it. I often publish the full/original sized versions of my "Insanely Hot Muscle Pic"s on there so if there's ever one you particularly like, it might be worth checking out the page!



  1. mouth watering collection!

  2. Next could you show us Chris Bumstead?

  3. REGAN!!!!!! Can't remember a muscle stud at 22 that's as perfect as him. Totally mindblowing in a few more years. Great post.

  4. This is off the charts!!! 2 questions who is the guy with the baseball cap that is backward doing the double biceps pose and the 3 guys who are in the oil room hitting the most muscular pose?

  5. Unfortunately voting vor Dobri Delev was not offered.


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