Thursday, 23 July 2015


Not content with spoiling us with absurdly fucking gorgeous Johnny Doull, ridiculously awesome super freak Dana Baker, and Samuel "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ASS IN MY TINY GOLDEN POSERS" Dixon, Canada has offered up yet another insanely hot young bodybuilder in the form of 22 year old Regan Grimes! Here are five reasons for any muscle lover to become a fan of Regan...

#1. His body! Outrageously pumped slabs of crazily developed muscle sit on Regan's incredible physique. His pecs are deliciously pumped, his biceps are thick and look awesome when blown up and flexed, his lats seem to flare for half a fucking age and his bonkers developed delts are just plain fucking huge! But there are a few body parts of Regan's which stand out just a wee bit more than the rest...

#2. His quads, which impress with their incredible size, awesome sweeps and insane conditioning! The detail in Regan's quads when he's in shredded comp competition is fucking NUTS (check the hotel room shots in particular for the proof...FUCK)!

#3. His abs! Beautifully shaped, gorgeously peeled and brilliantly sculpted, Mr Grimes' tummy muscles are nothing short of amazing!

#4. His (fucking AWESOME!) taste in posing trunks! Those super shiny, bright red numbers of his are ridiculously hot, but it's his blue trunks that really get my attention! Just LOOK how shiny those fuckers are!! They look especially awesome round the back (barely) hugging...

#5. His ass!! Correction; his outrageously developed, brilliantly striated (the fucking lines when he turns to the side!!), insanely huge ass, which (as you can see from the above!) unapologetically spills out either side of any outrageously shiny pair of red/blue posers Regan attempts to squeeze them into!

And if those five reasons weren't enough, you might find a couple more in some of the dozen shots below...


  1. OMG!!!! That photo of him posing naked with those massive glutes blew my mind and.......

  2. Muscleaddict, 2 other Canadian names you may want to look up: Chris Bumstead & Adam Beveridge.

  3. He is so HOT!!!!
    Can you feel the heat?

  4. Great addition to the Canadian all-star stud team, addict! So many things to love about this guy, but I'm particularly fond of the way his upper inner thigh rub together from the rear. DAMN. Probably best for this guy to NEVER wear pants again!

  5. CRAZY HOT!!!! Beyond a gorgeous, young muscled stallion. A dream face with those puppy eyes, heavy eyebrows and that sexy heavy beard, WOW, and yes, those thick slabs of inner thigh muscles that well you know. What a stunning young musclestud. Great post Addict.


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