Sunday, 16 August 2015


Move along Jake Nikolopoulos (who is returning to the stage later this year!) and step aside Calum Von "I'm So Damn Fucking Handsome It Physically Hurts To Look At Me" Moger! There's a new young Aussie muscle boy on the scene in the form of 6'2 (strewth!) 22 year old bodybuilder Mike Pearson, and stone the flamin' crows he's awesome!!

There are a few reasons why any flaming great galah of a muscle fan (hmmm...I went too far with the Aussie sayings didn't I?!) might like Mike. Firstly, there's his body! Gorgeous slabs of outrageously pumped muscle make up Mike's beautifully aesthetic physique. He may be lean, but Mike's packing in some serious size. His delts are impressively big and developed, his biceps are gorgeously thick and pumped, his abs are beautifully peeled (and shaped!) and perfect for grating cheese of any variety (Parmesan? Cheddar? Wensleydale? Mike's tummy's got it sorted!), and his glutes are brilliantly developed and thick, and look awesome filling out any super shiny pair of posing trunks (of which Mike has AWESOME taste in!) he attempts to squeeze them into. The shredded and crazily dry conditioning he brings to his competitions is also fantastic, as is his freaky vascularity (especially in those incredible fucking quads)!

Secondly there's the fact that, outrageously developed muscle aside, Mike is a little bit of a hottie! Even without the ridiculously pumped and crazily developed slabs of mass bulging off his bones, Mike would still be an absolute 100% bona fide fittie (hehe)!

And lastly, there's Mike's awesome posing style and the cheeky tude he adopts when he's on stage flexing out, which is evident in some of the stage shots here, but more so in the vids of him at the end of the post, where Mike pulls all manner of cocky facial expressions, wiggles his bum (hehe!) to his posing music and generally comes across as an extrememly likeable and downright cheeky bugger who's just having an absolute blast on stage flexing and showing off his insanely developed and gorgeously conditioned muscle!

Best new muscle discovery of the year so far?? HELL FUCKING YES!!


  1. Hard not to like. Love the V shape, legs and the amazing ass. Those hot shining posers are working for him.

  2. 22, Mike and Regan, a pair of stunning, off the charts young raging muscled stallions and both know how to wear tiny, shiny posers to magnify their magnificent bodies and make us go crazy over that young muscled beefpack barely contained by those posers. WOW Addict, another young GOD!!!!!!!!

  3. There are a million Mike Pearsons out there, but none like this big dude and still a growing muscle god.. He's got that twinkle in the eye and a great confident smile that shows in the toughest competition. Why not? He lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has CYBORGSPORT backing and really has the body to prove it. He's posing flows from his pecs to his toes. Great post, MA.

  4. Love the pics of Mike posing with various older mentor-types. Damn! And he really likes getting tanned and oiled! I'd happily help you, Mike!


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