Saturday, 9 May 2015


Some new vids of a fantastically conditioned and typically gorgeous Santi Aragon cranking out some poses in a pair of packed(!) posing trunks, Cody Montgomery getting his incredibly pumped bicep felt up (hehe), something utterly adorable and gorgeously shredded in a pair of shiny green posers and the return of a Russian muscle monster with more meat in his arse cheeks to feed a small army! These are just some of the things on offer in this attempt to induce a bit of muscle into everyone's weekend...

#1. FUCK look at those super shiny bright blue posing trunks!! FUCK look at those gloriously shredded hams!! FUCK look at that crazily conditioned full on bonkers Christmas tree lower back!! FUCK look at those granite hard ripped to buggery glutes on outrageous display with the owners trackies cheekily wedged half down his bum!! Basically...FUUUUUCKK!!

#2. Anyone for some short cheeky vids of an impressively conditioned Santi Aragon looking as gorgeous as bloody ever (THAT GRIN!) hitting some poses at home in nothing but a pair of sports socks and (FUCKING PACKED!) shiny posing trunks?! How Santi find trousers to accommodate those crazy thick and beautifully detailed quads is beyond me. Easy solution for you Santi mate...just stick to wearing posing trunks!

A video posted by Santi Aragon (@ifbb_santi) on

A video posted by Santi Aragon (@ifbb_santi) on

#3. Exactly three things spring to mind when I look at this pic of Cody Montgomery. 1) Look at that ridiculously gorgeous grin! 2) LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BICEP!! 3) What the fuck has that crazy bitch got on her head?!

#4. If there's one thing this post needs, it's an impressively shredded and completely adorable young German muscle boy in a pair of super hot shiny green posers! I love the way he's twisting and turning those quads in the abs and thighs shots! Each twist revealing new crazy detail, lines and striations! Oh and his name's Ioannis Kapilidis (you'll never remember that)!

#5. I really don't feature enough of British bodybuilder Anth "The Freak" Bailes on the blog so here's a quick video of the man himself showing off the obscenely pumped, superhuman sized muscles which make up his tracing paper thin skin (whimpers!) covered upper body! One thing which never fails to wow me with regards to Anth is his freaky vascularity, beautifully showcased in this very video! FUCK!! It's like someone's shoved a bunch of wires underneath his skin for some kind of obscene, inhumane experiment. Remind us why you call yourself "The Freak" again Anth?!

#6. No doubt most of you will know of Russian muscle monster Alexander Fedorov! He's been around for a while and competed quite a bit in the noughties and now seems to have made of a bit of a comeback, coming 3rd at the IFBB Europa Games in Orlando last weekend. Forget crazily conditioned, tiny waisted, pint sized cuties and feast your eyes on a flat out fucking MASS monster!! Crazy quads, huge guns, a planet sized back and a frankly enormous fucking ass all make up Federvo's freakishly monstrous physique!!

#7. I have only one thing to say about this pic of Canadian bodybuilder Iain Valliere cranking out a back double bicep...LOOK AT THAT FUCKING ASS!!

#8. Anyone for a crazily dry and endearingly cute Swedish muscle lad cranking out some quick cheeky poses for the camera?? Watch out for the crazy Christmas tree which suddenly appears at 0:32!!

#9. Anyone remember a bearded guy with a funky haircut who featured heavily in one of my pic collections a few months back who I dubbed as the "Face Scruncher of the Month" due to his over the top and just plain fucking bonkers scrunchy facial expressions. No?! Well he's back anyway...and just as fucking scrunchy as ever!! EEEEEEEE!! I appreciate not everyone will "get" the whole face scrunching thing but it's one of those little muscle related quirks that I just love to see and gets me every fucking time!!

#10. An incredibly conditioned Santi Aragon in unspeakably hot posing trunks, a gorgeous and just plain monstrous Alexis Rivera Rolon and an impossibly pumped and typically handsome David Paterik! Just three of the many muscle freaks pumping, posing and showing off their crazy slabs of otherworldly muscle in this epic 10 minute video from USAMuscle, previewing all their latest pump room/contest/posing DVD/digital downloads from last year's NPC Nationals!


  1. #9
    Jury Kruber

  2. Yeah, Santi Aragon's short vids get me horned up. Love that he wears those tiny posers which show off his ass and crotch so well. Wish he would do this in the nude though.

  3. Loved the tatted muscle bulls at the end of USA muscle vid. It's the huge muscle freaks that get me drooling. The more massive n roided the better, overwhelming the senses and need to to worship. Great to see uberman Federal on the scene again..What a God! Thanks muscle Addict.


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