Sunday, 24 May 2015


I'm not sure how it started but I think it's fair to say I've recently developed a bit of a thing for slightly geeky/goofy looking muscle lads, especially ones who also happen to be extremely cute and completely fucking adorable, which is pretty much the perfect way to describe 24 year old Norbert Zajac from Slovakia!

Norbert also happens to have packed a ton of gorgeously shredded muscle on to his lean looking frame. Those inhuman looking quads are particularly sliced and shredded! Special mention must also go to those rather beefy glutes of his, which Norbert doesn't seem in the least bit shy about showing off (check out the cheeky gym shots where he's got his pants stuffed right into the crack and he's proudly showing off those massively developed, lightly striated bum cheeks to whoever lucky fucker is on the other side of that camera)!

Those exceptionally hot shiny blue posing trunks (FUCK YEAH!) he's wearing and (of course!) that outrageously cheeky tude which pops out in some of the competition pics from the recent EFBB European Championships (Norbert placed 4th in up to 80kg category) are also ticking a few more boxes at this end, and contributing to my decision to give Norbert his own post!


  1. He's gorgeous indeed! I want his used posers!

  2. Nice and beefy. Even-though he isn't listed on the EXTRIFIT Team web site, he shows their products well. I'm sure we will want to see more of him as he grows.

  3. Love his routine and that split, WOW!!!! also how he shows those gorgeous sweaty glutes in the gym. Need to keep track of him Addict.

  4. not to mention his name means "bunny" in slovak. he's really adorable and nice in person, too.

  5. I only really started to notice the guy when I saw this picture.
    Eye catching

    A thick sweaty muscled back and crafted legs and ass cheeks, makes me want to drool.

    Then I re-examined, and saw that the guy's symmetry is perfect. It's only size he lacks, which will come.



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