Thursday, 2 July 2015


Ridiculously bloody gorgeous even when his face is depleted to buggery in contest preparation and his cheeks have all but fucked off along with every last inch of body fat he ever owned? Check! One gloriously shredded and beautiful looking physique complete with a pair of ridiculously huge biceps, some crazily detailed quads and a set of gorgeously peeled abdominals? CHECK! Owner of one outrageously developed pair of glutes which are always freakishly striated to fuck (LINES FOR FUCKING DAYS!) when close to competition? Check check checkity fucking CHECK! Can someone just remind me again why 24 year old Canadian bodybuilder Johnny Doull is so popular?!

Johnny is competing at the 2015 Canadian Nationals in a week and a half, which means there's a) more time to try and get even more inhumanely fucking shredded, b) more time to get even MORE lines in his ass, and c) plenty of time to go shopping for a new pair of posing trunks for the competition. And in the event that he does take up the opportunity presented in point c), I have the perfect suggestion for which trunks he should opt for!

The material? Super super shiny! The size? Utterly ridiculous (we're talking dental floss thin straps and a back that's barely there)! And the colour? A brilliant shade of glorious GOLD!! In other words, a pair exactly like these worn by fellow Canadian bodybuilder Sam Dixon, which I'm sure Sam would be be more happy to lend to Johnny if he can't find a similar pair in his local posing trunk store. Make sure you remind Johnny to read the "WARNING" on the label of the trunks though Sam. BIG BUM LOVERS BEWARE! WEAR THESE TRUNKS AND YOU'RE MORE THAN LIKELY TO BE SHOWING A LOT (AND WE MEAN A LOT!) OF ASS. WEAR AT YOUR OWN PERIL (AND MAYBE GO EASY ON THE SQUATS NEXT TIME)!

And if anyone likes Johnny for his crazily shredded glutes and his outrageously cocky posing, I urge you to watch the posing video at the end of the post!! One word: FUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!


  1. Good to have you back and posting again mate. Great post, Johnny Doull = beautiful muscle, love it!

  2. YES great post Addict- so where have you been--on an island in Canada- building a house and taking pictures? You go dawg.

    1. Yep, and Johnny let me feel the striations in his glutes on a daily bases #linesandlinesandlinesandlines #fuckyeahjohnny #boxersdon'tstandachance

  3. His face reminds me of Ben Affleck, but his body is pure musclegod.

  4. nice to have you posting again, addict. Love, Johnny, of course. He's just so freakin' delicious. Great combo of grrrrr man and cuddle-worthy hubby material.

    Does Johnny work in construction -- or is his home going through renovation? I love seeing him posing around all those exposed studs, raw wood, and bare pipes!!!

  5. Look at the muscles in his ass. Probably hard as a rock too -- or firm and meaty -- depending on his mood


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