Monday, 27 July 2015


Three time NPC Teen National's champion and blog favourite Cody Mont-FUCKING FUCK YEAH!-gomery competed at the NPC USA's this weekend, and not only won the heavyweight class but the overall show, thus earning him his pro card (at the age of 20)!!

So how did the absurdly fucking gorgeous (is it me or does Cody become just a little but more handsome with every passing year?!), former teen Nationals champion look at the competition?? Put simply...FUCKING AMAZING!! Ever year Cody competes he manages to improve on size (see the year to year most muscular comparisons pic for the proof!) while still retaining the most incredible conditioning, and this year was no fucking exception!!

Everything looked thicker and fuller, the detail in those beautifully shredded quads were still as jaw dropping as ever, the abs were still gorgeously shaped and insanely peeled, the glutes were bigger and more developed (FUCK YEAH!! Although being both a MASSIVE glutes fan, and a sucker for crazy conditioning, I'd love to see them a little bit thicker, and a lot more shredded!) and were his traps always that fucking THICK?! Seriously, where have they those babies come from?!! It's like we're looking at Cody Version 2.0 (or maybe 3.0 at this point - hehe)!

(Down right fucking BEAUTIFUL!!) physique aside, there's also another noticeable difference between last year's Cody and this year's. THE TUDE!! Dear. Fucking. LORD!! OK so he displayed a teeny bit of attitude at last year's Teens Nationals with some (bloody awesome!) scrunchy facial expressions but this year he's gone all out and just fucking CRANKED up the 'tude to an absolutely shameless degree!! Check out the nasty/aggressive/fucking BONKERS facial expressions he pulled as he blasted out his poses on stage, and the outrageously cocky and pretty damn fucking terrifying (in the absolute best way possible!!) way he opened his mouth as he cranked out those brutal crab most musculars!!

When Cody won his third Teen Nationals title last July I contemplated what we might see from him this year...

What's in store for 2015? Gorgeous looks (hmmmm. That was kind of a given!!), crazy conditioning (YEP!! Two out of two so far!), yet more size ( traps and ALL!!), an even cockier tude (HELL FUCKING fact, cockier than I ever could have imagined from Cody!!) and (probably the only field Cody's currently lacking in) a new pair of outrageously hot, super shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks (and we have a home run folks! Check out the awesome pair of brilliantly shiny, bright blue posers Cody wore for the evening show, which just so happen to be the hottest pair of trunks he's ever been seen in!)?!

Which leaves me to contemplate what Cody might have to offer next year! Since all of my hopes for 2015 came true, I'm gonna think big! Even more handsome looks, crazier/sharper conditioning than this year, even MORE size (you pretty know that's gonna happen anyway!), thicker and more freakishly striated glutes, an ever fucking COCKIER tude (if that's actually possible - hehe!!), and an even hotter pair of posers!! The crazy thing is, in Cody's case I'd say there's a more than likely chance that most, if not all of those things will come to fruition!!

And I'll leave you guys with a question. Whatever happened to that sweet looking, mild mannered bodybuilder who won his first Teen Nationals back in 2012 (first featured here!), who was brilliantly conditioned and impressively muscular but still lean and in absolutely no danger of being called anything close to a monster, and who seemed like far too much of a nice guy to display even an ounce of cockiness or any sort of attitude with this posing?!!

The answer?! He turned into THIS...


  1. Fucking Metamorphosis !!!
    What is Blackstone Labs and Evogen feeding this dude? He is beyond Swole Boy. Every day Cody has a new look.......BIGGER....FREAKER......a fuckin' BEAST as he pushes some serious weights like no other. Project next level is working. If you are going BONKERS now, just wait. We won't be able to control ourselves. I broke out in a sweat just scrolling down #3. Great post.

  2. Christ! Imagine not being able to (legally) purchase alcohol in the US and also have the best amateur body in that same country!

  3. A living, breathing SUPERHERO!

  4. Cody is off the chain and beautiful physique and package this guy is a freak and still growing!!!!! He will look better than Jay Cutler when he gets his age. But definitely a super freak!!!!

  5. No stopping Cody!


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