Saturday, 11 July 2015


Here are ten of the things you'll find in this latest pic collection...

#1. Multiple pics of 22 year old Aussie bodybuilder Mike Pearson who is a) fucking cute! b) fucking shredded! and c) has one gorgeously ripped ass (which the cheeky bugger is NOT shy about showing off in the most outrageous fucking manner)!

#2. Supremely gorgeous American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery looking utterly fucking huge as he preps for the NPC USA's later this month.

#3. The craziest and most brilliant pic of Dana Baker where his absurdly developed glutes stick out so much that you can see them from the fucking front (FUCKING BONKERS)!!

#4. American bodybuilder Brad Rowe on stage looking as painfully gorgeous, outrageously huge and beautifully carved as ever!

#5. So Pumped I Can Barely Pose Syndrome sufferer Ahmad Ashknani (who drives me fucking NUTS!) looking like an absolute fucking BEAST!!

#6. Milan Sadek looking outrageously bloody hot as he cooks a barbecue in nothing but his pants (that is one fucking lucky - and gorgeous! - cat)!

#7. Young Swiss muscle beast Nicholas Vuilloud on stage looking brutally huge and crazily conditioned, pulling all sorts of nasty facial expressions, sticking out his tongue like a nutter and showing off his huge and fucking BEAUTIFULLY shredded bum!!

#8. Not one but two (BLOODY AWESOME!) contenders for July's "Face Scruncher (LOVE ITTTTT!) of the Month" award!

#9. Kevin Stutz squatting in the gym with his ridiculously massive ass outrageously and completely unashamedly shoved RIGHT in the fucking air!!

#10. Various pics of insanely thick, gloriously shredded, line decorated glutes!!

This is the above mentioned Mike Pearson showing off his perfectly shaped, gorgeously carved and brilliantly shredded ab blocks!

And this is Mike Pearson sliced and diced, deliciously tanned and cranking an incredible abs and thighs backstage in a pair of insanely hot golden posing trunks!!

HOLY FUCKING CRAP!! Dana's ass is so big you can see it...FROM THE FRONT!!!

You cheeky bugger Nicholas (LOVE IT)!

I think it's safe to say bought the wrong size!

"I bloody knew I shouldn't have trusted that Kevin Stutz to buy my posers"! #posingtrunkproblems #themouseisalmostoutofthehouse #ibloodyKNEWiwasn'tamedium

Careful there mate, a few more pumps and those pecs will probably go POP!

To the woman with her tongue out, have some fucking dignity! Or at least hurry up and move the fuck out of the way so I can take your place and pretend to lick Calum's gorgeously shredded serratus instead! #nicetrybitch #YOUARESOMEONE'SMOTHER

And *this* is Mike Pearson looking completely adorable as he flexes out with a grizzly vein splattered muscle daddy!

And *this* (fucking *THIS*) is Mike "Cheeky Bleedin' Bugger" Pearson taking the most bonkers and fucking brilliant glute displaying selfie I think I've ever seen! #someonepassmethecheddar #walnutsdon'tstandachane #fuckyeahgluuuuuutes

What I love about this lad is that when he's fully clothed you would probably NEVER guess he was a bodybuilder. I can imagine the conversation now...

Mr Baby Abs: Yes, I'm a bodybuilder.
Completely Sane Stranger With 20/20 Vision: You?! A bodybuilder?! HAHA!! Yeah right!
Mr Baby Abs: No, seriously dude, I'm a bodybuilder.
*Mr Baby Abs whips off shirt*
Completely Sane Stranger With 20/20 Vision: HOLY FUCKING CRAP!! LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ABS!!

LOVE that fucking scrunch! Oh and in case you're wondering, his upper arms ARE as wide as his head (I know cause I measured them with my fingers on my PC screen)!

Three things I love about this pic of Brad Rowe...

 1. That GORGEOUS bloody grin!
 2. That gloriously carved out midsection!!

Yep this is brilliantly shredded golden poser trunk sporting Mike Pearson again and YES that's fellow Aussie bodybuilder Jake Nikolopoulos tanning up his ass crack (hehe)! 

Look at those huge, thick patio slab tits hanging off this fucker's chest!!

Bored of this lad yet?! TOUGH SHIT!

*Chanting AH-MAD! AH-MAD! AH-MAD!* Love love LOVE this guy!!

HOLY FUCKING HELL!! Look at the fucking VEINS on the bald dude!!

And now for the first contender for July's "Face Scruncher of the Month"! He's got one seriously impressive physique on him (awesome thick delts, crazy shaped abs and all!), I *think* he's handsome (hard to 100% confirm with the faces he's pulling) and FUCK ME does this lad like to scrunch! The tude on this guy is fucking ridiculous! Scrunching, snarling, opening his mouth wide like some kind of animal. Fucking crackers (not to mention brilliant)!!



Justin that YOU?! (One for readers of "Charlie's Secret" only)! This guy is actually not far off what I imagined that character to look like!!

Cody Montgomery (LOOK AT THAT SMIRK!) and Aaron Clark posing with Sinitta. She really does like her men macho!

I think this expression roughly translate to "HRRRMPPPFFF"

I don't care what anyone says, it has GOT to fucking hurt to be that shredded! And judging from this guy's face...IT DOES!!
P.S. LOVE those crazy shaped European style abs!!

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT ASS!! Anyone fancy a close up?

You got one anyway!

"Yep, I always bring my Sinitta CD for her to sign when I compete, just in the hope that I'll bump into her. I've heard she's a bit of a bodybuilder groupie".

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! How dry and grainy can one man get?? And look at that crazy vascularity. FREEEAAKK!!

 Even this dude's face looking fucking shredded!!

Sorry mate but we've already crowned our "Face Scruncher of the Month"! VERY nice fucking effort though! 

I love a bodybuilder who's humble and modest.

I think this expression roughly translates to "AWWW YEEEAAHH" (the cheeky scamp)!

And here is the second contender for July's "Face Scruncher of the Month"! He's sporting some brilliantly conditioned and impressively sized muscle (especially loving those deeply cut and gorgeously shaped abs), I *think* it's safe to say he's a bit of a handsome bugger and HOLY SHIT does the dude LOVE to scrunch! The TOOD on this lad is off the fucking charts! Scrunching like a mad thing, jamming his eyes shut, biting down on his bottom lip and cranking that mouth open wide like an absolute NUTTER!! LOVE ITTTT!!


SCRUNCH RATING: 5/5 EEEEE'S!! Which means...we have a winner!

Those are some seriously fucking beautiful glute striations!!


This dude is such a FREAK that even his forehead is veiny!


  1. Love those yellow posers on handsome Mike and the red ones on Magic Nicholas.

  2. Great mouthwatering post Addict. If we think Johnny and Dana are the best young musclegods coming out of Canada, add REGAN GRIMES to the list. Should take the
    CBBF Jr. today and most likely the open heavy. 22 years old and a ripped to shreds young muscle dream like you haven't seen in quite a while. Check him out, you won't be dissapointed. Thanks.

  3. When speaking of best musclegods coming out of Canada, don't leave out Chris Bumstead (20yo!!!) & Iain Valliere.

    You've made me a new fan of Mike Pearson.

    Actually, I liked the 1st face cruncher the best - FUCKING hot!

    Cody Montgomery is a future Mr. Olympia, possibly as early as 2018. As an amateur, he's already eclipsed Aaron Clark who's a top pro in 212 division, IMO. He resembles a real life super hero so closely he may no longer be considered human anymore!

    Once again an AWESOME collection of OUTRAGEOUSLY HOT musclegods!!! Good to have you back, Addict!

  4. Mike Pearson for the win! Cody is a god and Valliere always gets me going. But young Mr. Pearson has come outta no where this month and moved to the top of my list. Now let's get him in front of a few top-quality photographers get that bod professionally documented!

  5. Cody Montgomery is amazing. He's growing huge especially his upper body. Nicolas Vuilloud is who I dream about. So fucking HOT!

  6. Great post MA
    My favourites were:
    1) Compton is such a muscle demon, the fixed expression he has on his face. He's all about the muscle, gargantuan big beastly muscle. He must have an ultra high libido, he always gets stiff when he poses (it's great to view).
    2) Dana is looking fab, he always had good legs and now is pumping up his ass to boot (pardon the pun). The goatie he has going on looked cool, and underlined his manliness. I loved the mirror shot, as it gave us the view from behind.
    3) Kevin Stutz has filled out some and he looks good.
    4) Cody Montgomery has put on so much density, he's turning into a beasty - fucking marvelous.
    5) Nice to see Cisternino, some what subdued but he's always great.
    6) Vuilloud has such dense muscle in his legs, he's devastating.

    Many more greats, but you get the picture.


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